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Are you a big fan of pasta? You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘Um … Who isn’t ?!’ Well … I’ll raise my hand and be the first to admit that I don’t like pasta at all. Wait, that’s not entirely true. While I missed out on the ‘I love pasta’ gene, I do have the ‘I only like Spaghetti Bolognese’ variation and despite having travelled Italy many times, I’m yet to connect to other varieties the same way I do with Spaghetti Bolognese. Being part of my DNA, I felt the call to pilgrimage to Bologna, Italy, the birthplace of Bolognese, in hope of tasting the BEST bolognese of my life …  Bologna: A university city, famous for gastronomy moreso than historical sites

To set the scene it was 32 degrees Celcius on Saturday in Bologna, 32!! Now if you’ve been in London recently (wet.cold.miserable.typical.London) or you live in my hometown Melbourne, you’ll understand the dazzling effect the mere thought of anything above 15 degrees can have on one’s mood. I, for one, could not stop smiling; I was high on Vitamin D, gelato, granitas and the prospect of wearing a summer dress

Almost every Summer I buy one, if not several (yikes!), simple and low key white/cream sun dresses. Creams and whites remain on trend every year and are great for casual outings, travelling and the good old summer barbecue. And if you’re lucky to be tanned, Boom! You’re in bonus land baby. Now, I know many of you automatically avoid wearing white dresses as thoughts of wrestling both the fake tan and stain remover simultaneously come to mind, but here are a few T-Styled Me Tips for finding the perfect casual ‘Little White Summer Dress’:

  • Stick to comfortable and textured fabrics, especially cotton, which caters for durability and breathe-ability and avoid tightly fitted numbers.
  • I don’t bother with fake tan (because I’m lazy) but I’d suggest using a gradual tan lotion a few days in advance and being extra careful with make up applicaiton.
  • I’m inclined to avoid white dresses in silk, chiffon or satin because:
  • a) The thought of the dry cleaning bill is enough to deter me
  • b) Whilst beautiful, these dresses are likely to be expensive and
  • c) I know I won’t  wear delicate white dresses more than once (especially not to a wedding!) so my ‘cost to wear ratio’ is too high and the mission must be aborted.
  • If you can’t help yourself, try polyester as an alternative to silk / chiffon – It’s easier to clean, affordable and can often provide the same look.

Here are a few close ups of me melting under the archways of Bologna in my LWSD

My Outfit:

    • Zara Trf Embroidery dress – available in stores or online  (avoid this style if you want to hide broad shoulders)
    • Zara Chain Cord & Coloured Stone necklace (BF describes this as ‘tribal’) available in stores and online
    • Zara Tan messenger bag (also available in black) available online
    • H&M tan Wedges (old) Similar ones available from
    • Marc Jacobs Rose gold watch – available in stores and
    • Hermes Rivale Leather wrap bracelet – refer to Hermes post
    • House of Harlow Gold Antler Wrap Ring – available at

Don’t be afraid to experiement with brightly coloured jewellery when dressing in neutral tones; you know I’ll approve of jewellery! Zara have reasonably affordable, quality garments and accessories and as you can tell, I’m a real high street fan!

The Jewellery entourage that accompanied me to Bologna

Bologna had a great flea market on that weekend which meant I could spend hours in my own little world (you guessed it, at jewellery stands) stopping every once in a while for a gelato or two.

Did Bologna live up to my expectations ? Did I taste the BEST Spaghetti Bolognese  of my life? I’m sad to say no, not the BEST I’ve ever tasted. Whilst the pasta was fresh, the sauce was drier than I expected. If I had actually researched a bit more, I would have known that ‘Bolognese sauce’ outside Bologna refers to our familiar tomato based sauce with meat which bears very little resemblence to “ alla bolognese,” the meat based sauce which originates from Bologna.

So I guess I could say, if anything, I tasted the best ‘tagliatelle ragu alla bolognese’ of my life.

Photography by: Me and a Mr ‘It’s too hot to take photos’ BF xo

I’m curious to know what your favourite pasta is and maybe, just maybe, I can add another favourite pasta to add to the list …

21 thoughts on “T-Styled Me Outfit Post: Little White Summer Dress – LWSD

  1. Love the pictures and outfit, Tien! Lol…the “tribal” necklace- men say the darnest things! Once my boyfriend likened a top my friend had on to that of a female’s body part. :
    That spag bolognaise looks TDF. Jealous!

    • Lol! Makes me curious now what your friend was actually wearing … hehehe sometimes they are really good at being honest and sometimes, they.just.don’t.get it

  2. love this post especially the pic with the accessories – great styling and VM placement!!!
    love love love I wanna read more.

    My fave pasta – totellini – coz it has filling and always comes with yummy sauce!!!
    else lasagne – can never go wrong!

    PS – look look gorgeous in that cream outfit with that necklace…. :) xoxo

  3. Really cute dress! I eat spaghetti a lot, but I think that’s because of my lack of exposure to other pastas.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! The city was beautiful and so was the girl! :) I love the dress with your accessories. Those earrings, that necklace and the ring are all so cute!

  5. I love the back drops for the white dress, makes the dress look even more desireable! I love spaghetti, but also can make a delicious pumpkin ravioli with sage butter and a dusting of amaretti biscuits! I love the way you accessorize, I think you match all the statement pieces with your outfits flawlessly, they work really well with your outfits.

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