ROCK a TSM Outfit for the NEXT wedding you attend !

Remember how a recent post on my favourite places to shop in London included ‘Next’ for affordable casual and work-wear? Well, I walked past the Oxford St store a few weeks ago and was drawn to a floaty 1950s inspired coloured tea dress that I found myself instantly justifying the need to buy. You could totally wear it to a wedding’ was the first thought that entered my head, quickly interjected by ‘Don’t waste your time justifying why you need it, the important question is which colour you should choose!’ I turned over the price tag and couldn’t believe it was only £40! Yay – A gem that didn’t break the bank! It was the first time I’d entertained shopping at Next for special occasion wear and I was honestly pleasantly surprised.

I’ve followed  ever since a friend of mine shared her blog after attending Kat’s inspirational photography camp so when Kat announced a wedding fashion styling competition with ‘Next’ on her blog, I knew it would be so fun to enter, even if it were just to tell all of you about the new dress I’d fallen in love with!

The competition involves styling wedding outfits under £500 from the  so I’ve chosen to put together looks for wedding guests because while I personally love getting dressed up for weddings, it can also be a bit daunting for others – especially judging by the questions I receive from this blog for advice on what to wear to weddings.

If you’re a regular TSM reader, you’ll also know I believe spending huge amounts of money on designer brands doesn’t necessarily equate to looking stylish. Whether for work or weddings, good styling is about appreciating how to wear which clothes for your body shape. The great thing about the sizing at Next is that, as Tyra Banks would describe it, it’s ‘Fiercely real.’ Most clothes come in petite (UK Sz 6-18) – great for shorties like me!, Regular (Sz 6R-22R) and Tall (Sz 8T-18T) and they ship to over 59 countries! So here are the looks I’ve created to complement any body shape and size from Next. In case you want tips on identifying your body shape, simply refer back to my previous post.

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Pear Shaped Bodies

  • Tip: Ideal dresses are those that add volume & detail to your upper half (go for a lower neckline) and skim, rather than cling to your hips.
  • The tea dresses below have a beautifully feminine A-line skirt which is perfect for pears like me and by adding accessories such as the belt and necklace, this will visually create that coveted hourglass figure!

Daytime Garden Wedding Ceremony Guest Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Details: All available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details)

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Inverted Triangle Shaped Bodies

  • Tip: Dresses that emphasise the lower half and those that visually simplify your shoulders are ideal for those with a top heavy inverted triangle shape.
  • The elegant one strap on the Brocade dress below helps narrow your top half and the dress is fitted with special Body Shaper Lining for that svelte silhouette.
Evening Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration
Outfit Details: All items available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details!)

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Rectangular Shaped Bodies

  • Tips: Most dresses will look great on your shape (lucky you!) so aim to create some curves.
  • All three dresses below I chose have common themes: They emphasise a waistline and the elements of pattern, peplum and a fit & flare skirt will instantly create visual curves.
Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration
Outfit Details: All available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details)

T-Styled Me Answered: Where to get the Alexander Wang Marion Bag

Anonymous Asked:

Hey Tien! I was just wondering whether you know anywhere where I can get my hands on the ? Unfortunately I was slow and missed out on the sale at Thanks dear, for having such a inspirational fashion blog! I always find myself checking your blog even though I follow you on bloglovin and I haven’t been notified of any new posts haha

T-Styled Me Answered:

Hi ! Yay a follower on Bloglovin! Wednesday win for me :) I love my AW Marion bag (above). It’s the perfect size (minus the unnecessary things we girls throw in our bags). What colour Alexander Wang Marion bag were you after? Most of last season’s colours have sold out unfortunately (especially those with the rose coloured hardware). These were my favourites from last season – sigh!

  If your heart is set on last season colours, I’d probably look at Ebay and check out thread on A.Wang bags although I must warn you this forum has the ability to make you lust after bags even more! Lucky for you, AW have brought the Marion bag back in a few variation of colours so maybe these will be of interest to you?           Good luck hun !

Updated: Alexander Wang Haircalf Marion Bag – Available

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T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

My Top five pics from this week’s & my instgram (@tstyledme)

I’m in Croatia at the moment – Loving the hot weather and the beautiful sunsets ! Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

Rebloggged from : This is a villa in Positano – It brings me back to the memories of our huge Summer trip last year to Positano, Santorini, Kefalonia, Mykonos &  Cinque Terra with such dear friends from Oz. Take me back anyday!

TSM iPhone Snap: Brunch @Aubaine for a farewell on the weekend. The Squid from there was excellente!

TSM Instagram: Spent a relaxing Sunday in the the Kensington Palace gardens with beautiful white swans by the pond.

TSM Outfit Whistles Tee, Seduce Shorts, Chanel Pearls, Chloe Paraty Bag & Missoni Flats. Also ventured out to Oxford St in the London’s hot weather and fell in love with this YSL Chyc mini bag I saw in Selfridges …

Reblogged from : But then reminded myself that I’m basically broke atm and that the YSL Mini Chyc bag is just a bag and for now, I have plenty of those :)

It’s 35 degrees in Hvar today ! Have a great weekend everyone and for those in the UK, enjoy the last Bank Holiday of the 2012 xx 

T-Styled Me Answered: How to stop wearing the same thing over and over again …

Kim Asked:

Hi Tien! Love your blog! I need some help – I usually wear one simple outfit (blazer, trousers, sweater or A&F/RL shirt) and it can look really dowdy, old and boring. I have no idea how to accessorise or make my outfits look different or exciting! Please help!

T-Styled Me Answered:

Thanks for your question Kim! There’s nothing wrong with throwing on a safe outfit that works but if you find yourself reaching for that same outfit each time, you’ll naturally feel uninspired and it’s a sign to start trying new looks! If you feel most comfortable in a blazer and slacks, I’d suggest making this more exciting by mixing up different textures and colours as a start. Here are small changes I would make to freshen up your described outfit.

1. Alternate the RL shirt / A&F t-shirt with …

  • Silk shirts/blouses ( try striped, patterned, neutral and bright colours).
  • T-Styled me picks: , ,
  • Neutral coloured t-shirts (black, white, grey, blue)
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , , 
  • An on-trend dressy top
  • T-Styled Me Pick:  

  / I love a preppy RL crested shirt and a casual A&F tee but if you swap these for a fine silk or polyester shirt like Miranda Kerr’s above, you’ll instantly soften the look.

2. Replace / alternate your trousers with …

  • Coloured or patterned denim (Refer to my previous post)
  • T-Styled Me Picks:
  • Jeggings / Leggings
  • T-Styled Me Picks: ,  from Asos
  • A skirt with opaque stockings
  • T-Styled Me Picks:

Zara Denim: Instore at the moment … I’ve very tempted!

3. Swap your blazer once in a while for …

  • A cropped jacket / Textured Blazer
  • T-Styled Me Picks: ,
  • A leather jacket (Check out my previous styling post)
  • Chunky knits (plentiful in Zara)

 / A perfect example of how colour and accessories brighten up your outfit instantly

4. Ditch your sneakers for …

  • Colourful flats / brogues
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , ,
  • Ankle boots
  • T-Styled Me Picks:  (love!)
  • Heels
  • T-Styled Me Picks:

/ An alternative way to wearing ankle instead of always tucking them in

5. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise ! (This is most fun part!)

  • Add a bright patterned scarf
  • T-Styled Me Picks:,
  • Find some costume jewellery that’s larger than life
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , ,
  • Arm Candy: Play with different stones and textures
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , ,

: Try several pieces of jewellery that have a common colour theme

In my opinion, the accessories and shoes will make the most difference to your outfit so concentrate on taking some time to look through these at the stores. If you ever need a personal styling consultation and you’re in London – let me know and I can show you how!

Love, Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

A recap of my five favourite pictures from my instagram (@tstyledme) &  posted over the 7 days.

Reblogged on : Loving the outfit & the hair !

: Alexander Wang Marion bag / H&M faux leather panelled leggings, H&M Blush pink shirt, Zara Denim Jacket & Loafers and Vintage Chain Necklace

TSM iPhone Snap: I stayed away from Zara stores for two weeks but succumbed today. Didn’t buy anything (Yay willpower!) but LOVE the Winter 12′ accessories collection currently in store so took some snaps for you … 

H&M shirt, Saba Waxed leggings, Chloe Paraty Bag, Missoni Flats and Hermes Rivale Bracelet. Taken after a long over-due haircut (only cost me £30!). Wish my hair was always curly like this!

Reblogged from Studded Hearts: Rumi’s closet – I love that vintage Chanel Backpack x

It’s 31 degrees today in London ! Have a great weekend everyone :)

TSM: The Funky Bun Hair Tutorial

I’m unfortunately a bit uninspiring when it comes to my hair. I usually leave it straight or in a boring ponytail that resembles nothing of those sleek ponytails you see on the fashion runway. I’ve always blamed my thick stubborn Asian hair for my lack of creativity but I think the problem really lies with that fact that I don’t try or practice new styles; I just secretly admire others’ hairstyles from afar and fantasize about having hair (clothes & looks while I’m at it!) like the pictures on my .

I was secretly pleased when a reader of my blog (Michelle) asked if I had tips on how to achieve Wins’ hairstyle on my last T-Styled Me Styling Session post. I nicknamed it ‘The funky bun’ and it’s all about the You definitely can’t be accused of having flat hair once you’ve tried this style!

The Funky Bun

This hairstyle is best performed on one-day old hair on medium-to-long hair with a long fringe/bangs (past the chin is ideal). The great thing is that this hairstyle can be done in 3 steps and under 3 minutes so there are absolutely no excuses!

What you’ll need …

Step 1:  Using your fingers and one hair tie, create a ponytail high up past your crown, looping your hair so that there are at least a good 4 inches of hair at the end.

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TSM Outfit Post: Casual Chambray for a chilled out Weekend

I’ve been asked a lot lately about how to dress casually; most people seem to have their work and special occasion outfits down pat but struggle with inspiration for the weekend. I tend to be very casual on weekends; you’ll never find me in heels and my typical weekend (if not travelling) involves meeting friends for brunch, shopping or exploring London. I personally think a chambray shirt is a really great staple for weekend wear. I’ve had a really comfy blue shirt (not quite a chambray shirt) for over a year now that I use constantly; it works as an alternative to a cardigan, looks chic tucked into skinny jeans with boots and equally cool worn loose with a tee and leggings. It’s versatility extends beyond age barriers – particularly great for new mums to throw on when going for a walk and convenient while nursing as well.

I took a few snaps from a ‘no plans just chillin’ type weekend my bf. We spent it browsing the Whitechapel Gallery, ducking into a cafe, admiring Brick Lane Street Art and picking up an afternoon sugary snack from Old Spitafields markets in London …

I found a decent cup of coffee @ the Exmouth Coffee cafe on Whitechapel street London!

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T-Styled Me Answered: Advice for organizing one’s wardrobe

Anonymous Asked:

Could you do an entry/give advice on the best way to organise one’s

T-Styled me Answered:

See that picture above? That looks NOTHING like my wardrobe. I’d love that space and aspire to own a walk-in wardrobe in my future home one day but for now, I work with a single door closet. Yes, that’s right, not a double door, a single door closet that I’m forced to house my life in: Clothes, shoes, bags, ski apparel, travel luggage – EVERYTHING and for someone who *may* shop a bit, you can imagine that I too struggle!

Even those with huge wardrobe space can struggle so here are my tips for organising wardrobes of all sizes:


Step 1: Create Space 

  • Start by going through your wardrobe and creating 3 distinct piles:
  1. A “Keep” pile: Clothes that fit you and that you actually wear.
  2. A “Maybe” pile: Classic pieces that fit, won’t go out of fashion and you’ll wear and
  3. A “Good-Bye” pile: Ill fitting pieces, ones you haven’t worn in years or you’ve worn to death and be honest with yourself! Esp with clothes that still have the tags on them!
  • Next, sort the ‘Maybe‘ pile into either the ‘Keep‘ or ‘Good-bye‘ piles.

You know that Sex and the City Scene where Samantha and Charlotte help Carrie clear out her wardrobe? Well that’s what you need to do too: Get a girlfriend to help you and remember to choose someone who’s known for their honesty!

  • Tip: Once you’ve finished with the ‘Good-bye’ pile, place this pile into a garbage bag in another room so it’s out of sight and there’s no temptation to rescue it.

Step 2: Separate and Organise

  •  Separate by Season

If you’re especially pressed for space like me, neatly fold and store you Summer wardrobe into storage boxes, label the contents and store them in your wardrobe if you have space or the attic/garage. This way you can rotate for space when seasons change. I bought  these cardboard  in the UK purely for aesthetics but would advise you to opt for the heavy duty clear storage boxes () which have proven to be far more practical.

If you’re lucky enough to have space in your wardrobe for both seasons, simply separate your wardrobe into two seasons and continue with the next step …

  •  Separate by Type and then Colour

Trust me, this step really helps with coordinating outfits and finding your clothes a lot quicker.

Organise your clothes by type (Skirts, trousers, sleeveless tops, short leeve tops, long sleeved tops, cardigans, shirts, blazers, dresses, Outerwear (jackets and Coats) and colour. I personally organise my garments by ascending hemlines and from light to dark colours.

– If you have drawers, fold away your t-shirts, jeans and knits that don’t require hanging. I also buy insert boxes that fit inside my drawers for sleepwear and underwear. Here are some pictures from  I found that might help you get an idea of what colour and garment type coordination can look for both big and small wardrobes

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T-Styled Me’s Guide to shopping in London – London Pt 3

Bit of a blonde fact about me … When I packed my life in the 23kg luggage limit two years ago for London, I had NO idea what I was doing. I packed some pretty useless space consuming items like my pencil case (including a calculator, stapler, a set of staples and liquid paper) AND I was this close to bringing over my pillow too. I don’t know why, I just didn’t trust that London would have decent shops like they did in Australia. I know, pretty stupid right? Two years on, I want to buy everything here – clothes, shoes, electrical goods, baby clothes (not sure WHY as I have no need for them) – Everything! There’s just so much more variety here and with globally competitive prices and quality, I can’t believe how clueless I was thinking there’d be nowhere to shop  in London.

So in response to a request I’ve had for a ‘Shopping tips in London post,’ here’s a list of my personal favourite places to shop

T-Styled Me’s favourite High street Stores

  • Zara – The Oxford street store (near Bond street station) has the largest variety
  • H&M – If you can’t stand Oxford St crowds, try the H&M concession in Selfridges
  • Topshop in Oxford St esp. the ‘Boutique’ and ‘Emerging designers collections’
  • COS – (Owned by same H&M co.) has great both classic & minimalistic designs
  • Whistles – One of my faves! I love all the dresses, knits and jackets from here
  • Reiss – You’ll find beautifully tailored dresses, classic male & female suiting here
  • Urban Outfitters – Mixture of vintage and modern clothing and intl. brands
  • Anthropologie on Regent street – Check out the jewellery & homeware sections
  • Hobbs – I love the NW3 range for fun pieces for work – reminds me of Gorman!
  • Warehouse / Dorothy Perkins / Next – Affordable work and casual wear
  • Uniqlo – Perfect for winter thermals and um, seamless underwear

Cute shorts I found in Anthropologie on Regent street

Shorts from Warehouse, Top from Portmans, Blazer from Zara and Necklace from H&M

My H&M Summer Bargains 

T-Styled Me’s favourite Department Stores

  • Selfridges: Best.Department.Store.Ever ‘Pinkberry’ frozen yoghurt = bonus
  • Harrods: Designer brands galore and an awesome foodhall I lose myself in
  • Libertys: I love this place – so iconic to London with the best silk scarf selection
  • John Lewis: Think DJs on a much larger scale – great for furniture & bedding
  • House of Fraser: Think Myer on steroids. P.s They also stock Mimco here !
  • Primark: This place is cheap and crazy but I battle the crowds because they  have the best black opaque stockings for Winter

Matthew Williamson gowns (swoon!) in Harrods, Knightsbridge

Balenciaga Shoes in Libertys London – I love how they display their merchandise


 T-Styled Me’s favourite Markets & Vintage Stores

  • Borough Market: Food market – try Monmouth coffee & the Roast Roll (Yum!)
  • Old Spitafileds market: near Liverpool st – I love all the stalls & quirky designs
  • Portobello Market: Flea market meets antique stalls
  • Greenwich Market: Smaller scale Spitafields market

Picked up this dress from a stall in Old Spitafields / Brick Lane market for bargain at £20!

T-Styled Me’s favourite Areas to shop

  • Carnaby St: Off Regent street; A perfect alleyway of boutiques minus the crowd
  • New Bond st: I still love my designer brands & always pop by A&F for a perve!
  • Oxford & Regent St: Love it but avoid on weekends because I value my sanity
  • Long Acre Street in Covent Gardens: High street stores without the big crowds
  • Brick Lane: I love love love all the vintage stores down brick lane and Cheshire street and always manage to pick up a bargain

I found this beautiful antique ring at the vintage stores down Brick Lane for only £8 !

All these pics are from my Instagram (Follow me on @tstyledme)

I also recommend Bicester Village which I wrote about in a previous post if you have time while visiting London. I hope any potential visitors and Londoners found this post useful and feel free to add any other shopping gems you know about in London as well!

Have a great weekend guys! I’m off to Edinburgh to watch Olympic Football and to enjoy the Fringe Festival :)