TSM Answered: Tips for Packing Light on Holidays

One of my readers asked me a little while back for tips on how to best pack for a holiday trip and while I could sit here and google the best tips (only pack 50% of the clothing you put in your suitcase … hmmm really?!) and pretend that I always adhere to these rules, clearly I’d be lying as there has been many an occasion where I’ve grossly overpacked (hairdryer AND straightener in Greece, total waste of time. FYI, the sea water ruins your hair irrespective of any tools you man yourself with) and in some cases, BOY have I under-packed (forgot wallet, forgot toothbrush, forgot phone!). So after three years of constant mini European adventures, I now have the art of packing down to 25 minutes each time and refuse to spend any longer on such a mundane task!

Disclaimer: I haven’t had enough time to google best tips on how to pack at all so this is therefore purely a personal T-Styled Me post. If you find this post a little bit rubbish, I don’t blame you. It works for me and I’d more than welcome your tips to share with other readers as well!

T-Styled Me Packing Process (25 minutes)

1. Make a very quick list (or use the previous trip’s list) of standard ‘important’ items  that will go in your hand carry and pack them immediately in your hand carry (HC) or check in luggage (CIL). (5 minutes)

My list is always as follows:

  • Passport and tickets (HC)
  • House keys and Wallet (HC)
  • Adapter and iphone charger cord (HC)
  • Camera and Charger (HC)
  • Toiletries (including toothbrush) (HC or CIL)
  • Pyjamas, Socks & Underwear (HC or CIL)

(Tip: Invest in a universal adaptor with USB ports so you don’t actually need to bring the block that connects to the iphone USB cord)

2. Calculate the number of days you’ll be away and the corresponding weather forecast for each of these days and if you’re trip is short (e.g under 4 days) plan your outfits for each days by laying them out visually. (10 minutes)

Tips on packing light

I’m going on a 4 day, 4 night trip so I’ve put together these travel friendly, low maintenance looks that I can mix and match across outfits depending on the weather and for the plane as well. All in all, I have 3 bottoms and 3 tops and one dress which is actually overdoing it but I just like to have a bit of variety and the satisfaction of knowing what will go with what when I’m there. Note: no heels (honestly who travels in heels except for fashion bloggers? :P)

Then add a jacket /coat (depending on the weather) and a bag that will go with all your outfits that is both comfortable and practical.

3. Compile your liquids (under 100mls) in a clear ziplock bag (if you’re not checking that is which I rarely do) and your make up/ accessories bag (5 minutes)

Bring minimal make up (unless you’re planning or attending a soire of some sort!) and less is more. The items I usually bring are:

  • Small bottle of sunscreen / moisturiser with sunscreen
  • Mascara & Blush & tinted lip balm
  • Make up remover / Cleanser
  • Small bottle of shampoo
  • Hair ties & bobby pins

(Tip: If you’re out of space, invest in Olay dry face towels which take up minimal room and foam up under water.)

packing toiletries
















4. Fold your clothes neatly and for all knits and tees, roll them up to minimise creasing. For Blazers and jackets you can fold the arms inside out and place in your luggage (5 minutes)

As you can see below, my camera actually takes up 50% of my luggage space! So I’ve learnt very quickly how to prioritise when packing.

Overnight packing


Not bad right?! Considering that camera takes up half my bag, I’ve managed to fit and pack for four days in one hand carry luggage.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks on how to save luggage space ! Have a great weekend guys and you can follow me on instagram to see where I’m travelling to this weekend @tstyledme

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