TSM Outfit Post: Melbourne’s BRIGHT day out – feat. Zara’s Piped Fantasy Cardigan

Melbourne makes the best coffee in the world; I know, BIG call but I stand by that statement having lived in London, travelled Europe and tasted ‘coffee’ in the US. We are spoilt by our Melbournian baristas who breathe coffee-making as an art form and my favourite place for a take-away cappuccino is a small yet busy coffee bar opposite the bookstore in Collins Place (name escapes me now). They are by no means fancy or know my name and order but I can always rely on them to make consistently good coffee.

I also miss the breakfast culture taken for granted here in Melbourne so I was super excited when my friend Kaz dragged me out of the house to start our shopping day with a creamy mocha (my fave!) and the house special baked eggs from Birdman’s Eating, a casual and unassuming cafe in Fitzroy.

The coffee was standard and good but the main star was Breakfast. We started off with the Brioche french toast with marmalade glazed kaiserfleisch, orange pekoe & maple syrup and finished off with house special Baked Eggs. Kaz and I refused to think about whether that was a dollop of cream, butter, fat or mascarpone that was melting on the bacon but we both agreed that it was DELICIOUS regardless – Calories and all !

The baked eggs were equally appetizing; we tried the beef, potato and pea baked eggs option from the four specials and tasting them for the first time, we were both pleasantly surprised. I’d describe them as ‘yummy’ (hence why I’m not a food blogger) or I suppose, like baked Shepherd’s pie without the pastry and with egg instead. Perfect hearty hangover food.

We ventured into the city to do a spot of shopping and while resting outside the Melbourne State library, took a few photos for this outfit post. I’d purchased this cardigan in Zara during a mini shopping spree in Valencia a few months back where the weather was hot and the city was alive with festivities so I’ve forgotten that Melbourne, like New York, loves dressing in black so by the number of stares I received today, I’m not sure if Melbourne’s ready for this jelly this brightness so you may need your sunnies !

Aside from being obviously bright, the cardigan has a beautifully detailed zebra patterned lining which gives it a luxurious feel. The motif continues along the piping around the cardigan giving it a relaxed blazer look and I find it a very comfortable wear except for the fact that I prefer longer sleeves on my cardigans.

Having one vibrant piece that is bold and colourful, whether it be your handbag, your scarf or shirt can really add some character to an all black outfit. If you opt for a piece as colourful as this, make sure the rest of your outfit is subtle to avoid clashing with your statement accessory or article of clothing.

Remember in the Sales Post I mentioned that I came back from the Harrods Sale with two full priced items (D’oh)? These Stuart Weiztman Suede boots were one of them! They’ve kept me warm throughout my stay in Melb these past few weeks!

My Alexa Mulberry was my first designer purchase in London and being quintessentially English, I bought it as a keepsake to remember how I spontaneously left my job and home in Melbourne and moved overseas. This is quite a light bag; a pre-requisite for reducing H from HH (headaches from heavy handbags) so I use Alexa everyday !

This is Mulberry’s cousin, the Polly Push Locket Satchel – I love her and wish she was still around but my friend Kaz was smart enough to snap one up in London last year before they sold out. It’s a gorgeous and practical bag, also worn by Kate Middleton and I’m a bit biased when it comes to Mulberry being a fan of Emma Hill’s work (Mulberry creative director).

Thanks for reading and to Kaz for being my photographer xoxo

Outfit details

  • (avail in Melb store)
  • Zara Black silk sleeveless top (alternative )
  • Saba soft leggings (similar )
  • (similar )
  • Mulberry Alexa ( and 
  • House of Harlow 1960 Horseshoe ring (similar at )
  • House of Harlow 1960 Pyramid Pendant Necklace (from Shopbop or )
  • Whistles Precious Rings (available on )
  • Hermes Rivale Bracelet
  • Marc Jacobs Rose gold Watch

Where is the best place to get coffee in your home town? I’d love to know especially if get the chance to travel there !

28 thoughts on “TSM Outfit Post: Melbourne’s BRIGHT day out – feat. Zara’s Piped Fantasy Cardigan

    • These are new season ones :) Similar to 50/50s but the heel is slightly higher and it’s suede instead of normal leather.
      They are really comfortable and good quality even though I feel REALLY guilty abt them Eeeek!

      • Not really … I was trying to be good :)
        How’s Melbourne? If you get a chance, head to Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder on Bridge Rd – they do a mean corn fritter!

  1. Hi! You’re right! Coffee post! I really liked the lab that made coffee. But there are also other places in Los Angeles that can make a decent cup of coffee. I’ll have to try coffee over in your neck of the woods at some point! I would LOVE to visit!

    P.S. Hope to cross paths with you more often! And, love the Zara blazer! I almost bought it!!

  2. Love your pictures !!! I believe you …. your Cappuccino looks as good as it tastes :)… Your ladylike jacket is super cute!


    • Hi :) I got the cardigan in a XS which I think fits a size 6-8 UK. It’s not a super structured blazer so there’s so room to move in it. I hope that helped!

      Tien xo

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