T-Styled Me Answered: Which type of boots suit me if I have short legs ?

Anonymous Asked:

Can you do post a how to style a petite size 6 figure with short legs and broad shoulders please? In particular how to overcome the short leg problem! And, what ankle boots would you recommend to elongate short legs! Ta! x

T-Styled Me Answered:

Among friends, I’m notorious for proposing hypothetical situations and one for the girls is always ‘If you could have plastic surgery on one part of your body, what would it be?’ You’d be surprised how often the answer is ‘Umm… Can I get my legs done so they’re longer?!’ Unfortunately leg extensions aren’t common like lipo/botox and there’s a much more simple way to create the illusion of being taller. A styling session on the inverted triangle body shape (broad shoulder and slim hips and bottom half) is still on my to do list but here are my top tips on how to balance out that inverted triangle shape for a petite figure and how to best elongate your pins:

To balance out broad shoulders …

  • Lean towards dresses and skirts which are full or have an A-line shape. This will create a fuller bottom half to balance out your shoulders. Add a belt to create an illusion of an hourglass shape.
  • As you’re petite, the skirts and dresses should end at least above your knee. Simple advice but you’d be surprised at what a difference this makes!

skirt for short girls

  • For Trousers, try a boot-cut denim or wide leg trouser pant that is dark in colour (visually this will create length).
  • Stay away from strappy heels that can cut off at at your legs or at least pair them with a shorter than usual hemline.
  • Nude heels are really great way of visually elongating your legs.

nude coloured heelsShoes that elongate your legs

Boot recommendations 

Kim Kardashian elongate legs black boots

  • Any ankle boots which have a stacked heel will instantly make you look taller.
  • Keep the ankle boots the same colour as your jeans help elongate your legs.

These are my favourite stacked heel boots which I would recommend to help elongate your legs:


I have these (in black) and not only are they comfortable but they go with everything!

topshop might black zip boots are great for more affordable ankle boots so have a browse and look for a pair that has height (that you’re comfortable with), that’s classic and easy to wear.

I hope this short post helped!

Tien xo


4 thoughts on “T-Styled Me Answered: Which type of boots suit me if I have short legs ?

  1. Great post!! What are your thoughts with knee boots for us short legged friends? Btw, those rag and bone boots are delectable!!!!

    • Thanks Tracee :) I think knee high boots are great for shorties like us just as long as they are the right height (i.e if you’re going for over the knee, make sure it just hits above the knee and not any higher or else we’re heading down another lane … if you get my drift :) I love my Stuart Weitzman ones (they’re knee high boots but because I have short legs, they become perfect over the knee boots) xo

  2. Hey! Such a useful post! I was just wondering what were your thoughts on the Rag & Bone Newbury…I am really torn about the Harrow vs Newbury (although eventually I’m sure I’ll end up buying both!). I’m thinking about either the Harrow in black or Newbury in brown…what do you think?

    • Ohh it can be so hard to choose between the two! Most of my friends had the Newbury (in black) and raved about them but I wanted a little bit more detailing and that’s what you get with the Harrows. Funnily enough I’d say if you were tossing up between colours, the Newburys look better in black and the harrow looks quite striking in Charcoal / brown. Have I managed to confuse you even further?! Either way they are all winners for your feet :)

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