TSM Outfit Post: T- by Alexander Wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

Lately I’ve been obsessed with starting work early so that I can rush home to watch …well, I can only term it how it really is: trashy reality TV. For someone who already spends too much time watching TV, I can’t believe how I haven’t seen a single episode of any of the ‘Real housewives of Orange County’ series until now. *Cringe* I know, it’s so trashy but there’s something ashamedly fascinating about a life so far removed from my own I just can’t help but be hooked! I have now consumed an entire cake (by myself) catching up on the entire series but with the weather being consistently zero degrees every night this week, all I look forward to is to rushing home and plonking myself in front of the TV and getting lost in the world of Vicki, Tamra and Alexis (The ‘OC’ Real Housewives series).

I was very curious to see if the LA lifestyle was that portrayed on these TV shows. We spent Christmas visiting a friend who lives in Los Angeles and we had such an amazing time, shopping to our hearts content and eating like there was no tomorrow. On our first day there, we started the morning with a gorgeous breakfast at Chateau Marmont down Sunset Blvd (an establishment highly frequented by Hollywood stars with a super strict no photography policy) and then proceeded with the lifestyle of the rich and famous by spending the day shopping down Rodeo Drive (Every girl deserves to have a Pretty Woman moment :P). It felt surreal to be walking down the famous Rodeo drive. I can sort of understand the addiction to the lifestyle.

TSM kytography Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills 90210

TSM Rodeo Drive Ferrari Beverley Hills 90210

TSM Los Angeles T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

TSM Rodeo Drive T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt JOSEPH PATCHWORK COLORBLOCK SWEATER

The skirt I’m wearing is my first purchase from T by Alexander Wang. The fabric can be likened to scuba suit material which was surprisingly soft and warm. The skirt was very short for my standards so I tried to dress it down by wearing comfortable flats and a long sleeved warm cashmere colourblock sweater with neon colours that I’m a little obsessed about at the moment (All pieces were on sale!) This skirt has a natural ability to hold you in due to the structure of the fabric but the sizing, in my opinion, is extremely small! I don’t know if it was breakfast at Chateau Marmont or not but it was very … shall we say form fitting around the waist line. Not a buffet day kind of skirt!
TSM Rodeo Drive T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt balenciaga cumin

TSM Harry Winston Diamonds Rodeo Drive

My double take as we passed the diamonds at Harry Winston :P

T by Alexander wang

TSM Balenciaga City bag in cumin tan_

TSM Shopping down Rodeo Drive_

TSM Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills 90210

Photos by , my bf and me :) Thanks to Chai for taking out in LA too !

Outfit Details

  • Old Joesph Colour Block Sweater (similar )
  • Old Zara Flats (New season )
  • Balenciaga City Bag in Cumin

Hope you enjoyed some of my holiday snaps and I look forward to featuring more neon pieces and picks in my next post. I’m off to watch a rerun of Keeping up with the Kardashians (I saw Kim and Kanye at a basketball game in LA incidently!) and also to watch ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ yet another one of my guilty tv show pleasures at the moment. Has anyone else watched this TV show?!

10 thoughts on “TSM Outfit Post: T- by Alexander Wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

  1. Hey Tien, think you should do a post on how to pack for travel. You always look chic, stylish and well accessorised in your travel photos. Just a suggestion :-)

  2. I love these Zara flats you have on T! I was so close to buying them but hesitated as I’m definitely going overboard with my collection. :P


    • Thanks Hun! You know what, it’s probably a good thing that you didn’t get them. I’ve found that the beads have started falling off the heel. They are great basics but I always wear out any black flats within 6 months.

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