Inspirational Quotes of the Week

I found two quotes this week that have special meaning to me and wanted to share them with you …

 I love this simple and beautiful message from that we often forget on a day-to-day basis as we run about with our lives.

I’m currently job hunting: Not my favourite activity in the world but I’m trying to stay focused and positive

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes of the Week

  1. Best of luck with the job hunting, I imagine it can be pretty soul-destroying the longer it goes on, but hopefully something amazing will be just round the corner xxx

  2. Didn’t you just landed like a week ago or so? here’s a chill pill :) Nevertheless, good luck with the job hunting. I am sure you will find something pretty soon xx

    • That’s true but technically haven’t been working for > 6 weeks. The market’s slow with the Olympics starting but fingers crossed something comes along soon! xo

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