TSM Styling Session: Bringing a ray of sunshine into your life – How to wear Yellow

Growing up with an Asian background, I was taught to avoid wearing the colour yellow given my already ‘yellow’ skin but more and more I find myself drawn to wearing these various shades: Gold, earthy creams, brassy olives and warm mustards and I even noticed that my taste in jewellery has slowly shifted from delicate silver pieces to bold statement jewellery and finer gold vintage pieces.

I’ll admit that wearing yellow can be a challenge to coordinate but while I was in Melbourne a few months ago, my friend Poosilla let me style her using the pieces she’d transferred into her new wardrobe (having recently moved into a new apartment with her fiancé) and I was pleasantly surprised to find several yellow based pieces and many brightly coloured items had surpassed the cull. I know a lot of us tend to do this: Summer tops get thrown in the Summer pile and we look at our dark Winter wardrobe and wonder why our clothes are so dull and boring and we now totally ‘have nothing to wear.’ I thought it’d be fun to pull out items which she’d purchased a few seasons back and put an outfit together that was tran-seasonal, fit her bubbly personality and lifestyle and prove that you can wear yellow, even if you have an Asian background and it’s definitely ok to wear investment styled pieces even if it’s not current stock.

As with all my online styling sessions, let’s get get to know a little more about Poosilla:

Poosilla’s Profile Stats

  • Poosilla’s Height:  Approx 5 ft 4” (1.64m)
  • Skin tone: Medium – warm
  • Build: Slim
  • Body shape: Pear/hourglass Refer to this post if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: Size Small – Medium  i.e UK/AUS 8-10.
  • Lifestyle: Busy and social – Poosilla works and plays hard but is guaranteed to always be up for Friday night drinks, a boogie on the dance floor and any time is latte time!
  • Shopping preference: Needs basis with the occasional splurge
  • Shopping frequency: Purchases on average every few months.
  • Style Preference: Fun, colourful and open to different styles
  • Personality (in three words): Bubbly, Social and funny (All in my opinion!)

Poosilla’s Styling criteria

  • For this styling session, Poosilla had no criteria and allowed me free ‘artistic’ range – She modelled for me to practice my styling skills and I wanted to play with unusually bold and bright colours in her wardrobe. I wanted to show that you can mix classic timeless pieces with bolder Summer or Winter pieces to obtain different looks from your existing wardrobe to avoid always having shopping for new pieces (as gratifying as that can be!)

If you want to wear yellow, consider your skin tone when selecting a complementary shade and keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Yellows work well with creams, tans and white. Poosilla’s skin tone is warm and with her dark hair, the black blazer brings the outfit together to give it a more classic undertone.

If Poosilla’s skin tone had been cooler and her hair was for example fair/blonde, I would changed tactics and considered a tan/camel blazer to complement and emphasise her features.

Poosilla had this gorgeous Hermes reversible belt which I personally think is a great classic belt to have in your wardrobe (mentally adding it to the T-Styled Me Lust Bank). We had fun playing with the colour combination with various outfits and couldn’t decide whether we preferred the black or the famous Hermes orange with this outfit. What do you think ?

Outfit Details

  • Old Zara Silk Sleeveless top (Alternative )
  • Old Zara Cream Trousers (similar )
  • Old Ted Baker Blazer
  • Old Zara Tan Sandals
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Clutch
  • Hermes Belt

Photos taken by me – Thanks to the gorgeous Poosilla for letting me play dress up!

When choosing colours to wear, it pays to consider the colour of your skin, eyes and hair. I’m working on a post that will help identify your skin tone and the colours that suit so stay tuned for this upcoming post …

Thanks for reading!

Tien xo

4 thoughts on “TSM Styling Session: Bringing a ray of sunshine into your life – How to wear Yellow

  1. I love to wear Yellow – but it really depends on finding the right yellow for your skin tone. I think it is a colour that scares people becuase the wrong yellow can make you look washed out and yucky. But not sure why oatmeal colour doesn’t scare more people off…

    Love the classic styling!

    • Hi Jane – You are so right! I actually bought a few yellow tops on the weekend and it’s in the middle of Winter here (well it feels like it’s the middle of Winter already) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Nice outfit! I wouldn’t have thought to piece them all together like that! I like the black, no the orange, no the black belt combination urgg… I know! I’d wear the black to work on casual Friday then flip it over to orange to go to drinks :) hehe

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