T-Styled Gee in a Leather Jacket

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Sorry for the lack of posts of late! It has been really hectic and you probably saw on my that I traveled to the sunny beaches of Sardinia for the Queen’s Jubilee Long Weekend (how Un-British of me!) and now that I’m back in London, I’ve only a few days here before I jet set back to Melbourne so I’ve been running around a bit like a headless chook but I really wanted to sneak in this styling session post before I left.

My first T-Styled Me Styling session was with the very smart and beautiful Gee who mentioned a few months ago that she was thinking about getting a leather jacket but hadn’t quite found “the one” yet. Upon hearing this, my mind shifted into overdrive – It’s as though my brain’s internally wired to detect people with shopping needs, even if they don’t ask for help, so this particular challenge had me instantly filtering the ‘Leather Jacket’ mental archives. A few options immediately came to mind but were dismissed after discussing with Gee her colour preferences, budget and desired look. I wanted her to try the options I’d narrowed down and I was lucky enough to convince her to leave work early and let me take her shopping …

I’m keen for you guys to get to know a little more about Gee, especially as styling should always be about understanding who you’re working with and their personality, so in a bid to do this virtually, here are a few details about Gee.

Gee’s Profile Stats

  • G’s Height:  5 ft 4” (1.65m)
  • Skin tone: Dark / Brown
  • Build: Slender and athletic
  • G’s Body shape: Boyish / Rectangular (I’ll do a body shape post soon!)
  • General Clothing size: Size Small (S) i.e UK/AUS size 8.
  • Tops: 8 UK/AUS and Bottoms: 8 – 10 UK/AUS depending on cut
  • Lifestyle: Active and busy – Gee loves a gym workout, running and cycling
  • Shopping preference: Generally a ‘Needs’ more so than on a ‘Wants’ basis
  • Shopping frequency: On average, once every few months
  • Style: Smart, relaxed and casual
  • Personality (in three words): Super intelligent, fun and down-to-earth (All in my opinion!)

Gee’s Leather Jacket criteria

  • A simple Black or Brown Leather Jacket with little detailing (i.e no faux fur or shearling lining) that could be thrown over casual dresses come the cooler Summer evenings in London but more so to wear with a t-shirt and jeans / trousers / shorts – pieces she frequents outside work hours.

I’d seen a leather jacket in Zara which I thought would look great on Gee. It was a black moto styled leather jacket with subtle hardware which I envisaged looking great with jeans and sneakers yet dressy enough for dresses and heels – all items Gee already owned. The price range fit G’s criteria so after trying on a few other options and colours, G happily settled for the very style I chose below: Zara’s black moto lambskin leather jacket

I love playing with colours so rather than just throwing on a black leather jacket with plain old jeans, I wanted to experiment with some coloured denim on Gee by putting together an outfit for her to try on, you know, just for fun!

Although Gee disagrees, she has enviable legs which look great in fitted jeans and vibrant colours really suit her skin tone so I opted for a coral/red coloured skinny jean, a nice two-toned sleeveless shirt which she could easily wear on its own with  shorts and heels and I showed her how to invest in pieces that would complement her current wardrobe. I personally loved the look on her and was pleasantly surprised she agreed and left the store with the entire outfit!

What do you think of Gee’s outfit ? My first T-Styled Me creation.

T-Styled Me outfit for G:

  • (similar style available from )
  • Zara Trf Sleeveless shirt (available in stores) similar
  • Zara Coloured Denim (available in stores) Similar
  • Prada Bag
  • G styled her own footwear with a pair of wedges from her wardrobe / Alternatively this look would be great with a pair of killer heels or cute ankle boots

I hope the details on Gee helped you put this outfit into perspective – especially if this a look which has inspired you to go for similar pieces or the entire outfit :) We both agreed that PU (faux) leather jackets were more affordable and provided a similar look but if you have the money, you won’t be disappointed investing in the right leather jacket.

When looking for a leather jacket, make sure that the jacket sits comfortably on your shoulders, suited to how much clothing you intend to wear underneath and lean towards the jacket being fitted but by no means tight. Try on as many as you possible to decide which one suits you the most.

Photos by Kylee Yee of Kytography (website coming soon!)

It’s funny, I remember there was a resurgence of leather jackets in the market in 2008 and I recall thinking to myself at the time “Pffttt … Leather Jackets – They’re way too expensive – Who can afford them and seriously, they’ll go out of fashion again within a year or so, just like those 3 pairs of extremely pointy shoes I bought from Mollini, so yeah, I don’t want one.” I luckily ignored this thought because I was clearly wrong and I’m still wearing my very first leather jacket, a cute leather bomber jacket with a hoodie from Jacqui Demkiw’s  boutique on Chapel street  (blurry pic below). White Suede always does a simple yet chic leather jacket each season. One of my other favourite stores for leather jackets is  and you know where you can find a real bargain? Head down to your local vintage shop or if in London try Brick Lane and Portobello Market.

What does your leather jacket look like and where did you get yours from? Please share with us :)

If you guys have any questions or styling requests feel free to shoot me a line. I’m always thinking of my next styling session. Have a great week guys !

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  1. I am in love with that leather jacket from Zara. I need that in my life. Great styling as well, especially the mix of the classic leather jacket with bright red jeans. Love, S xx

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