T-Styled Me Answered: Black Jeans that don’t fade

Hey Guys! How was your weekend? I spent weekend braving the cold trying out the food at Broadway market in Hackney where I chose to give into my Vietnamese craving for some ‘Banh Mi Thit’ (a traditional Vietnamese crunchy bread roll filled with pickled veggies and grilled meat of your choice). If you’re Vietnamese like me or live in Melbourne, you’ve no doubt had one these from the Western or Eastern suburbs and if you’re as old as me, can probably reminisce about the days when we called the rolls ‘Two dollar bread.’ They’re about four dollars now (I gobbled down as many as I could when I was back in Melbourne) and in London, they’re a rip off at £5 and sadly, no where near as good.

Anyway, I seem to always digress … I’ve received a few questions through my blog/tumblr so wanted to share the answers with you guys:

Anonymous Asked:

Hi Tien… as a fellow Aussie gal, I really enjoy reading your posts and I love your sense of style. My question is actually really simple… Can you recommend a good brand for a pair of black skinny jeans that doesn’t fade! I am looking for something skinny (though not super skinny), comfy, doesn’t break the bank, is jet black and stays jet black! Thanks x

T-Styled Me Answered:

Hiya! Aww thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts :) I always imagine only a few of my friends reading my blog so it’s lovely to hear from readers! You know what, I actually don’t own a pair of ‘real’ black denim jeans – I have every other variation known to man (jeggings, supersoft skinny jeans etc) and I haven’t tried many jeans back in Australia for while to recommend to you however…

From personal experience, I’ve found Saba jeans the best quality for a reasonable price (approx $129) that fit my shape (I prefer high rise compared to mid rise) are comfortable and have kept their shape for years. I currently live in these  (termed jeggings but have enough structure to be considered jeans). I have heard that Saba have had bad batches of these jeans so as a warning just to be on the safe side, speak to the staff to see if there have been any issues (I bought mine 8 months ago and didn’t experience any but just in case they’ve changed dyes recently). These are the ones I’m wearing below:

Saba Black Coated Jeans

If these are above your budget, I’d recommend Zara skinny jeans which are more affordable. I bought pairs for two clients of mine and the colour has held up for over a year and they are happy with them. Colour has been reported to have faded ever so slightly.

If you’re able to get your hands on a pair, I would highly recommend Madewell Skinny jeans (I’m actually wear a blue pair right now from 3 years ago). Unfortunately they don’t ship to Australia but if you have friends in the US, are travelling there or use a forwarder I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Lastly, if you have the budget, I’d recommend  or  or  as well although they are definitely on the pricier end.

To maintain the blackcolour, the key is to:

  • Always wash them turned inside out to reduce washing machine abrasion (on gentle cycle) and only with other black/dark frabrics or better yet, hand wash your jeans in cold water (with preferably dark fabric detergent or black dye).
  • Never put jeans in the dryer as the heat ages the fabric.
  • Don’t wash them too often; you don’t need to wash after every single wear.
  • If there’s a pair you can’t part with that has faded, you can easily dye them to get them back to black.

I hope this helped!

Anonymous Asked:

After spotting the Camilla and Marc True Love dress on you (here) I fell in love with it. Unfortunately the only place I could find it in my size was eBay however I’m having reservations about the authenticity of the dress and was hoping you’d be able to clarify some things for me. The dress I bought has no size labelling on the camilla and marc tag nor does it have the tag which shows care instructions. Can you advise whether yours does?The seller has also re-listed the dress – which is one of the reasons I found it suspicious! Link 
Thank you so much in advance!!

T-Styled Me Answered:

There is indeed a care instructions tab but it’s hidden; located on the skirt portion of the dress (on the right hand side). There are two care tags and I’ve taken a picture of mine for your reference

Camilla and marc secret garden true love dress labelMy Tips for shopping on Ebay for Authenticity

  • Check the seller’s feedback in the last 6 months and the comments
  • View what other type of items the seller is also selling – this is a good indicator or whether they are a genuine seller.
  • Ask them all quesitons – especially if you’re concerned where they get their products from.
  • Request additional photos for authenticity purposes and retain these records in the event you need to dispute it with the seller / eBay.
  • For handbag authenticity, always use ‘The Purseforum’ and get the ladies there to authenticate. They are really helpful!
  • Use Paypal and never pay direct into a seller’s bank account.

Good luck!

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