T-Styled Me Tip: DIY belt holes (Silverline Leather Hole Puncher)

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a chance to enjoy the extended weekend and didn’t indulge in too much chocolate like I did (Easter may be over, but I’m still going! Damn those two-for-one deals; they always get when the eggs go on sale after Easter!). This came up on my FaceBook News feed which made me giggle (and sing off tune) as I usually eat one or two of these each Easter so thought it’d be funny to share it with you guys …

now-youre-just-some-bunny-that-i-used-to-knowOne of my friends gave me an Amazon e-voucher last year for my birthday and I’ve been slowly using it up over the past 12 months buying e-books on my Kindle (FYI Currently in the middle of reading ‘Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea;’ a collection of stories about real life North Korean defectors who escaped to South Korea; a real eye opener!) but what I’ve also managed to buy with the voucher which has proven to be super handy is a Leather Hole Punch Plier.

Silverline Leather Belt hole Puncher

I have about 20 belts hanging from my belt rack, 10 which never get to see daylight as they’ve been mentally ostracised, deemed unsuitable for wear because they’re too large and require extra holes. Roughly every six months I either pick up another belt at the sales in a similar state or and continually convince myself that I’ll get around to taking those 10 belts to cobbler’s to get those extra holes added. The last time I did that was probably four years ago at a shoe repair place where the guy charged me $2/hole or something silly like that. So I bit the bullet recently and purchased my own belt hole puncher and I am particularly chuffed that it has now punched holes in all my belts, my friend’s cross body bag and her boyfriend’s belt as well!

Silverline Leather Belt hole Puncher Heavy Duty Punch Pliers

The punch pliers are really simple to use, however the only disclaimer I would bolt onto that is that it helps to have a guy around to clamp the hole puncher and swivel it with significant force.

Step 1: Mark with a pen where you require the hole, taking particular care to evenly space the desired hole in relation to the others. 

How to make a hole in your belt

Step 2: Select the right sized hole on the plier wheel (It’s always better to go for a smaller hole first). This particular plier has 6 different sized holes that range from 2 – 5mm.

Silverline Leather Belt hole Puncher Heavy Duty Punch Pliers

Step 3: Clamp down firmly and swivel the belt /  leather

Leather Belt hole Puncher Heavy Duty Punch Pliers

And Viola!!leather belt bag hole puncher Ralph LaurenI purchased this particular from Amazon and if you browse around you’ll find that there are a variety of brands you can choose from at various prices. You can also use this handy tool for other leather DIY projects (leather clutches, travel tags, personalised key rings etc) so also check your your local hardware store too.

Hope you found this post useful! It’s just one of those things that only one person in the family needs to invest in and everyone can benefit from it rather than making that trip, procrastinating in my case, to see the repair man.

Thanks Michelle for being my hand model 😛 Have a great week guys!

Tien xo

4 thoughts on “T-Styled Me Tip: DIY belt holes (Silverline Leather Hole Puncher)

  1. I was at work the other day, and my boss was complaining about having to take her heels to the cobbler to have extra holes put in, when lo behold! I remembered this post of yours.

    She now thinks I am extremely resourceful…

    so thank you 😛

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