TSM Shopping: Shopbop Spend and Save Discount code “SpringEvent”

Tomorrow it’s going to be 9 degrees Celsius in London. I’m already in a good mood going to bed thinking about it. Spring is coming! I can’t wait for the late days with long lasting sunlight, after-work drinks and not wearing thermals …

I’m trying so hard to be good this year and haven’t been shopping (much …) but in case anyone has be holding out for a discount code from Shopbop, they currently have a great spend and shop promotion. Just click here – and don’t forget to discount code SPRINGEVENT at the checkout! Offer ends 29/02 at 11:59 pm PT

shopbop spend and save eventHere’s what’s in my lust list that is never going to make it a real check out 😛 (Does anyone else do this or just me?!)

I am obsessed with these shoe boots – They’re androgynous and signature Alexander Wang. I’d love to wear them with black tights, a leather skater skirt and an off the shoulder slouchy knit or a chiffon colour block shirt. I’ve tried them and they are SO comfortable!

Dasha Booties Alexander Wang

Dasha Boots Alexander WangAlexander Wang Dasha BootsPair these  with a black on black theme with this fun  and some .

Elizabeth and James Bronson DressHappy shopping guys! Would love to hear about any of your purchases (old or new). I need to live a bit vicariously through you at the moment :)


T-Styled Me’s Best and Worst Styled Picks: The Oscars 2013

Damn time difference. I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to stay awake to watch the red carpet for the Oscars this year (weeeakkkk!) but it was Sunday night and I had watched 7 straight hours of ‘Nashville’ so I eagerly awoke this morning to (a) a barrage of whatsapp messages from my friends back in Aus discussing our friend Chai’s (who you may recall lives in LA from my last post) walk down the red carpet at the Oscars in Hollywood (Just one of the perks she has in her amazing job!) and (b) view all my google alerts of who wore what to the 85th Academy Awards for 2013.

This Oscars has got to be one of the most exciting award nights that I can remember. I loved loved LOVED so many of the gowns that were worn last night and found it terribly difficult to choose a favourite so I decided to rewatch the TV red carpet special to gain more insight on how the stars looked on the night before writing this post. I certainly agree with the media and general public in their consensus of Jennifer Lawrence being best dressed in her incredibly glamorous and OTT yet totally appropriate for being nominated as Best Actress gown but If I were to stay true to my first reaction to the dresses largely driven by personal preference,

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Best Styled goes to …

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive

naomi watts armarni prive gown oscars 2013 red carpet

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

naomi watts armarni prive gown oscars 2013 red carpet back


Naomi Watts and Liev


I know that of all the awards nights, The Oscars are when the stars bring out the big guns in terms of gowns but I just love the way this stunning custom made silver grey Armarni gown hugged Naomi’s (mother of two) amazingly fit figure and the fact that she chose a gown that was both sparkling and elegant without being outdated. The unexpected one shoulder asymmetrical neckline was my favourite part of the dress and was a design I would expect from Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood and not the usual romantic elegance that is Armarni Prive. I loved that she was still nervous on the red carpet after being nominated so many times and that her husband was taking iphone pics just like a good old regular bf/hubby.

To be honest, I could have easily given the best dressed T-Styled Me award to any of these three  ladies below:

Jessica Chastain in Armarni Prive

Jessica Chastain in Armarni Prive Oscars 2013 tumblr_misgvt3JrI1qdg1yho1_500

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsYet another gorgeous and amazing Armarni Prive gown. I don’t think you can really appreciate how stunning this dress is unless you see it in real life or on TV. The pictures don’t quite capture the delicate pink sequins and beading on top of the beautiful copper toned gown quite as well as on TV. Jessica’s hair, Harry Winston jewellery gave her bona-fide movie star glamour and I love how the gown complemented her hair so this has got to be a close runner up!

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TSM Outfit Post: T- by Alexander Wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

Lately I’ve been obsessed with starting work early so that I can rush home to watch …well, I can only term it how it really is: trashy reality TV. For someone who already spends too much time watching TV, I can’t believe how I haven’t seen a single episode of any of the ‘Real housewives of Orange County’ series until now. *Cringe* I know, it’s so trashy but there’s something ashamedly fascinating about a life so far removed from my own I just can’t help but be hooked! I have now consumed an entire cake (by myself) catching up on the entire series but with the weather being consistently zero degrees every night this week, all I look forward to is to rushing home and plonking myself in front of the TV and getting lost in the world of Vicki, Tamra and Alexis (The ‘OC’ Real Housewives series).

I was very curious to see if the LA lifestyle was that portrayed on these TV shows. We spent Christmas visiting a friend who lives in Los Angeles and we had such an amazing time, shopping to our hearts content and eating like there was no tomorrow. On our first day there, we started the morning with a gorgeous breakfast at Chateau Marmont down Sunset Blvd (an establishment highly frequented by Hollywood stars with a super strict no photography policy) and then proceeded with the lifestyle of the rich and famous by spending the day shopping down Rodeo Drive (Every girl deserves to have a Pretty Woman moment :P). It felt surreal to be walking down the famous Rodeo drive. I can sort of understand the addiction to the lifestyle.

TSM kytography Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills 90210

TSM Rodeo Drive Ferrari Beverley Hills 90210

TSM Los Angeles T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

TSM Rodeo Drive T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt JOSEPH PATCHWORK COLORBLOCK SWEATER

The skirt I’m wearing is my first purchase from T by Alexander Wang. The fabric can be likened to scuba suit material which was surprisingly soft and warm. The skirt was very short for my standards so I tried to dress it down by wearing comfortable flats and a long sleeved warm cashmere colourblock sweater with neon colours that I’m a little obsessed about at the moment (All pieces were on sale!) This skirt has a natural ability to hold you in due to the structure of the fabric but the sizing, in my opinion, is extremely small! I don’t know if it was breakfast at Chateau Marmont or not but it was very … shall we say form fitting around the waist line. Not a buffet day kind of skirt!
TSM Rodeo Drive T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt balenciaga cumin

TSM Harry Winston Diamonds Rodeo Drive

My double take as we passed the diamonds at Harry Winston 😛

T by Alexander wang

TSM Balenciaga City bag in cumin tan_

TSM Shopping down Rodeo Drive_

TSM Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills 90210

Photos by , my bf and me :) Thanks to Chai for taking out in LA too !

Outfit Details

  • Old Joesph Colour Block Sweater (similar )
  • Old Zara Flats (New season )
  • Balenciaga City Bag in Cumin

Hope you enjoyed some of my holiday snaps and I look forward to featuring more neon pieces and picks in my next post. I’m off to watch a rerun of Keeping up with the Kardashians (I saw Kim and Kanye at a basketball game in LA incidently!) and also to watch ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ yet another one of my guilty tv show pleasures at the moment. Has anyone else watched this TV show?!

TSM Styling Session: How to Wear Faux Fur – Shoreditch Street Style

So, is fur like sticking around or what? I’m kind of hoping is does because as I sit here and type, the attractive weather lady informs me more snow is forecast across Britain tonight and I for one don’t really care if fur is in or not because I’m kind of fantasising about some sort of ugg suit that I can work in tomorrow … Ok, so that would be a bit hideous and it really isn’t that cold compared to other parts of Europe right now but I did need reinforcement by means of my faux fur gillet today underneath my coat as an extra layer and it worked a toasty treat (sweating on the tube, well that’s another story).

Irrespective of your personal attitudes towards fur (faux or otherwise) I’m sure it’s crossed your mind at some point, especially if you’re graced with sub zero temperatures, that the girl wearing that fur coat looks damn warm and you just want to reach out and stroke her. Ok, maybe that’s just me but fur’s one of those things that you kind of love to hate and can’t help but be curious about what you’d look like in it.

I never expected to own a fur gillet or coat when I lived in Australia but the moment Winter hit London, I made a run for the shops and lined myself with I guess fake animal hair?! I wondered whether there would be any need to wear fur upon my return to Australia and I thought to myself, why not do a styling session on fur gillets that can be worn transeasonally :) We know you can wear fur jackets with jeans and boots but what about a fur vest paired with a dress for Spring? My friend Banana, originally from Melbourne as well, let me style her in a faux fur gillet in a fun and quirky way.

As with all the styling sessions, let’s get to know a little more about Banana!

Banana’s Profile Stats

  • Banana’s Height:  Approx 5 ft 1” (1.57m)
  • Skin tone: Fair
  • Build: Petite
  • Body shape: Rectangle Refer to this post if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: Size XS – Small UK/AUS 6-8.
  • Lifestyle: Busy with travels: – This lil travel bug is making the most of her time in London by travelling and conquering Europe on the weekends
  • Shopping preference: Needs basis
  • Shopping frequency: Purchases every few months and gurl loves sale time.
  • Style Preference: Fun, quirky and lover of prints and graphics
  • Personality (in three words): Creative, happy & positive (All in my opinion!)

Banana’s Styling criteria

  • For this styling session, Banana had no criteria and allowed me free ‘artistic’ range – She modelled for me to practice my styling skills and I wanted to play with graphics, colours and geeky fun accessories with an slightly edgier look  than usual.

Banana’s unique topshop dress looks great as a flowly billowy dress but I wanted to tailor the look by adding a wide belt to define the waist and show off the extension of Banana’s petite yet long slim legs. Adding heeled booties without the usual black tights shows them off even more and I thought it’d be fun to throw on a faux fur gillet over a sleeveless dress.

We added fun faux glasses, accessories and my Chloe Partay bag to match the dress and to tie in the three colours of the outfit for a little bit more funk.

Photos taken by me and – Thanks Banana! You look like you could be in Stockholm street style blog :)

Outfit Details

  • Old Topshop dress (alternative )
  • Old Witchery Belt (similar her)
  • Old Zara Booties (New season )
  • Halston Heritage Faux Fur Fest (similar )
  • Medium Suede Bag
  • COS Necklace

A gorgeous alternative to these Zara boots that would look awesome with this outfit the the !


TSM Outfit Post: Camilla & Marc ‘True Love’ Secret Garden Print Dress

St Kilda Beach holds a special place in my heart and for those of you who live in Melbourne you’ll know that there are plenty more picturesque, family friendly and safe beaches around the coastline and up North but for me, it was the place where the romance began for my boyfriend and I (wooOoo) :) I distinctly remember escaping the unbearable heat studying for our end of year exams at Melbourne Uni and rewarding ourselves after the sun went down with gelato from 7 Apples and more gelato from Trampoline as we chatted and joked by the sand down St Kilda beach. Geez, that seems like a life time ago!

On a 37 degree day back in Melbourne a few weeks ago, we found ourselves turning the aircon up on high and driving back down there for the only thing that I could think of eating on such a hot day: Ice-cream! I can never decide on what flavours to get; there’s way too much choice and the flavours all sound so delicious. In the end I tend to mix it up with a fruity sorbet and decadent chocolate based flavour. I gobbled down my Green Apple and Fererro Roche gelati before we even reached the beach and took a walk down memory lane …

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TSM Top 5 Picks: In Concert – Zimmermann RTW Collection (Autumn Winter 2013)

It happens every year … Take today for example: I threw on my gloves, beanie and a heavy duty coat en route to Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London and somehow found myself trying on Summer dresses (suitable only if it were at least 20 degrees warmer), bright neon sleeveless numbers (love, btw!) and floral short shorts. It was hard not to get swept up in the new season’s promise of sun and warmth but let’s not kid ourselves here people, we are still in the middle of Winter!! But you know what, secretly, I’m kind of bored of staring at the same old sales racks now. I can only withstand about three weeks worth of sales before I impatiently start drifting towards the quieter, neater and untouched by bargain hunters ‘new seasons’ section and my eyes now greedily await new season stock both in Europe and back home in Australia.

Zimmerann are one of my favourite Australian brands which I associate with home, Summer, beach and relaxed Summer holidays. Their prints and fabrics are always unique and their swimmwear collections are second to none. The new Autumn Winter range for 2013 is much more relateable to me as I can actually imagine wearing these here in the colder London weather or as it gradually warms up over the next couple of months. Zimmerann clothing leans towards the higher end (in terms of pricing) but their designs are uniquely Australian and their worldwide appeal and sold out collections attest to their popularity. Here are my favourite looks so far from their 2013 AW In Concert collection Lookbook …

The Rising Floral Panel Dress

Independent Knot Dress

Independent Knot dress in Citrine

Rising Gold Lace Dress

Silk Ray Dress

Aside from the Rising Floral and Sun dress, I love the fact that these dresses are transeasonal and can be layered with tights and long/ankle boots for Winter. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the new collection on but would love to hear your thoughts on the make, fit and reviews of any of their new pieces and which one your favourites are.

Zimmermann stores are spread throughout and is also  and ships internationally to certain .