T-Styled Me shops online: House of Harlow 1960 Mint Green Pyramid Necklace @hoh1960

Now since I complained about London’s lack of sun in my previous post, of course, the sun decided to make an appearance to prove my ‘Cold.Wet.Typical.London’ theory wrong. But in this case, I’m more than happy to take it all back: London’s really warm and lovely at the moment and my eyes are delighting in the colourful Summer outfits filling the streets as people venture outside and desperately give their stocked up Summer wardrobes that much-needed airtime. I love that it’s officially now an acceptable excuse to leave the office at 4pm on any given weekday and explain with a ‘I plan to enjoy the sun’ look. The understanding is British – no one argues; they simply pat you on the back and head down to the pub to join you.

I’ve been waiting to wear this for a few weeks now but unfortunately it hasn’t really fit into the recent winter coat, scarf, wellies and umbrella uniform I’ve been sporting so now that the sun’s out of hibernation, it’s show time baby !

For those who are unfamiliar with the ‘House of Harlow 1960′ brand, you’re about to be introduced to a favourite costume jewellery line of mine. ‘House of Harlow 1960′ is celebrity Nicole Richie’s designer jewellery line (named after her daughter, Harlow Kate) which debuted in 2008.

I’ve been a fan of House of Harlow 1960 costume jewellery from the very beginning and although initially skeptical of the whole celebrity-turned-designer aspect, being the magpie that I am for all things shiny, I bought a few pieces and quickly learnt to trust the craftsmanship, quality and the unique designs. I have quite few from different seasons and although they may appear a little expensive, given it’s costume jewellery, I think the varying price range for her pieces make it relatively affordable to everyone. Her designs are eclectic, fun, great for layering and I always receive a lot of compliments when I wear her jewellery.

What do you think ?

The mint green resin gold plated House of Harlow’s Pyramid Station Necklace is a special edition one in which 20% of all sales proceeds are donated to , an organisation that supplies struggling families with essential baby gear and clothing.

I bought mine from  online.

House of Harlow jewellery is also available from:

  •  (They currently have 25% off to celebrate Memorial Day)
  • David Jones for you Aussies out there and
  • Various boutiques in Melbourne including  and from memory, Green with Envy too.

Whenever I wear this, it reminds me of peppermint aero chocolate, a favourite of mine :)  If the mint isn’t your colour, it’s also available in black and gold which I think is more classic and easier to match – I’m quite tempted to get this as well!

Which colour do you prefer?

Side note: Did anyone else get hooked on watching Fashion Star recently? This made my HOH obsession about 10 times worse !

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7 thoughts on “T-Styled Me shops online: House of Harlow 1960 Mint Green Pyramid Necklace @hoh1960

  1. Love HOH! Might get that necklace in black too, I’ll let you know :)
    Also may need some of your style tips for an upcoming wedding!

  2. I think you make pieces of jewelry that I would usually glance over look really special. I love reading the background to the jewelry, makes it more meaningful. By the way it’s sunny everyday in Perth, Australia :) in fact,
    I’m struggling to find weather when I can wear a woolen coat! But I have worked out I can wear it open, with minimal clothes
    underneath in winter either late at night or early in the morning.

  3. gorgeous color and shape! been looking for some fun, colorful accent jewelry for summer. this one’s a great find!

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