TSM Answered: Should I be wearing leggings ?

Anonymous Asked:

According to your guide, I have a pear shaped body, as I have shapely
legs. I feel a little worried and self conscious about wearing
leggings as I feel, and am conscious that my legs and probably butt
look too big and awkward. Especially as I notice that many wear them
with tops that don’t exactly cover the butt. Any suggestions for how I
can wear leggings, with what and what type, or if I should wear them
at all?

T-Styled Me Answered

Hi there my fellow pear shape friend! I too am pear shaped, not necessarily because I have shapely legs (which I do) but because my hips and bottom half is wider than my waist and bustline. Personally, I think wearing leggings on their own can sometimes give you an unfinished look (unless you’re at the gym that’s ok) as they pretty much advertise ever lump and bump you have so I personally always ensure I wear a top that covers at least 65% of my bottom. If I don’t, I will always have a longer cardigan / jacket or blazer to ensure that I’m covered. That’s just my personal preference.

How to wear leggings

Seeing as the fabric of most leggings are thin, stretchy and in some cases see through – (you know what I’m talking about because there are definitley girls out there that must not realise that we’re getting a free show of all that’s underneath!) so whether you’re size 8 or a size 14, I personally don’t think it’s necessary to show it all.

I would team leggings with a nice neutral or bright coloured t-shirt with a cropped leather jacket and boots or alternatively a cropped blazer and a long flowy shirt. Opt for leggings that run all the way to the ankles rather than those that stop mid calf to elongate your legs and stick to closed toed shoes for a finished look. Ballet flats in Summer and long boots in Winter are a very popular option too and will keep you comfortable (bonus!).

I don’t think you need to be certain size to wear leggings but if you feel a little uncomfortable, try opting for thicker, more structured leggings and always go for darker colours. I bought a pair from Saba a few years ago which are a staple to me in Winter and I know you can find thick leggings in Uniclo and Zara as well. These heavy ones from  are getting great reviews at the moment.

Here’s a lil casual outfit I put together for you from Topshop!

So to answer you  question – yes I think you can wear leggings even being a pear shaped but I would try to stick to black or darker tones and pairing them with shirts or tops that will cover your bottom and add a cropped jacket and scarf to bring attention to the top half of your body. If you’re still conscious of your bottom half, stick to the thicker leggings/pants or jeggings that provide with the same look but with more confidence.

Here are a few pics for inspiration on what you could team leggings with:

What’s everyone’s opinion of leggings – How do you usually wear them?

6 thoughts on “TSM Answered: Should I be wearing leggings ?

  1. LOVE leggings, and I ALWAYS wear something long on top to cover the butt, as I’d surely look like a porn booty if I didn’t! LOL!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

    • I know how you feel Daisy! We had a big discussion at work today after I posted this post – I think a lot of girls don’t realise how stretchy and see through leggings can be some times :)

  2. the most important thing – leggings are not pants! ;) i love them nonetheless, and wear them as much as i can get away with. love the burgundy sweater!

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