TSM Outfit Post: Barcelona Travel Diary – H&M Silk Graphic Skirt Pt. 2

I was meant to post this up just before Christmas after Part 1 but in my wind-down get out of the office and onto the plane mode I didn’t quite manage to do this (or answer some last minute work queries, oopsie) so just to jog your memory, this is an outfit post (worn at Ticketsbar): Part 2 of my Barcelona travel diary.

I picked this entire outfit up while shopping in Barcelona that very day (minus my trusty black patent pumps). I remember seeing a top very similar to this in a tumblr picture I’d reblogged and being a total sucker for creams and white and romantic prints, tried it on and convinced myself that I didn’t have anything similar in my wardrobe already (a criteria often used when I can’t quite to decide to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ because I don’t see the point in wasting money on similar styled pieces unless they are basics or casual essentials (tees, work skirts etc). This top has a lovely feminine beaded neckline, perfect for tucking into skirts and trousers and caters for the current cooler (ok, freezing cold) London weather. A top like this would work well on you if you have a boy-ish or pear shape but try to avoid high neckline numbers if you you are top heavy and conscious of creating a bulkier upper half.

I was immediately drawn to the print of this skirt because it was so bold, bright and hey, it was a little psychedelic and that surprisingly didn’t scare me. The skirt is fully lined and I was pleasantly surprised to find the outer silk fabric to be thick and very durable. There are big black plastic embellishments sewn onto the front of the skirt in an abstract pattern reminding me of beetles (it’s a bit weird like that!). The question I asked myself with this skirt was ‘Is this a wear once and that’s it type of skirt?’ (yet another helpful criteria when shopping) and I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t wear this skirt to work everyday but I didn’t have anything in my wardrobe like it and I wanted a skirt that was a little more bright and colourful for when there was an opportunity for a night out after work so, six black work skirts, meet psychedelic print skirt! The only thing that slightly annoyed be about the skirt was that the pattern didn’t match up on the side seams which is something I always like to check with prints!

I’m not typically a long earrings kind of girl because I’m conscious they made my face look bigger than it already is despite knowing the theory that they long earrings elongate the face but I really liked the style of these from H&M and although the quality of the jewellery is not the best and can come off as flimsy (make sure you check all the stones are secure before purchasing) you can’t expect much for the price you pay. The upside is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve an on trend look that may last a season or two. These earrings came in a number of neon colour variations and are available in stores now.

Outfit Details

  • H&M Skirt (in stores, love this one
  • (in stores)
  • Milana Patent Pumps (similar )
  • H&M Earrings (in stores, love )
  • YSL Arty Ring

I had a lovely time in Barcelona and can you tell from my last picture how excited I am about photo time being over and eating time to begin ?! If you ever get a chance to visit Barcelona, you won’t be disappointed with the food, I guarantee it! Barcelona is as vibrant and colourful as the very skirt I’m wearing.

Thanks for reading!

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