T-Styled Me Answered: Advice for organizing one’s wardrobe

Anonymous Asked:

Could you do an entry/give advice on the best way to organise one’s

T-Styled me Answered:

See that picture above? That looks NOTHING like my wardrobe. I’d love that space and aspire to own a walk-in wardrobe in my future home one day but for now, I work with a single door closet. Yes, that’s right, not a double door, a single door closet that I’m forced to house my life in: Clothes, shoes, bags, ski apparel, travel luggage – EVERYTHING and for someone who *may* shop a bit, you can imagine that I too struggle!

Even those with huge wardrobe space can struggle so here are my tips for organising wardrobes of all sizes:


Step 1: Create Space 

  • Start by going through your wardrobe and creating 3 distinct piles:
  1. A “Keep” pile: Clothes that fit you and that you actually wear.
  2. A “Maybe” pile: Classic pieces that fit, won’t go out of fashion and you’ll wear and
  3. A “Good-Bye” pile: Ill fitting pieces, ones you haven’t worn in years or you’ve worn to death and be honest with yourself! Esp with clothes that still have the tags on them!
  • Next, sort the ‘Maybe‘ pile into either the ‘Keep‘ or ‘Good-bye‘ piles.

You know that Sex and the City Scene where Samantha and Charlotte help Carrie clear out her wardrobe? Well that’s what you need to do too: Get a girlfriend to help you and remember to choose someone who’s known for their honesty!

  • Tip: Once you’ve finished with the ‘Good-bye’ pile, place this pile into a garbage bag in another room so it’s out of sight and there’s no temptation to rescue it.

Step 2: Separate and Organise

  •  Separate by Season

If you’re especially pressed for space like me, neatly fold and store you Summer wardrobe into storage boxes, label the contents and store them in your wardrobe if you have space or the attic/garage. This way you can rotate for space when seasons change. I bought  these cardboard  in the UK purely for aesthetics but would advise you to opt for the heavy duty clear storage boxes () which have proven to be far more practical.

If you’re lucky enough to have space in your wardrobe for both seasons, simply separate your wardrobe into two seasons and continue with the next step …

  •  Separate by Type and then Colour

Trust me, this step really helps with coordinating outfits and finding your clothes a lot quicker.

Organise your clothes by type (Skirts, trousers, sleeveless tops, short leeve tops, long sleeved tops, cardigans, shirts, blazers, dresses, Outerwear (jackets and Coats) and colour. I personally organise my garments by ascending hemlines and from light to dark colours.

- If you have drawers, fold away your t-shirts, jeans and knits that don’t require hanging. I also buy insert boxes that fit inside my drawers for sleepwear and underwear. Here are some pictures from  I found that might help you get an idea of what colour and garment type coordination can look for both big and small wardrobes

  • Organise your shoes and Accessories

Shoes take up a LOT of storage place so for shoes you don’t tend to wear that often, I’d suggest putting them into storage with your Summer or Winter items and invest in stackable shoe racks for your wardrobe. 

I have one of in my closet but there are so many other shoe rack options out there. This a pretty creative idea below …

T-Styled Me Tips

  • Shoe boxes: If you like to keep your shoes in boxes, try clear shoe storage boxes like OR be creative and keep your shoe boxes, take polaroids of the shoes and use them a labels to help your coordinate your outfits.

  •  Coat Hangers: Invest in quality hangers. I personally prefer wooden hangers with ridged corners with a non-slip trouser bar like . Specifically for trousers, I’d recommend hangers like which reduce wardrobe space and allow you to slide trousers with ease. I also use for skirts.
  • Extra Clothes Racks:  Because of my single closet, I had to invest in an industrial clothes rack for extra space that isn’t easy on the eye (I bought this ) and maybe it’s because I worked in retail, or maybe I suffer the symptoms of OCD, but I must have my hangers matching and facing in the same direction and finger spaced.

My one door closet on Day 1 of moving to London (2010)

This picture was taken more recently: my additional wardrobe on an industrial storage rack

  • Dry Cleaning: Remove garments from their dry cleaning bag as the chemicals used for cleaning remain trapped in there. Use garment bags to protect your dresses, coats and suits instead.
  • Storing accessories: There are SO many ways to creatively store your scarves and belts …

I hope this has helped answer your question ! Wardrobe organisation probably needs to be a recurring process, maybe every 3 months just so that it becomes manageable. It’s a great way to sell your ‘good-bye’ pile on Ebay or donate to charity too!

Storage pictures for inspiration

13 thoughts on “T-Styled Me Answered: Advice for organizing one’s wardrobe

  1. This is my request. This is my request! :-) I pressed ‘enter’ too quickly that I forgot to say it was me. Thanks for doing this entry Tien! Maybe when I finally move in to my new flat you can help me organise my wardrobe :-)

    I think having a walk in closet should be every woman’s rights :P *if only….*

    • Hi Azura! I had a feeling it was your question :) I hope this has helped and I would love to come help you with your wardrobe when you move into your new place. I’ve got a few requests lately for wardrobe organisation and styling so hopefully by the time your place is ready I’ll have some extra tips too :)

  2. * Long deep sigh * these closets makes me kinda depressed because I too live in a single door closet (one of those small sliding door), but it certainly is great inspiration and def encourages me to work harder to buy a home so I can knock down two rooms and make them into a closet. LOL…ok I’m kidding kinda. Love the photos and your organization tips hun! :)

  3. OMG….I am dying for those closet!! but I guess no matter how big is my closet..it’s still going to be unorganized!!! I need time and effort to organise my clothes and I got so many!!! Thanks for the tip!!!! love!!

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