T-Styled Me’s Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I’m sorry for being MIA over the past week. After being on ‘holidays’ for the past two months, I started a new job last week which I guess is great because I can pay the bills and rent (you know, minor details!) but the downside of starting this new job is that I’ve received a very short handover so the job is now totes busting my chops hence the scarce blog entries but please bear with me over the next few weeks. I promise to answers all your questions and please do keep sending them through! I love reading them :)

My top 5 pics from my tumblr and Instagram (@tstyledme)

I love living in London, loved every minute of New York, always buy something special from Paris and LA is where my friend Chai lives and I can’t wait to go visit her one day!

Reblogged from Tumblr: Feels like I haven’t been shopping in AGES! Loving this top from Zara – gorgeous x

TSM instagram: Casual Fridays – Bike riding after work in my Chanel flats (which are a lil dirty eek!). London have these Barclay Bikes stationed all around the city and the costs £1 to hire and the first 1/2 hr ride is free so we’ve been taking advantage of the late Summer weather and riding around town.

Reblogged from tumblr

Can’t believe it’s SEPTEMBER! What the …! How did that happen?

Have a great week guys :)

Tien xo

6 thoughts on “T-Styled Me’s Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

  1. LOVE your collection of pics! I can’t believe it’s September – good news is that we have fall fashion to look forward to! Hope you can get back to blogging soon! CONGRATS on the new job & good luck!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    • Thanks Daisy! I’m making the most of the warmer weather but also looking forward to cosying up in Fall clothes!
      Three months till Christmas – eeek the year is flying by!

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