Client testimonial: T-Styled Me Personalised Styling and Shopping

I have this blog and others to thank for introducing me to MB, who I had the recent pleasure of styling as a guest at a wedding in London. When I was first approached by MB, I was naturally delighted and eagerly anticipated meeting for our pre-shopping consultation only to find one tiny challenge … MB lived in a totally different country to me and was only scheduled to fly into London on the weekend of the wedding (Cue panic button!)

Thanks to advanced notice and modern technology, prior to her arrival, I was able to ascertain MB’s likes/dislikes and feedback on my different outfit ideas for her before establishing a tailored scheduled shopping package aimed at meeting her goals to find:

  • An Autumn friendly outfit for a traditional English wedding
  • A traditional hat / fascinator suitable for the wedding
  • Casual weekend outfits appropriate for Russian weather and suitable for her active lifestyle as a mum to a gorgeous baby girl,
  • Dressy outfits for the office and nights out that were practical and comfortable and
  • Accessories that MB could mix with high end and high street brands in her existing wardrobe.

Conscious of wasting limited time fighting London’s notorious shopping crowd, I utilised knowledge of current stock, trends and brands to make our shopping experience more efficient and targeted to MB’s needs. I had already selected outfits prior to her arrival for MB to try on and foster an enjoyable and relaxed shopping trip.

Meeting and styling MB was a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience for me given my passion to style others and the very reason why I started this blog. I’m glad to say our 3 hr (turned 4 hr) shopping session went successfully and MB left with a complete new outfit for the wedding as well as several casual outfits and pieces she could mix into her current wardrobe which she would not have previously considered. She even left with costume jewellery which I think is a sign that she had been “T-Styled Me.”

I brought my camera along on the day to take a few pics but I was so caught up in the excitement of styling that I kept forgetting to take proper photos. MB was kind enough to send me quick snap of the wedding outfit I put together for her. Continue reading

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

It started snowing across parts of Europe this weekend and it was FREEZING in London! Winter and Christmas is creeping up way too early for my liking. I’m in a state of denial though because despite Christmas decorations in full swing on Oxford Street and Regent St and daylights savings this weekend, I’m still hoping for an Indian Summer. Deluded much? Don’t worry, I definitely got my reality check shivering in very low temperatures over the past few days!

Here’s what I got up to on the weekend and my fave pics from Tumblr / Instagram / through my iphone:

 Reblogged from Tumblr: I’m taking note for Winter: Thermals, layering and thick coats and capes.

Reblogged from Tumblr: Loving the high top wedge sneakers and am considering getting a pair for Winter. What do you think?

TSM instagram (@tstyledme): You know when it’s cold, there’s only one thing to do right? Stay inside and eat eat eat! Goodman has the best truffle chips and steak in London I’ve decided – if you get a chance, definitely try the steak here!

TSM iPhone Snap: Love the idea of a warm knitted scarf with a pop of colour this Winter. Came across this one from Anthropolgie and am considering knitting (i.e asking a friend to knit) one of these and having fun with the colour combinations.

TSM iPhone Snap: This was my casual rugged up weekend look. I’m currently on the lookout for a hat and a beanie to keep my head nice and warm. I wore: Viparo Leather skirt, Topshop Chambray shirt, Zara Fur Parka, Warehouse necklace, Zara Messenger Bag and Stuart Weitzman boots.

How did you stay warm for Winter or for those in Europe, what are your Winter wardrobe inspirations this season? I hope wherever you’re reading this it’s nice and warm! Have a great week guys 😉

Tien xo 

TSM Answered: Michael Kors Yellow vs. Rose Gold Watch – Please help!

Anonymous Asked:

Hi Tien! Love your blog and I noticed that you have a lovely rose gold watch. I can’t decide between the MK’s Rose or Yellow Gold watch. What do you think is more classic and easier to style? Thanks in advance :)

T-Styled Me Answered:

Great question! I’ve had my for almost a year now and I definitely think it’s worth the splurge. I knew from the beginning that I wanted this particular model given that the face was smaller than the Michael Kors one and I liked the simplicity of the watch’s face.

I recently helped my friend decide between the RG and YG Michael Kor’s watch and I know it can be a hard decision. Honestly, it boils down to your personal preference so go with your gut instinct because it’s a win-win situation in my eyes. Check how both look against your skin tone and what accessories you intend to pair with the watch. RG has a beautiful vintage feel to it which is on trend and tends to compliment most skin tones while the YG watch has a more classic feel and suits a tanned skin tone. Pair RG looks against neutrals (whites and blacks) and feel free to mix the YG watch with your all coloured accessories and clothes.

If you already have other YG watches, I would suggest opting for the RG just because it’s  nice to have ‘options darling’, ‘options’ for your different outfits. Wear the RG watch classically on it’s own or mix it with both RG and YG accessories as I have done in the picture above. With arm swag getting a lot of air time, I’d take advantage of the trend and experiment stacking some neutral coloured leather bracelets with the watch too.

Although I’m a Marc Jacobs lover, there is a beautiful that is accented with a 0.5 carat diamond out at the moment till stocks last!

I hope this has helped but I would definitely go with you gut instinct because they are both beautiful colours to choose from !

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I was really looking forward to spending this weekend catching up with friends and browsing the shops and a vintage fashion market at Spittafields, especially after having a cold last weekend, but luck would have it, I caught a nasty stomach bug on Saturday morning which had me chained to the bed the entire weekend. Argh! Such bad luck lately!  I wish I looked this glamourous but this is basically ALL I did this weekend …

Because I couldn’t browse the shops this weekend and I’m on a shopping ban (sad face x 2) I created an online outfit for these gorgeous  I absolutely love … Enjoy!

/ / / / / Michael Korrs Watch / /

Dinner Date night @ St Johns

Outfit of the day (LHS): Warehouse Gathered Waist Dress & Camper Boots (RHS): Staring at the Stars Baby Doll Dress from Urban Outfitters and Felt hat (which I love but my bf hates! What do you think?)

Reblogged from Tumblr: Would love to know where this coat is from – I love the zip detailing at the back!

Have a great week guys! Tien xo



TSM: B is for Balenciaga

Actually, B is for Bad. That’s the guilt talking – I made a rather lavish handbag purchase a few weekends ago when Harrods had their storewide 10% off weekend and I’m still feeling guilty. My friend and I started with good intentions: Meet up on Saturday morning. Check. Grab coffee. Check. Grab cosmetics with the discount. Check. Buy a Balenciaga bag each … errr what?! How did that happen?

Now, I’m not an impulse buyer when it comes to major designer goods. I most likely have a picture in my head or pinned on my wall at least a year prior to purchase and in my defense, I have been on the lookout for my perfect Balenciaga for a while now. You know, visiting the website daily, harassing Balenciaga boutique staff, accumulating half a dozen quote cards only to pretend I still need ‘my other half’s opinion’ before sneakily taking pictures on my phone as though I’m making copies for the black market and embarrassingly rushing – These have become routine weekend activities for me. I even scoured Ebay on a daily basis for months, hoping in vain that my Balenciaga bag would magically appear heavily discounted and BNWT (brand new without tags). It.just.never.happened. What else was I meant to do?

If you own a Balenciaga or are a fan, did you, like me, find there so many decisions to make about one bag? Velo vs. City. Rose gold hardware vs. regular hardware, Black vs. anthracite … the list continues! Luckily I knew the colour of the bag from the beginning. My friend’s mum has a gorgeous tanned coloured Balenciaga and I too have wanted one in a similar hue since circa 2006 when they last released that swatch and I decided the ‘city’ perfectly fit usual handbag contents and my DSLR and as much as I love rose gold now, long term, I wanted the colour of my Balenciaga to fade and I felt the classic hardware would complement the aged look (told you, I’d given this way too much prior thought).

Ok, enough writing … Here are some pictures taken on the weekend with my new lover: Balency :)

The first night I had my Balenciaga, I literally cuddled it in bed. My bf, rightly so, was convinced I was bonkers for a) spending so much money on a ‘boring’ bag and b) seeing me at a new low – sleeping with a designer handbag. It’s kind of a running joke now. If he annoys or upsets me, he runs into the room, looks for the Balency and shows me because he knows it’ll make me smile. I can’t help but laugh at him and the fact that it actually works!

Outfit Details

  • All Saints Knit
  • t (in stores)
  • (similar )
  •  (similar )
  • Classic City Balenciaga (in Cumin with RHW)
  • Pashmina my dad got me from Thailand :)

After this splurge and in attempt to curb spending, I’m now officially on a shopping ban (damn you Shopbop discount code – you got me good) with the caveat that I can still spend on travel, presents, groceries, food and goodies from markets. I know some people can’t stand looking through ‘old junk’ and antiques but I could wander for hours through Portabello Antiques market in Notting Hill. I was on the lookout for some antique vintage trays for my future dresser (to display make up and perfume bottles) and ended up with two  Sheffield Silver trays after a good bargaining match …

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Shopbop Family & Friends Discount Code – 20% off till 17th October

I am such a bad influence I know I know … my friends, their boyfriends, their husbands tell me all the time I’m a bad shopping influence … but I had to share this with you guys today … 20% is an awesome savings! Click below and enter WEAREFAMILY at checkout!

If I had a credit card … these items in my basket would make it past the checkout …

– It’s now available in Navy!

 – Perfect for dresses Peplum tops

 – Perfect for Winter Shorts/skirts and dresses

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T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

Hi Everyone! How has your weekend panned out so far? For me, this has been the first weekend since I started my new job that I haven’t had to log on and work from home so I’m wildy estactic to have my weekend back but of course fate decided to hand me a cold on Thursday to greet the weekend with so I spent most of it sleeping and not crossing off any of the things I set out to do on my weekend list (am I the only who makes these?) and now that I’m starting to get better, I’ve passed on the cold to the bf! Oppsy – Sharing is Caring?

We did manage to go out for some fresh air on Saturday and on the way home from Portabello market, stopped by a Portuguese Patisserie for some hot coffee and Patel Del Nata (Portuguese tarts) which we’re both fans of ever since falling in love with the taste of them on one of our first trips to Porto (Portugal) and then indulging in the world famous ones from Belem, Lisbon for Easter this year. How do I describe it to those who haven’t tasted them before? It’s a mixture of crunchy, slightly savoury flaky pastry offset by sweet, light creamy custard filling which leaves a slight sugary burnt flavour that melts in your mouth and it can be hard to stop at one. The ones we found in West London were tasty and transported us back to those Spanish and Portuguese local crowded cafes where there were never enough tables/chairs to sit so you would stand by the bar scoffing the tarts down as as they rushed and poured the coffee at the bar before adding steaming milk at the very last minute.

Eating these tarts has really made me miss travelling. One of the main reasons we moved to London was to see Europe and while we traveled almost every fortnight to a new city in Europe, we have since slowed down in the last 6 months.

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TSM Answered: Where do I find the Perfect Blazer ?

Anonymous Asked: 

Hi Tien! I hope you can help me. I’m looking for ideas for blazers that I can wear casually. Do you have any suggestions where I should start looking and how I style it besides wearing it with jeans ?

T-Styled Me Answered:

I have to admit that I have a weakness for blazers and can never seem to say no to a well tailored one! It’s versatility grants it ‘investment wardrobe statement’ status in my books which means it’s okay to have multiples and the best part about having one is that you can smarten up almost any outfit instantly by popping on a blazer.

If this is your first time getting a blazer, think about the type of look you want. If it is a classic one, start with a neutral colour, preferably a black or a navy for Winter and white or grey for Summer with some detailing (e.g gold buttons, silk lining in the sleeves). When I was back in Melbourne, we went shopping for a blazer and found a really gorgeous and well cut blazer from Willow. I’d highly recommend starting with  thought if you’re looking for an affordable option  I own at least two from there and can vouch that they are of good quality, have a flattering cut on all sizes and come a range of colours and styles. If you have broad shoulders, I would suggest opting for the jersey blazer which has more elastane in it to provide more flexibility across the shoulders and avoid shoulder pads/ puffy shoulder detailing.

 Above: Blazer with shoulder detailing from Zara

 Above: Zara Jersey Blazer in Navy

 For a preppy look try Ralph Lauren and if you’re after varying lengths and colours, I’d giveTopshop and H&M a go but be wary that their cuts can be slightly big / loose so make sure you try it on for fit first.

As for styling a blazer, you can pop a blazer practically anything! They look great over a pretty floral dress, over with a silk top and bandage skirt, with denim cut-offs and booties or belted with printed trousers. I do think they look best with a simple tee, jeans and a nice pair of heels – With an item like this, the skies your limit and not much thought is required!

I recently bought another blazer (eep!) from Ted Baker after styling it on a client and decided to buy one for myself but had a lot of trouble deciding between colours! After asking my bf for the 100th time which colour to choose and presenting him with my arguments for both, to his relief, I made a decision and opted for a Summery Blush one with rose gold buttons to contrast the three other black blazers in my closet (I was this close to adding another one to the gang!). I wore it on the weekend to a friend’s birthday dinner and drinks paired with shorts and heels.

Elizabeth & James Shelly Silk Embroidered Hart of Dixie ted baker pale pink jacket

 My Outfit

  • Old  Shelly Embroidered Top
  • Seduce Faux Leather Shorts (Similar here)
  • (Similar )
  • YSL Patent Black Chyc Clutch

Where have you bought your blazers from and would recommend?

TSM Review: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Anna Dello who ? I might hear you say… Don’t worry, that would have been me a few months ago asking the same question. I really only came across Anna a few months back when I first started getting into fashion blogs and coming across her pictures at fashion shows featured on other blogs. Secretly I found some of her outfits totally over the top (OTT) like those “outfits” on the catwalk where you think to yourself – AS IF you you could walk down the street in that! But I’ve come to appreciate that fashion is art and it’s all about personal expression and the world would be pretty boring if everyone dressed the same and didn’t dare to push the boundaries. I read an interview by Susie Lau on Anna Dello Russo and appreciated where she came from a lot more. She’s like the Lady Gaga of fashion: She lives and breathes fashion as art and she has her own unique style. So despite being dubbed a ‘fashionista maniac’ the woman might know a thing or two given she is the creative editor-at-large for Vogue Japan and was previously the fashion editor at Vogue Italia.

Images via

To be honest I wasn’t one of those die hard fan who lined up on the 4th of October at 6am at H&M flagship stores for the release of her collection which comprised of very extravagant statement jewellery, shoes, sunglasses and luggage pieces. Her pieces were luxurious – flashy gold jewellery and accessories mixed with vintage undertones. My friend V picked up some enamel bracelets with animal motifs that were really fun and when I wondered into the store on Saturday I appreciated that the accessories were OTT and that was the whole point; the range wouldn’t suit everyone. Continue reading

TSM Outfit Post: My First London Fashion Weekend

After missing out on London Fashion Weekend tickets last year, I stalked the website like   there was a crazy secret online sale on and made sure that Kylee and I got tickets for this year’s event. London Fashion Weekend is open to the public (note London Fashion Week is different and reserved for elite designers, buyers, celebrities and famous bloggers only) and this year’s event promised all that shopaholics and fashion enthusiasts could hope for: Catwalk shows, pop-up boutiques, make-up/hair stations and a Mulberry designed LFW12 tote bag filled with goodies that I was more excited about than the event itself.

However… in my haste in ordering tickets, I managed to stuff up our booking and forgot to order the LFW Mulberry Goody bag! *cries* I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a printed tote bag with a lot of freebies/goodies but you must understand, I.LOVE.FREEBIES. Samples, miniature goodies, catalogues, magazines, free food tasting at the markets, whatever it is, I want a part of it. So I was really annoyed at myself for making such a silly mistake and watched enviously as everyone picked up their bags like badges for a club – I know it could have been a lot worse; I could have turned up on the wrong day (don’t laugh, I have done that before; I have arrived a day early at the airport for my flight) and it’s fine, I’ll just just have to attend next year’s London Fashion Weekend now won’t I ? 😛

We purchased the basic set of tickets (and used a free discount code on the Internet -Win!) which included entry into the event and a catwalk show but overall, I found the ticket prices dear for what basically allowed you to shop and watch a short 15 minute catwalk show (Ticket prices ranged from £24 – £150 depending on the package purchased). The highlight of my day was just being amongst a crowd of predominantly women and girls who shared a common interest for fashion (you could tell everyone there had made an effort to dress up or down for the event) and the fact that I was in London experiencing the multitude of different styles from the high end to funky street style which is what fashion is all about.

Here are a few snaps from the day:

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