A Chanel Inspired Birthday Party at The Wolseley London with Colour & Twine

I’m anything if not predictable. I enthusiastically plan a birthday do with friends each year and without fail, as the date approaches, the worries associated with guests not having a good time and all that focused attention gets the better of the introvert in me and I curse myself for being too organised with save the dates (I mean really, were they even necessary for a birthday?!). I mentally note to never organise a party again and I, of course, have a fantastic time celebrating with loved ones to then proceed to quickly forgetting these pre-party mental promises; the whole cycle thus repeats itself.

This year was no exception. Being one year older (and obstensibly wiser!) the plan was to downsize to a small celebration with close friends out for breakky (my favourite meal when dining out!) – somewhere picturesque with decent flat white coffees that would enable us to watch the slow and non-existent Summer sun rise over London … Slowly, somehow, like the fiancee that promises never become a bridezilla, that casual laid back breakfast morphed into a decadent Chanel Inspired Champagne Breakfast at the Wolseley, a beautiful and rather classy restaurant in Green Park next to the Ritz in London. Perhaps it was my plan all along and who was I kidding, getting guests to come at 6am to watch the sun rise on a Saturday OR a perfect flat white in London? Wasn’t going to happen and doesn’t really exist :P

Breakfast at the Wolseley London

With help from (remember, here), a talented and aspiring event stylist, we worked on a simple, classy and fun theme for the Champagne breakfast that incorporated my love for shopping and slight obsession weakness for Chanel.  Gone was the simple laid back image of rockin’ up in jeans and a tee and in its place was a sharp black and white dress code and table setting (I really must stop watching those reruns of the KimHumpries Kardashian wedding) combined with creatively styled happy yellow tulips and vibrant fuscia gerberas.

TSM Private Dining Room Wolseley chanel themed partyChanel cupcakes chanel inspired theme party table setting Wolseley

Chanel inspired table setting party_

Chanel party

These gorgeous custom hand made decorative bottles/vases below were created especially for my Chanel themed Champagne breakfast by Vanessa, creator and owner of (from Melbourne), who uses twine to lovingly hand craft these vases. Colour & Twine have a range of different sized bottles in an array of simple traditional twine colours with pops of neon pink and yellow (the signature look) to an assortment of soft sherbet hues in various shapes and sizes. It’s truly amazing how they instantly brighten up a room, a tableside or desk on their own as well as functionally house blooms for wedding table arrangements or add that unique touch like they did for me at a lunch or dinner party. Check out Colour&Twine’s gorgeous range of photos via .

Colour&twine small flower jar vasesColour&twine

Colour&twine vases

 I was really pleased with the service at the Wolseley. The staff were courteous and accommodating and the quality of the breakfast speaks for itself from the photos. It’s a slightly posh place to have breakfast in comparison to the usual casual cafes we’re used back in Melbourne but for a special occasion, it doesn’t disappoint. The specialty coffees were surprisingly decent and my favourite dish was a proper fruit salad which contained exotic fruits like Dragon fruit that I haven’t seen in the past 3 years since coming to London.

Breakfast menu at the Wolseley LondonThe Wolseley Fruit Salad BreakfastTo thank my friends for coming (especially some who were here from Oz) and to make the breakky a bit more fun everyone received a lil black giftbox wrapped in white bows. Boys got big sparkly  bow ties and girls Chanel inspired pearls … Just a little fun keepsake and for the photos.

chanel inspired party favoursMy manager at work also has an extremely talented wife who makes THE best cupcakes ever (no exaggeration), my favourite being the extra Moist Chocolate mud cupcake with Belgian Chocolate ganache (hellllo diabetes!) which is the one you see pictured below, custom made with Chanel icing on top. If you’re in the UK and looking for a bespoke cakes, definitely contact her . She’s simply the loveliest – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed …

Winnie Event StylingThe Wolesley Breakfast bucks fizzThanks again to Winnie for getting up super early and translating my ideas and transforming the beautiful room for the morning! That definitely helped with the usual pre-party anxiousness and I guess it’s silly to worry about whether people will have a good time or not at your birthday because at the end of the day true friends are really there to support and celebrate your birthday and mostly care about you having a good time. I’m blessed to have my little London family here celebrating with me for what I’d have to admit will be my last birthday in London. Who knows what next year has in store …  Cheeers xx

Photos by me and

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