TSM Travel: Weekend getaway to the Keukenhof flower fields in Holland

I’ve been feeling slightly homesick recently (When it snowed a few weeks ago mid April, I cracked it and was really ready to call it quits) but the tail end of April has redeemed itself with the temperature hitting 20 degrees today and for the first time in 6 months, I contemplated leaving my black opaque tights at home (I chickened out last minute for fear of OESK – over eager skin exposure). Many of my friends from Australia are visiting and travelling Europe which has made the weeks fly by so much faster and it always helps to have company and that little piece of home over here.

I amsterdam

Crashing our friends’ honeymoon, a group of us hopped on a quick 45 minute flight to Amsterdam over the weekend to relax, ride our bikes through the picturesque canals of Holland and one of the highlights of the weekend was visiting the Keukenhauf Tulip Festival. Did I hear you just yawn? Well, I know it doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to do overseas but  I actually had it on my ‘Amsterdam to do’ list given the festival only runs from March to May each year and Holland is famous for their tulip fields (amongst other things!) and tulips are one of my favourite flowers.

Yellow and Red Tulips keukenhof

keukenhof flower tulip festival 2013

Tulip festival Holland

Sure, there was a moment’s hesitation when we rocked up to the entrance of the flower festival surrounded by at least 20 tour buses full of more mature aged visitors but as soon as we started wandering through the park with our freshly made StroopWaffels and hotdogs, we became mesmerised by the sea of such vibrant and beautiful colours…

keukenhof tulip fields

keukenhof flower festival 2013

Cherry blossoms keukenhof tulip festival 2013 Holland

keukenhof unique tulips

The tulips above were so unique; they looked like tulips made out of frayed fabric! I love vibrant colours – they bring such a sense of happiness and life to pictures and I found a lot of inspiration for my wardrobe from these colours.

keukenhof tulip fields Amsterdam

keukenhof rose tulips

keukenhof white tulips

keukenhof tulip fields Amsterdam 2013

What are your favourite flowers? 

Tien xo

4 thoughts on “TSM Travel: Weekend getaway to the Keukenhof flower fields in Holland

  1. Amazing pictures! : ) I just want to go to Amsterdam again so badly. I just stumbled across your blog, what are you doing in Europe and where do you live? I hope your homesickness will be fine, it must be tough having to go through this winter without being depressed even when you are at home. Keep your head up and catch as much sun, vitamin d and endorphins as you can 😉

    • Thanks Celine! You are so sweet and so right about that vitamin D! Amsterdam this time of the year is lovely – bike riding is so peaceful you should definitely visit soon. I’m living and working in London and travelling (when the weather gets better!) Thanks for dropping by xo

  2. Amazing pictures,very pretty colors! I can look at those tulips forever – what a beauty! You have a great blog!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?

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