T-Styled Me gets Spoilt: Hermes Rivale Bracelet from Paris

Unexpected birthday presents always catch me off guard (in nice way) and I’m always touched when someone goes to the effort to choose something for me, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, like this year, expected gifts can be just as good …

My bf was a little stuck for ideas this year so seizing the opportunity being a thoughtful gf, I did him a ‘favour’ and provided a birthday wish list. Sure, technically the list only had one item on it – a Hermes Double wrap Rivale Bracelet, but the main thing was that he chose something for my birthday and seemed to like the bracelet as well [The conversation went something along the lines of ‘It costs HOW MUCH?! Geezzz, just for that? Hmm I guess it’s nice…”] I chose to interpret this as an enthusiastic ‘YES’ to Hermes.

With the slightly weaker Euro to Pound exchange rate coinciding with a scheduled rendezvous with holidaying friends from Perth in Paris, it was the perfect time to visit the Hermes (to be pronounced ‘Er-Mez’ in your very best French Accent) on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris. The boutique was beautiful and inviting  and despite being very busy, the in-store shopping experience did not disappoint. The customer service was exceptional, magnified by the fact that we were assisted by a beautiful sales girl (wearing the exact same bracelet!) who had us handing over our Euros in a daze at ‘Bonjour Mademoiselle.’ She was very friendly and took time educate us on the quality craftsmanship that goes into all of their Hermes accessories (manufactured only in France). The best in-store experience for me was watching a large french poodle (presumably a customer’s pet) parading around Hermes like it belonged there and not a single person in the store batting an eyelid at the sight of a dog in a boutique (Oh, only in Paree!)

The deal was that I wouldn’t wear my bracelet until May 13, my actual birthday (so that I would anticipate and appreciate the gift more on the day) but for those who know me well, I’m mad for jewellery and I can also be a wee bit impatient. When the bf hasn’t been paying attention, I’ve unwrapped that little orange box and have been wearing it in secret for the past two months! It is now a permanent fixture on my wrist since its official debut on Sunday, my actual birthday. I love the soft feel of the calfskin leather and the signature Hermes dog collar hardware is subtle  enough to match my workwear, handbags and other jewellery.

Each piece of jewellery I own holds a special place in my heart; a fond memory, a reminder of that special occasion and it has an immediate ability to transport me back to that specific moment in time. I’m reminded of these memories each and every time I wear a piece. Does Jewellery make you feel the same way too?

Below are pictures of my Hermes Rivale leather wrap bracelet that will forever remind me of our trip to Paris …

  •  The bracelets (and other styles) are available  via the online boutique or check out international boutique locations.
  • The Rivale bracelet is available in many colours (purple, orange, brown, red, grey, blue and black) with either gold or silver palladium hardware.
  • Affordable alternatives are also available from  and 

Above images from and

Which colours do you like?

15 thoughts on “T-Styled Me gets Spoilt: Hermes Rivale Bracelet from Paris

  1. Omggg T!! The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous on you!! Ive been eyeing it for the longest time too and even tried it on just last week whilst shopping with the girls!! We also tried on the Cartier love bracelet in rose gold and omgggg…. Loveee! Xoxo E

  2. hehe, you’re so cheeky – you didn’t tell me you weren’t meant to be wearing it! Absolutely love it on you T! xx

  3. OMG, that bracelet is gorgeous! What a great birthday present =) Just found your blog, it’s so cute!

    Suzie Q

  4. That cobalt blue and red one are beautiful! And, most guys think along the lines of “it costs what?!?!?” that’s what fashion education is for, a.k.a., girlfriends. Thanks for the visit on my blog!

  5. Awesome write up of the shopping experience! Seems like that was part
    of the present to go into the shop and have a beautiful memory created for you :)

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