TSM wants your feedback – ‘Ask me Anything …’

My post Melbourne Detox begins …

You know when you’ve been in a relationship for a while and it was easy in the beginning ? It provided everything you wanted but then you outgrew it and knew that you wanted more than what was currently on offer but were worried about risking the familiarity by ending it?

Well I’ve been feeling that for a while now so I’ve taken the plunge to leave the safe, reliable, easy ‘wordpress.com’- a perfect publishing tool when I started out but now that I want to grow and implement new ideas, it no longer supports me the way I need – So I’ve moved on to my own domain: http://tstyledme.com (bookmark me)

If you’re reading this now, I’ve successfully redirected you to my new domain and yes I’m posting about this because I need to whinge about spending days altering plugins, changing code and more time on confusing support forums and YouTube then sleeping! If you’re a blogger, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and it’s harder when you’re not tech savy like me!

Ask me Anything!

I am, however, really excited about the ‘Ask me anything’ box on the side bar (It only took oh 6 hrs to figure out how to do it!) so if you have any questions for me – about anything – Styling, Shopping, Life in general – please send them through! (ask anonymously if you wish). I’d love to hear your feedback including suggestions for topics of future posts too.

One more thing I need a huge favour …

If you’ve been following my blog via email or ‘Bloglovin’ (firstly thank you!) you’ll need to resubscribe to keep up to date with my posts from this domain by:

  • Entering your email on the side bar to resubscribe via email
  • Clicking or on the bloglovin button on the right hand side bar to resubscribe
  • You can also keep up to date by liking my if that’s easier too

Thank you xoxo

FYI - Detox lasted less then 12 hours as I bought way too many Aussie favourites back to London 

 - They’re my bf’s favourite so I brought them back err… for him. We both love the choc berries (below) and the peppermint frogs which we used to buy for each other back in university.

Cadbury Caramelo Koalas are mini chocolate koalas with a gooey caramel belly …

Thanks for your patience and resubscribing ! I’m curious, what’s your favourite chocolate bar ?

5 thoughts on “TSM wants your feedback – ‘Ask me Anything …’

  1. good job girl..changing domains is very time consuming..believe I know although I have NOT done any myself:P Setting up a website is horrifying…ahahaha. All that coding! You know sometimes when I try to tweak my blog…. it crashes! Right now, my pin it button still does’ t work!! Although it worked previously!! I have no idea why… I almost want to kill myself since I spent 3 hours trying to fix it!!! I want my life back!!! well success needs hard work, that’s what I’m trying to comfort myself with!

    Anyway, my support to you, I liked your FB page(tammy-lau) and followed you on bloglovin. All the best dear;) Cheers

    I need a detox too..since I ate too much this weekend:)..ahahaha

    • Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for your support. I definitely understand how you feel – When one little button or application goes wrong it can take hours to fix it! But you are right – success requires hard work so that’s a great attitude to have :)

      The start of the week is the perfect time to start a detox so let’s start again on Monday!

      Tien xo

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