T-Styled Me’s Best and Worst Styled Picks: Cannes Film Festival 2012

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the World’s most prestigious International film festivals held annually in France, premiering documentaries and films of all genres and awarding films coveted awards in various categories based on the votes of a selected board of jurors. It’s a great chance for the stars to showcase designer gowns and for us regular folks to ‘oooh and ahhh’ over the gowns we can only dream of …

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Best Styled goes to …

Diane Kruger – On multiple counts by various designers!

Diane Kruger is a first time juror at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and I think she’s done really well (especially since she’s sans stylist) by selecting from a wide range of designers with different looks. It’s also nice to see her step away from her usual Chanel ensemble every once in a while.

It was really hard to choose a T-Styled Me BEST dress seeing as I was equally impressed by most of her choices but if I were forced to choose, I would go with the following dress as my favourite over the very popular Giambattista Valli Haute Couture aqua gown

Vivienne Westwood Corset Dress


I distinctly associate British Vivienne Westwood’s collections as works of Art. With art, you either understand it and love it or hate it or just simply agree to appreciate it. I’m the latter with Westwood; her style is distinct, quirky and definitely not mainstream and I wouldn’t have guessed this a classic Westwood design at all! The tailored cut and structure of the corset dress drew my attention immediately – The craftsmanship is amazing on this dress. It was undoubtedly hand embroidered with paillettes (small pieces of metal) which provides that metallic look which is currently SO on trend. Not only is her tiny waist accentuated by the structure of the corset, but the ruching and folds in the gown also create an illusion that Diane has a much more cury¬†bottom half than she has in reality.

She kept her make up fresh and soft and let the angles of her gown do the talking. Clutch and heels are also from Jimmy Choo (Go Brits!)

Diane Kruger in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

Diane Kruger in a custom-made drop waist Nina Ricci Dress

I love the romantic ethereal feel of this dress and would love this for myself …

Love the detailing of Eva Longoria’s and Naomi Watt’s Marchaesa gowns but find the trains a bit over the top this time around …

Eva Longoria in Emillo Pucci

I much prefer Eva’s petite frame in a sleeker silhouette

T Styled Me’s Vote for Worst Styled goes to …

Russian star – Elena Lenina


I don’t believe this one needs an explanation and I’m sorry … I don’t think this would suit anyone …

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