T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I spent the ENTIRE weekend eating and drinking – I kid you not. It started off with burgers and fries on Friday night and it all went downhill from there. Brunch at Borough Market on Saturday (Fish wrap, roast pork roll and carrot cake demolished) was followed by a delicious and filling Turkish dinner at Mem and Laz and cocktails at Wax Jumba (in Angel). Somehow, a box of Cheezels also found its way into my stomach as a late night snack. So today being Sunday, there really was no point in being healthy right? So we stuffed ourselves at Dim Sum (a.ka. Yum Cha or as I like to call it ‘Chinese Tapas’) and just to top off the fact that I couldn’t be bothered cooking, we ordered pizza for Sunday night’s dinner and watched the X Factor UK. A detox is definitely on the cards this week!

Here are my 5 fave pics from and instagram (@tstyledme) this week

Reblogged from Tumblr: Love love love the Balenciaga Mules

On the way to Borough Market and dinner that night at Mem & Laz.

On the way to Dim Sum today. T-Styled her bf in Zara trousers, Ted Baker Shirt, Ted Baker knit, Zara Leather Jacket and Paul Smith sneakers 😛

It wasn’t THAT cold today but I definitely felt a chill in the air so I started the Autumn layering process nice and early. Outfit: Topshop jeans and sweater, Saba Jacket, Office Suede Wedges, Mulberry Alexa, House of Harlow necklace and ring and Jago Scarf from the Netherlands.

Hugs from my friends have definitely helped me get through this working week. Work has been manic and it hasn’t been uncommon to eat lunch at 3pm at my desk and rely on coffee to get through the mornings. Take out dinners all week long have been also uncharacteristic for me. I’ve succumbed to the unhealthy stress cycle: Stress, eat badly, feel guilty and low about eating badly and stress some more. If you guys have any tips on how you deal with stress in your life I would love to hear it! My aim this week is try to get back into a eating healthy routine, drink more water and get more sleep.

I hope you all have a lovely and stress free week ahead of you!

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Best and Worst Styled Picks: The Emmys 2012

It has been a while since I’ve written one of these posts! I love the fact that I can comment on the Emmy Awards because anyone who knows me well knows that I am a complete and utter TV show addict and this is the perfect opportunity for me to share with you some of my favourite TV shows. Is it sad that I’m perfectly content to stay home (and prefer to do so) to watch my favourite TV with some Chinese take out on a Friday evening rather than go out for drinks and socialise in London?! Anyway, I digress so without further adieu …

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Best Styled goes to …

Okay I have to admit that I copped out and couldn’t decide on a best styled celebrity this time around due to lack of inspirational choice. While I was torn over too many choices in a previous post (Cannes Film Festival), I just honestly wasn’t blown away but one single gown so here are my choices for best dressed ladies:

Giuliana Rancic (From E!) in Romona Keveza

Why? The well structured and tailored gown has the elegance of that classic Black dress that will be worn for years to come and you can imagine Audrey Hepburn giving the dress her nod of approval with the addition of a pair of silk gloves. The high split and angled bustier keeps the look contemporary as does Guiliana’s smokey eyes and boxed jewelled clutch. I just wished she would have put on some weight, I mean, bright red matte lipstick to stop her looking so … well, Victoria ‘pre-celebrity-turned-fashion-designer-&-I-wear-my-hair-loose-now-so-take-me-seriously-and-pay-£3000-for-my-bag Beckham’ like. I love G’s onscreen personality and loved watching her reality show with Bill Rancic when they got married in Italy and yes, I watched the Apprentice too! And in case you’re wondering she now has a baby boy, Edward Duke ! 

Allison Williams (from ‘Girls) in Oscar De La Renta

Why ? Because I’m in love with Fred Leighton Jewellery that she wore and I love the fact that she knows (or her stylist knows!) that with brunette/auburn locks like hers that an emerald green gown looks stunning against her porcelain skin. I loved watching the ‘Girls’ Series and watched the first season within a week, no sleeping styles. The series is about a group of 20-somethings who live in New York and struggle with relationships, their parents, paying rent, making the right life decisions and it is well, a bit raw, confronting and in some scenes, you just cringe, think “awkward” and hastily turn down the volume and go… Whaaat? Did they have to include that scene?! But I love the fact that the characters are so diverse in backgrounds, aren’t overly glamorous and don’t have their *hit together – just like in real life and I admire the fact that the creator, director and writer, Lena Dunham also stars in the series and achieved all this by the age of 26. Girl power!

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T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

Yet another insanely busy week has come and gone and I can’t believe that this week is effectively the last week of September! O-M-G … I went into Selfridges the other day and found myself in the Christmas shop. Yes, that’s right – I don’t know why I’m surprised at retailer tactics, but still, I like to pretend that it’s shocking to hear Christmas carols and see Christmas decorations early on at this time of the year.

I mentioned last week that I had some big events to look forward to this week and I am in the process of putting those posts together so definitely stay tuned. I had the pleasure of styling a client who flew in from Moscow to attend an English wedding on Friday and for me, it was a very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to continue styling and providing a personalised shopping experience going forward. Here are a few sneaky snaps from our shopping trip together and from the pictures below, it’s fair to say that we somewhat stimulated the UK economy in our 4 hr session.

 I also attended London Fashion weekend (London fashion week for ‘average’ people who aren’t VIPs, buyers, designers, celebrities that attend the actual London Fashion Week shows). We watched a trend catwalk show and browsed the pop-up stores for bargains and were exposed to up and coming British Designers. Can’t wait to show you the snaps in my next post!

My bf and I are attempting to try out more places to eat in London rather than just going to the “usual” place (i.e Four Season in Chinatown) and stumbled across a Ramen Bar in Soho called Tonkotsu. The service was soooo terrible (waiter mixed up our order, dropped the soya sauce on our jackets, forgot to get the bill after several reminders, dropped a bottle of wine down the stairs which shattered onto diners below and then had the nerve to request service charge on our bill …) Anyway, while my bf didn’t like the food, I quite enjoyed the ramen soup – I even asked for an extra shot of garlic! Continue reading

TSM Answered: Should I be wearing leggings ?

Anonymous Asked:

According to your guide, I have a pear shaped body, as I have shapely
legs. I feel a little worried and self conscious about wearing
leggings as I feel, and am conscious that my legs and probably butt
look too big and awkward. Especially as I notice that many wear them
with tops that don’t exactly cover the butt. Any suggestions for how I
can wear leggings, with what and what type, or if I should wear them
at all?

T-Styled Me Answered

Hi there my fellow pear shape friend! I too am pear shaped, not necessarily because I have shapely legs (which I do) but because my hips and bottom half is wider than my waist and bustline. Personally, I think wearing leggings on their own can sometimes give you an unfinished look (unless you’re at the gym that’s ok) as they pretty much advertise ever lump and bump you have so I personally always ensure I wear a top that covers at least 65% of my bottom. If I don’t, I will always have a longer cardigan / jacket or blazer to ensure that I’m covered. That’s just my personal preference.

How to wear leggings

Seeing as the fabric of most leggings are thin, stretchy and in some cases see through – (you know what I’m talking about because there are definitley girls out there that must not realise that we’re getting a free show of all that’s underneath!) so whether you’re size 8 or a size 14, I personally don’t think it’s necessary to show it all.

I would team leggings with a nice neutral or bright coloured t-shirt with a cropped leather jacket and boots or alternatively a cropped blazer and a long flowy shirt. Opt for leggings that run all the way to the ankles rather than those that stop mid calf to elongate your legs and stick to closed toed shoes for a finished look. Ballet flats in Summer and long boots in Winter are a very popular option too and will keep you comfortable (bonus!).

I don’t think you need to be certain size to wear leggings but if you feel a little uncomfortable, try opting for thicker, more structured leggings and always go for darker colours. I bought a pair from Saba a few years ago which are a staple to me in Winter and I know you can find thick leggings in Uniclo and Zara as well. These heavy ones from  are getting great reviews at the moment.

Here’s a lil casual outfit I put together for you from Topshop!

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

Here are my 5 five pics from my tumblr & instragam this week !

Reblogged from tumblr: I love no. 3 the most – Smiling is contagious – try it out on a work colleague. I promise you’ll it work!

TSM iPhone Snap: What I wore on the weekend: H&M necklace, H&M t-shirt, Topshop Burgundy Jeans, Zara Vest, Alexander Marion bag, Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch, House of Harlow Ring, Hermes bracelet and  and I’m contemplating this Zara jacket and Zara boots to complete the oufit when Winter comes along! What do you think?

TSM iPhone Snap: Shopping in London this weekend. Lovin the old school perfume bottles from Anthropologie – Does anyone know how you’re meant to transfer your perfume into those bottles though?

TSM instagram: Not sure if they have these in Oz but I love the Vaseline range in London. They’re always bringing out special edition flavours like Creme Brulee and this new one Pink bubbly Champagne flavour. I have the green Aloe Vera on my bedside table and I love the smell (and price!)

Reblogged from Tumblr: These Martin Margiela shoes cost $660 USD. I just had to include this pic to make you laugh – Is it me or does anyone else think it’s ridiculous to voluntarily spend money to achieve camel toe?

Have a great week guys! I have a huge week coming up with a lot of exciting experiences I can’t wait to share with you when the working week is over :)

Tien xo

TSM Styling Session: Momo does smart casual

Does your workplace have ‘Casual Fridays’? My department does casual Fridays unofficially and I say unofficially because half the department still suits up while the other half (like me) takes full advantage of the situation by wearing jeans. The plan to continue to do so until we get told otherwise 😛

My previous workplace in Melbourne used to hold training seminars and offsites with a ‘business’ or ‘smart casual’ dress code often with the cavent of “no ripped jeans.” I always giggled at such an obvious exclusion; the thought of the Partners of the firm whipping out their ripped gardening jeans and slashed t-shirts was ludicrous. My colleagues and I would always deliberate on what to wear (strength in numbers or something like that), conscious of coming across as ‘too casual’ and drawing attention for the wrong reasons. Secretly I thought it was all a conspiracy to scare us into wearing business attire to be honest but in retrospect there may have been a bit too much paranoia on my part back in those days but that doesn’t mean it’s still easy to decide what to wear on casual Fridays…

My friend Momo shared a similar gripe a few weeks back about not really knowing what or how to dress on ‘smart casual’ Fridays so I thought it the perfect opportunity to do a TSM styling session with her and put together an outfit she could wear on a casual Friday. As with all my styling session, let’s get in context and get to know Momo a little better:

Momo’s Profile Stats:

  • Momo’ Height:  5 ft 4” (1.65m)
  • Skin tone: Medium (on the tanned side)
  • Build: Slim
  • Body shape: Rectangular. Refer to this post if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: Size Extra Small (XS) i.e UK/AUS 6
  • Lifestyle: Busy and active – Momo is career oriented often working long hours, loves spontaneous travelling trips (NY in particular), drinking bubbly and running.
  • Shopping preference: Wants basis
  • Shopping frequency: Frequently with purchases on average fortnightly.
  • Style Preference: Classic and definitely loves her designer brands
  • Personality (in three words): Smart, professional and uniquely-Momo xx

Momo’s Criteria:

Momo felt she always wore the same routine outfit each Friday: black jeans, black flats and a knit top. While she claimed she didn’t have anything in her wardrobe to wear, I begged to differ because the day I had the opportunity to review Momo’s wardrobe, I felt the need to knock some sense in her. She has a fantastic wardrobe that had ME drooling! It was filled with great basics, colourful accessories, bold statement jewellery (nod of approval) and shoes and handbags galore. Here’s the outfit I put together using Momo’s wardrobe:

Momo works in a very corporate environment; regularly consulting for external clients so keeping in mind the professional context, I put Momo in a pair of smart jeans to demonstrate that it’s ok to wear blue denim in the office on casual Fridays and how to dress them up to a chic and corporate level by adding a pair of heels and a smart fitted jacket/blazer. The striped top inside was a causual piece that Momo would usually only wear in Summer with shorts but by teaming it up with the fitted jacket and heels this instantly brought a bit of personality to the otherwise neutral outfit.

Depending on how casualness of your work environment, accessorise your outfit accordingly. For Momo’s professional enviornment, I added the ever classy YSL artsy cocktail ring to match her closed toe patent leather heels. I personally can never bring myself to wear open toe-d shoes in the office no matter how hot or relaxed a workplace is and I think it’s just a personal preference or that fact that I came from a relatively conservative work environment starting out. We added a chunky chain bracelet that I know Momo loves but doesn’t wear nearly enough to tie in the colours of her jacket and top and kept the rest of her jewellery minimal. Continue reading

T-Styled Me’s Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I’m sorry for being MIA over the past week. After being on ‘holidays’ for the past two months, I started a new job last week which I guess is great because I can pay the bills and rent (you know, minor details!) but the downside of starting this new job is that I’ve received a very short handover so the job is now totes busting my chops hence the scarce blog entries but please bear with me over the next few weeks. I promise to answers all your questions and please do keep sending them through! I love reading them :)

My top 5 pics from my tumblr and Instagram (@tstyledme)

I love living in London, loved every minute of New York, always buy something special from Paris and LA is where my friend Chai lives and I can’t wait to go visit her one day!

Reblogged from Tumblr: Feels like I haven’t been shopping in AGES! Loving this top from Zara – gorgeous x

TSM instagram: Casual Fridays – Bike riding after work in my Chanel flats (which are a lil dirty eek!). London have these Barclay Bikes stationed all around the city and the costs £1 to hire and the first 1/2 hr ride is free so we’ve been taking advantage of the late Summer weather and riding around town.

Reblogged from tumblr

Can’t believe it’s SEPTEMBER! What the …! How did that happen?

Have a great week guys :)

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

My Top five pics from this week’s  & my instgram (@tstyledme)

Reblogged from : Whether you were pro Olivia Palmero on the ‘The City’ series or not, there’s no doubting for a minute that O.P has impeccable style. I have never seen her photographed looking anything but stylish, chic and gorgeous. It’s ok to admit to having a healthy case of OPE – Olivia Palmero Envy – I certainly do!

TSM instagram: Sigh – This time last week I was still soaking up the sun’s rays in picturesque Croatia. A few snaps from my trip to Split, Hvar, Korcula & Debrovnik.

TSM instragram /tumblr: My beach outfit on day 1: Seafolly swimsuit, Forever 21 Jumpsuit purchased in NY, Sass & Bide Belt, Sunhat from Santorini, Rayban Folding Wayferers, Havianas and my Amazon Kindle (On a post 50 shades of Grey detox and currently reading Shantaram)

TSM Instagram/ Tumblr: I loved staying on the island of Hvar the most out of all the cities we visited in Croatia. The view from the fortress was stunning at sunset and dare I say, a little romantic…

Reblogged from (vogue city style): I hope London still has some Summer left in it but judging by the forecast, it might be time to pack away the Summer clothes and bring on Autumn / Fall 2012. I’m using this picture for inspiration to think positively about the cooler weather.

What did you get up to this weekend? I don’t know about yours but mine went way too quickly for my liking! Let’s hope this week flies by :)