T-Styled Me Answered: Where to get the Alexander Wang Marion Bag

Anonymous Asked:

Hey Tien! I was just wondering whether you know anywhere where I can get my hands on the ? Unfortunately I was slow and missed out on the sale at theoutnet.com. Thanks dear, for having such a inspirational fashion blog! I always find myself checking your blog even though I follow you on bloglovin and I haven’t been notified of any new posts haha

T-Styled Me Answered:

Hi ! Yay a follower on Bloglovin! Wednesday win for me :) I love my AW Marion bag (above). It’s the perfect size (minus the unnecessary things we girls throw in our bags). What colour Alexander Wang Marion bag were you after? Most of last season’s colours have sold out unfortunately (especially those with the rose coloured hardware). These were my favourites from last season – sigh!

  If your heart is set on last season colours, I’d probably look at Ebay and check out thread on A.Wang bags although I must warn you this forum has the ability to make you lust after bags even more! Lucky for you, AW have brought the Marion bag back in a few variation of colours so maybe these will be of interest to you?           Good luck hun !

Updated: Alexander Wang Haircalf Marion Bag – Available

The Black Alexander Wang Marion with Brass hardware is available

 If anyone else has tips on where to get the AWANG Marion, help a girl out :)

6 thoughts on “T-Styled Me Answered: Where to get the Alexander Wang Marion Bag

  1. Love this bag with the rose gold hardware so much. I had a chance to buy it last year, but hesitated and now I totally regret it!

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