T-Styled Me’s Guide to shopping in London – London Pt 3

Bit of a blonde fact about me … When I packed my life in the 23kg luggage limit two years ago for London, I had NO idea what I was doing. I packed some pretty useless space consuming items like my pencil case (including a calculator, stapler, a set of staples and liquid paper) AND I was this close to bringing over my pillow too. I don’t know why, I just didn’t trust that London would have decent shops like they did in Australia. I know, pretty stupid right? Two years on, I want to buy everything here – clothes, shoes, electrical goods, baby clothes (not sure WHY as I have no need for them) – Everything! There’s just so much more variety here and with globally competitive prices and quality, I can’t believe how clueless I was thinking there’d be nowhere to shop  in London.

So in response to a request I’ve had for a ‘Shopping tips in London post,’ here’s a list of my personal favourite places to shop

T-Styled Me’s favourite High street Stores

  • Zara – The Oxford street store (near Bond street station) has the largest variety
  • H&M – If you can’t stand Oxford St crowds, try the H&M concession in Selfridges
  • Topshop in Oxford St esp. the ‘Boutique’ and ‘Emerging designers collections’
  • COS – (Owned by same H&M co.) has great both classic & minimalistic designs
  • Whistles – One of my faves! I love all the dresses, knits and jackets from here
  • Reiss – You’ll find beautifully tailored dresses, classic male & female suiting here
  • Urban Outfitters - Mixture of vintage and modern clothing and intl. brands
  • Anthropologie on Regent street – Check out the jewellery & homeware sections
  • Hobbs – I love the NW3 range for fun pieces for work – reminds me of Gorman!
  • Warehouse / Dorothy Perkins / Next – Affordable work and casual wear
  • Uniqlo – Perfect for winter thermals and um, seamless underwear

Cute shorts I found in Anthropologie on Regent street

Shorts from Warehouse, Top from Portmans, Blazer from Zara and Necklace from H&M

My H&M Summer Bargains 

T-Styled Me’s favourite Department Stores

  • Selfridges: Best.Department.Store.Ever ‘Pinkberry’ frozen yoghurt = bonus
  • Harrods: Designer brands galore and an awesome foodhall I lose myself in
  • Libertys: I love this place – so iconic to London with the best silk scarf selection
  • John Lewis: Think DJs on a much larger scale – great for furniture & bedding
  • House of Fraser: Think Myer on steroids. P.s They also stock Mimco here !
  • Primark: This place is cheap and crazy but I battle the crowds because they  have the best black opaque stockings for Winter

Matthew Williamson gowns (swoon!) in Harrods, Knightsbridge

Balenciaga Shoes in Libertys London – I love how they display their merchandise


 T-Styled Me’s favourite Markets & Vintage Stores

  • Borough Market: Food market – try Monmouth coffee & the Roast Roll (Yum!)
  • Old Spitafileds market: near Liverpool st – I love all the stalls & quirky designs
  • Portobello Market: Flea market meets antique stalls
  • Greenwich Market: Smaller scale Spitafields market

Picked up this dress from a stall in Old Spitafields / Brick Lane market for bargain at £20!

T-Styled Me’s favourite Areas to shop

  • Carnaby St: Off Regent street; A perfect alleyway of boutiques minus the crowd
  • New Bond st: I still love my designer brands & always pop by A&F for a perve!
  • Oxford & Regent St: Love it but avoid on weekends because I value my sanity
  • Long Acre Street in Covent Gardens: High street stores without the big crowds
  • Brick Lane: I love love love all the vintage stores down brick lane and Cheshire street and always manage to pick up a bargain

I found this beautiful antique ring at the vintage stores down Brick Lane for only £8 !

All these pics are from my Instagram (Follow me on @tstyledme)

I also recommend Bicester Village which I wrote about in a previous post if you have time while visiting London. I hope any potential visitors and Londoners found this post useful and feel free to add any other shopping gems you know about in London as well!

Have a great weekend guys! I’m off to Edinburgh to watch Olympic Football and to enjoy the Fringe Festival :)

6 thoughts on “T-Styled Me’s Guide to shopping in London – London Pt 3

  1. thanks for sharing all the wonderful shop lists in here. I really want to check them out later. And I love shopping vintage stuff at Portobello Market too:)

    Have a good weekend:)

  2. Great tips! I just love London shops! I have to say that Australian shopping does not compare to London shopping! They just seem to have so much more… or maybe it’s that it is a novelty when I’m over there or something! Lol!

    Jess xx

    P.S -Show Pony is now known as Sisko :)

    • Yeah it’s definitely the variety that is the most appealing thing about London Shopping and the availability of most of the collections as opposed to certain stock in Australia. That being said, I fall in love with Australian designs when I’m back home too – signs of a shopaholic surely hehe

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