TSM Answered: What to wear to the Christmas Party ?

Emma Asked:

Hi Tien! I have a company wide Christmas party coming up and am looking for a fun informal party outfit that won’t break the bank. Do you have any ideas you could share?Thank you!

T-Styled Me Answered:

Hi Emma – Thanks for your question :) Your Christmas party sounds super fun! My workplace only has a self funded drinks and nibbles night at the local pub planned so not much to get excited about in the dressing up department.

Given the festive season I would suggest something fun with a bit of sparkle and colour whether it be a sequins jacket, a sparkly top, dress, skirt or even a pair of sparkly pumps. Try Asos.com and your city’s high brands as well as vintage stores for more affordable options.

Here’s a little story board I created to give you an idea of what could be fun for a Christmas party. All items are available from Topshop, Zara and French Connection which are all very reasonably priced stores.

I think everyone should own something sparkly in their wardrobe for party season. Sequins, when kept at a minimum can be timeless and they always come back in and out of fashion over time. I have a dress I got from French Connection this year which I wore to my birthday dinner in Melbourne during Winter. It’s a joy to wear but it can be a little heavy so if you’re not up for a dress you can always have fun with a skirt or top for that special night out.

If you have access to All Saints, they always have beautiful sequin dresses and skirts.
Here are some photos I’ve found to inspire you for the Christmas season:

Have a great time at your Christmas party Emma!
Tien xo

2 thoughts on “TSM Answered: What to wear to the Christmas Party ?

  1. Love the idea of a sequin pant but little ole me tried a pair on the other day and they just didn’t work. Back to the hunt for the PERFECT sequin blazer.

    Love the inspiration.

    • Awww really? Sequin leggings are a hard one and but can look so great when styled on the right body shape. I think a sequined blazer would be perfect and timeless. Let me know if you find a nice one! :)

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