T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

It started snowing across parts of Europe this weekend and it was FREEZING in London! Winter and Christmas is creeping up way too early for my liking. I’m in a state of denial though because despite Christmas decorations in full swing on Oxford Street and Regent St and daylights savings this weekend, I’m still hoping for an Indian Summer. Deluded much? Don’t worry, I definitely got my reality check shivering in very low temperatures over the past few days!

Here’s what I got up to on the weekend and my fave pics from Tumblr / Instagram / through my iphone:

 Reblogged from Tumblr: I’m taking note for Winter: Thermals, layering and thick coats and capes.

Reblogged from Tumblr: Loving the high top wedge sneakers and am considering getting a pair for Winter. What do you think?

TSM instagram (@tstyledme): You know when it’s cold, there’s only one thing to do right? Stay inside and eat eat eat! Goodman has the best truffle chips and steak in London I’ve decided – if you get a chance, definitely try the steak here!

TSM iPhone Snap: Love the idea of a warm knitted scarf with a pop of colour this Winter. Came across this one from Anthropolgie and am considering knitting (i.e asking a friend to knit) one of these and having fun with the colour combinations.

TSM iPhone Snap: This was my casual rugged up weekend look. I’m currently on the lookout for a hat and a beanie to keep my head nice and warm. I wore: Viparo Leather skirt, Topshop Chambray shirt, Zara Fur Parka, Warehouse necklace, Zara Messenger Bag and Stuart Weitzman boots.

How did you stay warm for Winter or for those in Europe, what are your Winter wardrobe inspirations this season? I hope wherever you’re reading this it’s nice and warm! Have a great week guys ;)

Tien xo 

5 thoughts on “T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

  1. Oh no, not the snow!! We’ve had torrential downpours in Toronto for the last three days, but no snow yet. I am a huge fan of bundling up in cozy knits, scarfs and down coats (picked up some nice ones from Zara over the last two years). Love your fur-trimmed parka, too cute!

    xo Alex

    • Thanks Alex! I refuse to take out my Zara down jacket out just yet (it’s the final sign that Winter is here!) but admittedly it’s so warm I’m sure I’ll give in shortly :)

  2. That zara fur jacket looks really nice on you! Was it really warm? I was considering getting it but I live in the NY area and it gets really cold up here haha.

    • Hi Jill! So sorry for the late reply. You know what? The Zara fur jacket is really surprisingly warm. It’s made from faux fur but the fur lines the entire jacketand is just as warm as my 100% wool coats. I find the bulk of the fur really comfy and warm during Winter and if I have my thin thermals on from Uniqlo then I don’t need to wear too many layers with this jacket. I noticed Zara just released the same jacket in Navy blue now :) My only problem is now I never want to take it off! I hope that helped. Thanks for reading :)

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