TSM Outfit Post: 1960s Inspired Modern Spring Work Wear from COS

Bridgette Bardot, Barbie and by way of a somewhat embarrassing admission, Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson. I wanted big blonde hair and blue eyes like these women and I would have easily traded in my ethnic features to look more like the kids did at school growing up. It’s funny to think about those thoughts now, having grown up to happily embrace my heritage and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of women of all nationalities.

When I picked up this shift dress from COS recently, it instantly resonated a 1960s vibe within me. Despite not having the trademark blonde Bardot-esque tresses and baby blues reminscent of this era, I wanted to create a fun fresh 1960s inspired look for Spring for the modern woman adaptable for today’s work hard play hard culture …

Celine red trio

modern 60s inspired looks cos work dress


I picked up this dress for £35 (50% off, woot!), ready for Spring (any day now London, any day now …) and it is my very first purchase from COS having previously been a bit daunted by the multitude of colour co-ordinated racks. While I’m used to more fitted clothing, COS’s minimalist concept and designs (think Scandinavian Country Road) means none of their pieces are overfly fitted, sometimes borderline shapeless, but always very comfortable.

Colour blocking is an easy way of introducing colour into your wardrobe for work if you’re inclined to go for black all the time. A nude coloured neckline like this dress elongates the upper torso and is really great for you if you have a full bust/figure. The dress was actually quite a bit longer so I had the hem and sleeves altered to fit my shorter frame but dresses like these will really suit you if you have an inverted triangle, hourglass and apple shape figure (body shape post here).


60s inspired modern fashion dress

COS Nude two tone Dressvintage inspired earings belle noel60S INSPIRED FASHION

modern 60s inspired looks

department of coffee and social affairs farringdon 60s shoot

 Outfit Details

  • COS Dress (in stores) (similar )
  • Celine Trio Bag (in Magenta, Similar )
  •  (flats )
  • Old Zara Cream Jacket (similar )
  • Old Belle Noel Earrings

Photos by Anna from  taken at Department of Coffee and Social Affairs (really decent coffee there Londoners!) Thank you for making me feel beautiful through your lens x

TSM Answered: Tips for Packing Light on Holidays

One of my readers asked me a little while back for tips on how to best pack for a holiday trip and while I could sit here and google the best tips (only pack 50% of the clothing you put in your suitcase … hmmm really?!) and pretend that I always adhere to these rules, clearly I’d be lying as there has been many an occasion where I’ve grossly overpacked (hairdryer AND straightener in Greece, total waste of time. FYI, the sea water ruins your hair irrespective of any tools you man yourself with) and in some cases, BOY have I under-packed (forgot wallet, forgot toothbrush, forgot phone!). So after three years of constant mini European adventures, I now have the art of packing down to 25 minutes each time and refuse to spend any longer on such a mundane task!

Disclaimer: I haven’t had enough time to google best tips on how to pack at all so this is therefore purely a personal T-Styled Me post. If you find this post a little bit rubbish, I don’t blame you. It works for me and I’d more than welcome your tips to share with other readers as well!

T-Styled Me Packing Process (25 minutes)

1. Make a very quick list (or use the previous trip’s list) of standard ‘important’ items  that will go in your hand carry and pack them immediately in your hand carry (HC) or check in luggage (CIL). (5 minutes)

My list is always as follows:

  • Passport and tickets (HC)
  • House keys and Wallet (HC)
  • Adapter and iphone charger cord (HC)
  • Camera and Charger (HC)
  • Toiletries (including toothbrush) (HC or CIL)
  • Pyjamas, Socks & Underwear (HC or CIL)

(Tip: Invest in a universal adaptor with USB ports so you don’t actually need to bring the block that connects to the iphone USB cord)

2. Calculate the number of days you’ll be away and the corresponding weather forecast for each of these days and if you’re trip is short (e.g under 4 days) plan your outfits for each days by laying them out visually. (10 minutes)

Tips on packing light

I’m going on a 4 day, 4 night trip so I’ve put together these travel friendly, low maintenance looks that I can mix and match across outfits depending on the weather and for the plane as well. All in all, I have 3 bottoms and 3 tops and one dress which is actually overdoing it but I just like to have a bit of variety and the satisfaction of knowing what will go with what when I’m there. Note: no heels (honestly who travels in heels except for fashion bloggers? :P)

Then add a jacket /coat (depending on the weather) and a bag that will go with all your outfits that is both comfortable and practical.

3. Compile your liquids (under 100mls) in a clear ziplock bag (if you’re not checking that is which I rarely do) and your make up/ accessories bag (5 minutes)

Bring minimal make up (unless you’re planning or attending a soire of some sort!) and less is more. The items I usually bring are:

  • Small bottle of sunscreen / moisturiser with sunscreen
  • Mascara & Blush & tinted lip balm
  • Make up remover / Cleanser
  • Small bottle of shampoo
  • Hair ties & bobby pins

(Tip: If you’re out of space, invest in Olay dry face towels which take up minimal room and foam up under water.)

packing toiletries
















4. Fold your clothes neatly and for all knits and tees, roll them up to minimise creasing. For Blazers and jackets you can fold the arms inside out and place in your luggage (5 minutes)

As you can see below, my camera actually takes up 50% of my luggage space! So I’ve learnt very quickly how to prioritise when packing.

Overnight packing


Not bad right?! Considering that camera takes up half my bag, I’ve managed to fit and pack for four days in one hand carry luggage.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks on how to save luggage space ! Have a great weekend guys and you can follow me on instagram to see where I’m travelling to this weekend @tstyledme

My New Squeeze from Paris: The Celine Trio Bag in Magenta Red

You know how some guys are into their cars, computer games or others are obsessed with collecting the latest tech gadget and once they get their hands on it, getting their attention is harder than prying a smackos out of a dog’s mouth? Well, I was kind of like that this weekend with the newest handbag in my collection: My very first Celine! I was spoilt courtesy of my girlfriends with this generous birthday gift that I picked up in Paris last weekend. Blog readers, may I introduce to you my newest perfect partner in life, I mean, handbag …

Celine Trio Bag Magenta Red regular small

We’re currently in the honeymoon phase; I’ll admit I’m definitely the more clingy one in the relationship. But this kind of happens when you’ve been dreaming about having someone like this in your life: vibrant, photogenic, sentimental, practical and most of all, doesn’t give me headaches from heavy baggage (It also doesn’t hurt if they’re romantically French either!) We’ve been inseparable all weekend long… This is just a sneak peek for now as my trio will be surely making more appearances soon xx

Celine Trio Bag Magenta Red regular smallCeline Trio Bag Magenta Red outfit post

Photos by Me and

Outfit Details

  • Old Topshop knit
  • Old Zara Slouchy Trouses (new season’s )
  • Celine Trio Bag (In Stores, Similar )
  • Old Dune Tan Flats (Similar )

Thanks to all my gfs for such a gorgeous Parisian keepsake for my birthday. I hope you guys have a great week ahead. Bring on the Bank Holiday already I say!

A Chanel Inspired Birthday Party at The Wolseley London with Colour & Twine


I’m anything if not predictable. I enthusiastically plan a birthday do with friends each year and without fail, as the date approaches, the worries associated with guests not having a good time and all that focused attention gets the better of the introvert in me and I curse myself for being too organised with save the dates (I mean really, were they even necessary for a birthday?!). I mentally note to never organise a party again and I, of course, have a fantastic time celebrating with loved ones to then proceed to quickly forgetting these pre-party mental promises; the whole cycle thus repeats itself.

This year was no exception. Being one year older (and obstensibly wiser!) the plan was to downsize to a small celebration with close friends out for breakky (my favourite meal when dining out!) – somewhere picturesque with decent flat white coffees that would enable us to watch the slow and non-existent Summer sun rise over London … Slowly, somehow, like the fiancee that promises never become a bridezilla, that casual laid back breakfast morphed into a decadent Chanel Inspired Champagne Breakfast at the Wolseley, a beautiful and rather classy restaurant in Green Park next to the Ritz in London. Perhaps it was my plan all along and who was I kidding, getting guests to come at 6am to watch the sun rise on a Saturday OR a perfect flat white in London? Wasn’t going to happen and doesn’t really exist 😛

Breakfast at the Wolseley London

With help from (remember, here), a talented and aspiring event stylist, we worked on a simple, classy and fun theme for the Champagne breakfast that incorporated my love for shopping and slight obsession weakness for Chanel.  Gone was the simple laid back image of rockin’ up in jeans and a tee and in its place was a sharp black and white dress code and table setting (I really must stop watching those reruns of the KimHumpries Kardashian wedding) combined with creatively styled happy yellow tulips and vibrant fuscia gerberas.

TSM Private Dining Room Wolseley chanel themed partyChanel cupcakes chanel inspired theme party table setting Wolseley

Chanel inspired table setting party_

Chanel party

These gorgeous custom hand made decorative bottles/vases below were created especially for my Chanel themed Champagne breakfast by Vanessa, creator and owner of (from Melbourne), who uses twine to lovingly hand craft these vases. Colour & Twine have a range of different sized bottles in an array of simple traditional twine colours with pops of neon pink and yellow (the signature look) to an assortment of soft sherbet hues in various shapes and sizes. It’s truly amazing how they instantly brighten up a room, a tableside or desk on their own as well as functionally house blooms for wedding table arrangements or add that unique touch like they did for me at a lunch or dinner party. Check out Colour&Twine’s gorgeous range of photos via .

Colour&twine small flower jar vasesColour&twine

Colour&twine vases

 I was really pleased with the service at the Wolseley. The staff were courteous and accommodating and the quality of the breakfast speaks for itself from the photos. It’s a slightly posh place to have breakfast in comparison to the usual casual cafes we’re used back in Melbourne but for a special occasion, it doesn’t disappoint. The specialty coffees were surprisingly decent and my favourite dish was a proper fruit salad which contained exotic fruits like Dragon fruit that I haven’t seen in the past 3 years since coming to London. Continue reading

T Styled Me’s Best & Worst Styled Picks: Met Ball 2013

Aside from the Christmas themed party last year, I’m still yet to be invited to attend a full on, hard core, take-the-car-instead-of-the-train themed costume party (Hmm perhaps time to question my popularity?). Have you attended any fun themed parties recently? I love seeing the creativeness in everyone’s efforts and this year’s Met Ball photos felt like I was flicking through FB friends’ (ok, randoms’) dress up party photos seeing as this year’s Met ball was themed – PUNK: Chaos to Couture. I love commitment when it comes to a dress up theme. Go hard or go home …

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Best Styled goes to …

Cara Delevingne in Burberry

Cara Delevingne Burberry Punk chaos Met Ball 2013

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala - Outside Arrivals

Cara Delevingne Burberry Punk Met Ball 2013


Aside from the smizing gone wrong in these photos, I do love the way “The Brows” rocks this sleek studded Burberry gown. It’d be my personal choice as an interpretation of Chaos to Couture: Black, studs, Silver hardware you’d expect to find from Camden markets and dark, broody ‘piss off will ya!’ make up. I never understood the fuss around Cara Delevingne as a model (I still remember her from her ASOS days) but respect that she’s stayed true to her London roots wearing Burberry and what can I say, I’ve always been a sucker for long sleeved elegance over side boobage. The look is not overly Punk (I’d expect some leather) and is more on the couture side but I do love her interpretation.

  • Runner up: Anne Hathaway in Vintage Valentino

Anne Hathaway Met Ball Blonde Valentino couturejpg Met ball 2013: Anne HathawayI love that Anne Hathaway is not afraid to reinvent herself and take risks (no bra two times in a row now Anne!). I personally think the platinum cropped locks, inspired by Debbie Harry looks amazing on her

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Worst Styled goes to …

Kim Kardashian in Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

Kim Kardashian Met Ball 2013 Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy


It’s the glove. It freaks me out. I’ll probably get clubbered over the head for admitting this or at least get a couple of eye rolls but I’m actually a Kim Kardashian fan. I think she has a fantastic body and well, while I struggle to come up with more convincing reasons, I just do. She has a fabulous figure, even whilst pregnant but I’m sorry – I’m just not forward thinking enough to appreciate it because I think this gown looks horrendeous on her. It doesn’t ‘fit the brief‘ and when you are highly pregnant, with an extremely ample bust, a high neck, floral print is kind of the thing you AVOID wearing right?!. Thank goodness for that thigh high split from preventing her like looking like an 80s couch I hear you exclaim? Well … no, not when it reveals an overly tight strapped matching shoes. I think she could have redeemed herself with a different pair of shoes but *shudder,* it’s that creepy matching glove. I.just.don’t.get.it

Other fun looks of the night that I loved …

Jessica Alba in Tory Burch

Jessica Alba Tory Burch Met Ball 2013Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors

Jennifer Lopez Met Ball 2013 Michael KorsMiranda Kerr in Michael Kors

Miranda-Kerr-In-Michael-Kors-2013-Met-GalaRooney Mara in  Givenchy

rooney mara Met ball 2013

Photos from Getty Images, Socialite Life and Daily Mail

What was your favourite look for the night? What did you think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s and Madonna’s outfits?