TSM Styling Session: ASOS Outfit – London Pt. 2

It’s been a while since I did a T-Styled Me Styling Session post so seeing as it’s all about the Olympics in London at the moment, I thought this the perfect time to share with you the ‘London Calling’ styling session I had earlier this year with my friend Wins from .

Wins and I have known each other since primary school and like many other expats living here, we were enticed by travel opportunities associated with our ‘London calling.’ Wins is super creative when it comes to interior design, wedding styling and fashion – anything she touches, no matter how ordinary, ends up looking like it belongs in the magazine of ‘Home,’ ‘Weddings’ ‘Russh’ or a Jamie Oliver cookbook! Seriously, how awesome does this ordinary peanut butter and jelly toast that she made for her husband look?

 As with all my styling sessions, in a bid to get to know her style and personality better:

Wins’ Profile Stats

  • Wins’ Height:  5 ft 2” (1.57m)
  • Skin tone: Fair – Medium
  • Build: Extra petite
  • Body shape: Rectangular. Refer to this post if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: Size Extra Small (XS) i.e UK/AUS 4-6.
  • Lifestyle: Social, busy and active – Wins’ loves travelling, going for runs, trying out different eateries and exploring vintage markets
  • Shopping pref: Wants more than Needs basis – Shoes & handbags enthusiast
  • Shopping frequency: Frequently with purchases on ave monthly.
  • Style Preference: Mix of classic, edgy and relaxed
  • Personality (in three words): Social, fun and creative (All in my opinion!)

Wins’ Styling criteria

  • For this styling session, Wins’ had no criteria – She was merely modelling for me to practice my styling skills so I wanted to have a bit of fun with a graphic tee and some pieces Wins’ might not usually wear but would suit her body shape and that she could consider incorporating into her usual style.

I mostly see graphic tees teamed with jeans or shorts so I wanted to present another fun way to wear a graphic tee that’s slightly more feminine and dressy enough for a casual drink. Tucking in the tee naturally defined Wins’ waist-line and visually elongated her bottom half.

I spotted this tee from  which looked pretty fun so I bought a size UK8 which was quite loose on Wins but happened to suit her style as I  remember in the past discussing her preference for knits and tees a size or two larger than usual to achieve that relaxed oversized, comfy look.

I love this skirt. Yes it’s a mini skirt – something you’ll hardly ever ever find me in, but I was on a mission to find a red wool mini skirt after lusting after but  unwilling to pay the premium so when I saw this one on ASOS for sale, I had to give it a go! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the skirt. Sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss with certain ASOS products (which is fine because they have great return policy) but this skirt surpassed my ASOS expectations in its tailoring – it was made from polyester but with an expensive wool feel, contained lining (tick!) and pleats and an invisible zip too.

I won’t lie, twas a cool day when we took these photos – not exactly mini skirt weather so Wins welcomed wrapping this beautifully warm wool scarf (big enough to be a blanket/shawl) borrowed from our photographer around her to complete the outfit.

You know I have a bit of an obsession with House of Harlow 1960 jewellery by now right? So I couldn’t help but add some to the outfit to dress it up some more. The Aztec Leather Bangle was way too big for Wins’ tiny wrists, so I slid it up to her upper arm (why must wrists have all the fun?!) and added to Wins’ arm swagger her vintage bracelet from Paris, Kylee’s YSL Artsy Bangle and other trinkets from Topshop.

As Wins is quite petite, I wanted to enlongate her frame with a pair of heels that were comfortable enough to walk in with the outfit and matched the tan Zara messenger bag. Wins already has impeccable taste and brought along these wedges which matched perfectly!

With Wins’ trademark bun in tow, I added the perfect pair of earrings for an updo like this: My House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst earrings and we were done!

Thanks for letting me play dress-up Wins! What do you guys think of Wins’ look ? 

Wins’ T-Styled Me outfit:

  •  (similar )
  • ASOS Red Skirt – sold out (similar )
  • Wins’ old RMK Wedges (similar )
  • Borrowed All Saint’s Scarf – sold out
  • Zara Messenger Bag (in stores – Alternative )
  •  or these new Labradorite 
  • or in YSL boutiques and dept stores

Photography by: – Check out her awesome new blog – Finally!


17 thoughts on “TSM Styling Session: ASOS Outfit – London Pt. 2

  1. The house of Harlow jewelry is amazing, and I love how you’ve taken these photos. Wish I had someone to take good photos for my blog, haha. Isn’t that the dream. & she really did manage to make that sandwich look amazing…

    • Thanks Morgan! Yeah I’m lucky I have friends to help me take photos – The ones I take can be quite horrid but I think I’m getting much better with practise!
      Tien xo

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