T-Styled Me’s Insta Tumblr Round up: Christmas Party Season starts!

What Christmas parties are you attending this year? My work is hosting quiet drinks and nibbles at the local pub while my friend’s workplace’s Christmas party (which took place this weekend) involved everyone turning up at the airport with their passports for a surprise weekend getaway to an undisclosed European city. The work Christmas party in a totally different country. Can you beat that?!

I’ve always secretly thought Christmas jumpers are awesome and have been trying to convince my bf to wear them for the past two years in London given that there’d be only zero chance he’d wear one in an Australian Summer Christmas. It’s daggy but I’ve loved them every since seeing Mr Darcy in that reindeer jumper in Bridget Jones (Love that movie!). Christmas jumper sales are definitely up this year, especially at Primark, given my friends hosted a Christmas house party with a ‘Christmas-y’ dress up theme on the weekend.

Reindeer Xmas Jumper from Primark – £12 that I couldn’t get my hands on so I dressed up as a reindeer / elf instead :)

My bf dressed up as Santa and my friends and I were the reindeers. Jumper, G’s Onsie and Reindeer ears all from Primark

Outfit of the day: Trying my very hardest not to succumb to the sea of Black that is Winter by brightening things up with vibrant colours – Skirt & Top from H&M

My two favourite dressed celebrities this week:

Photo reblogged from my tumblr: I am loving floral blazers at the moment even though the weather here resembles anything but Spring time.

Photo reblogged from my tumblr: Miranda Kerr always gets it right every time she steps out the door but I particularly love this look because she’s in an outfit that anyone can emulate using high end brands and it’s a sensible outfit that you can imagine yourself comfortably wearing (or at least I can!)

Have a great week guys and I hope you’re getting into the festive season in one way or another. Not long to go!

Tien xo

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