ROCK a TSM Outfit for the NEXT wedding you attend !

Remember how a recent post on my favourite places to shop in London included ‘Next’ for affordable casual and work-wear? Well, I walked past the Oxford St store a few weeks ago and was drawn to a floaty 1950s inspired coloured tea dress that I found myself instantly justifying the need to buy. You could totally wear it to a wedding’ was the first thought that entered my head, quickly interjected by ‘Don’t waste your time justifying why you need it, the important question is which colour you should choose!’ I turned over the price tag and couldn’t believe it was only £40! Yay – A gem that didn’t break the bank! It was the first time I’d entertained shopping at Next for special occasion wear and I was honestly pleasantly surprised.

I’ve followed  ever since a friend of mine shared her blog after attending Kat’s inspirational photography camp so when Kat announced a wedding fashion styling competition with ‘Next’ on her blog, I knew it would be so fun to enter, even if it were just to tell all of you about the new dress I’d fallen in love with!

The competition involves styling wedding outfits under £500 from the  so I’ve chosen to put together looks for wedding guests because while I personally love getting dressed up for weddings, it can also be a bit daunting for others – especially judging by the questions I receive from this blog for advice on what to wear to weddings.

If you’re a regular TSM reader, you’ll also know I believe spending huge amounts of money on designer brands doesn’t necessarily equate to looking stylish. Whether for work or weddings, good styling is about appreciating how to wear which clothes for your body shape. The great thing about the sizing at Next is that, as Tyra Banks would describe it, it’s ‘Fiercely real.’ Most clothes come in petite (UK Sz 6-18) – great for shorties like me!, Regular (Sz 6R-22R) and Tall (Sz 8T-18T) and they ship to over 59 countries! So here are the looks I’ve created to complement any body shape and size from Next. In case you want tips on identifying your body shape, simply refer back to my previous post.

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Pear Shaped Bodies

  • Tip: Ideal dresses are those that add volume & detail to your upper half (go for a lower neckline) and skim, rather than cling to your hips.
  • The tea dresses below have a beautifully feminine A-line skirt which is perfect for pears like me and by adding accessories such as the belt and necklace, this will visually create that coveted hourglass figure!

Daytime Garden Wedding Ceremony Guest Outfit Inspiration

Outfit Details: All available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details)

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Inverted Triangle Shaped Bodies

  • Tip: Dresses that emphasise the lower half and those that visually simplify your shoulders are ideal for those with a top heavy inverted triangle shape.
  • The elegant one strap on the Brocade dress below helps narrow your top half and the dress is fitted with special Body Shaper Lining for that svelte silhouette.
Evening Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration
Outfit Details: All items available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details!)

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Rectangular Shaped Bodies

  • Tips: Most dresses will look great on your shape (lucky you!) so aim to create some curves.
  • All three dresses below I chose have common themes: They emphasise a waistline and the elements of pattern, peplum and a fit & flare skirt will instantly create visual curves.
Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration
Outfit Details: All available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details)

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Apple Shaped Bodies

  • Tips: Dresses that highlight your bust and skim over your waist to show off your legs will keep eyes off your mid section.
  • The day time dress below skims the tummy area with a wide belt and shows off your pins while the elegant maxi for evening wear also visually does the same. Long earrings will draw attention to your face and the maxi & platform heels will elongate your overall look.
Day & Night Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration
Outfit Details: All available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details)

Wedding Outfit Ideas For Hour-glass Shaped Bodies

  • Tips: Dresses that highlight (not hide) your waist are ideal to emphasise your proportioned curves.
  • The two outfits I’ve put together below work well for rectangular shaped and hourglass figures. The are tops and skirts that can be incorporated in your work & casual wardrobe and all have the common theme of cinching and defining the waist and using patterns and different textures to further emphasise the top and bottom curves.
Mix n Match Separates for Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration
Outfit Details: All available from Next (Click on images below for prices & details)

I have to honestly say that this has been one of the most fun posts I’ve done so far! Creating and accessorizing these storyboards from Next’s goodies was such an enjoyable experience. It has definitely re-ignited the direction I want to move into in the future – Personal styling for people of all age groups and budgets.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed entering this competition!
Love, Tien xo

6 thoughts on “ROCK a TSM Outfit for the NEXT wedding you attend !

  1. LOVE this fun post! I think I have a curvy body – but not too curvy, it’s almost “regular!” LOL. I think your suggestions would look great on me!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  2. Hi Tien! This is probably one of my favourite posts you’ve uploaded, love all the outfits I’d prob wear them all! What a great eye you have, keep up the great work!

    Shilana x

    • Aww Thanks Shilana :) It was a little time consuming to put together but I had so much fun doing it – I can def see myself wearing a lot of those outfits too! So glad you enjoyed the post! Tien xo

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