TSM Styling Session: A London Look for Elle in Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

Following from my last post (here) when my friend Elle saw the state of my a few weeks ago, the first thing she admonished (hmm, I think I got that word from Fifty Shades of Grey, Yikes!) was that I didn’t take very good care of them. The soles were worn down and overdue for a resoling session. When she saw me carelessly throw a pair of Christian Louboutins onto my bed, she gave me yet another stern talking to. I must admit, I’m not too precious about my designer goods and tend to focus more on getting as much wear out of them as possible and neglect regular maintenance at the expense of longevity (RIP white lambskin Chanel shoes!). I’ll never be paranoid to the point where I hide my bags/shoes/clothes for fear of ruining them, but I have made much more of an increased effort to preserve the life of my goods recently.

Elle is much better at keeping her handbags and shoes in good condition and while she was here in London, she kindly obliged to letting me style her with a bit of a what I like to call a ‘London edge,’ using some pieces from my own wardrobe and some of her new London purchases. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of the days when we used to share our clothes with girlfriends to go clubbing :) So with all my styling posts, here’s a little bit more about Elle …

Elle’s Profile Stats

  • Elle’s Height:  Approx 5 ft 3” (1.6m)
  • Skin tone: Fair
  • Build: Very slim
  • Body shape: Boyish. Refer to this post if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: XS
  • Lifestyle: Social in all spheres, she’s busy blogging, shopping and is a very talented dancer! This lady has one big shopping addiction, I’d say 10 times worse than mine :P
  • Shopping preference: Wants basis
  • Shopping frequency: Regular, every few weeks
  • Style Preference: Casual by day, glam by night
  • Personality (in three words): Smart, caring & fun (All in my opinion!)

Elle’s Styling criteria

No stranger to the blogging world herself, Elle of had one condition for this styling session. I say condition, but she already had them glued to her feet and wasn’t getting out of them any time soon so we raided my closet for more goodies and I put together a London based look for her; something slightly edgier and not typical ‘Elle’ to commemorate her time in London before we brunched by the Thames.

melelle zara floral skirtAll Saints Pitch Leather Biker Jacket Isabel Marant Dicker Boots Taupe

Isabel Marant boots

If you’re follower of my blog you know that I highly recommend All Saints when it comes to leather jackets with an edge. The fit is incredible and the size range means that tiny ladies like Elle easily find a fitted look.

T-Styled Me Tip: If you’re not used to pulling off a edgy biker jacket, try softening your look up with a feminine dress or skirt and lighter shades and statement jewellery.

I lived in my Isabel Marant boots all Winter long in London (except for when it snowed because it was all about the Hunter Wellingtons and toasty Uggs – and yes, that was in public #socolddontjudge) and Elle kept commenting on how comfortable my shoes were – These are the perfect height for us!

Alexander Wang Marion Black

All saints Pitch pitch black leather jacket

‘I hate my long legs!’ said no-one ever. Ok, well maybe extremely tall girls did but for the majority of us, elongating legs is always a bonus.

Elle is quite petite and one of her physical assets that I’d love to have are her slim long legs. To further emphasise this point, I put a her in my floaty feminine skirt that maintained a shorter front and longer hemline at the back to show off these lovely pins.

The great thing about this style of asymmetric skirt is that it really works well for pear-shaped bodies and short girls. The cut of the skirt immediately brings your attention to one of the slimmest part of your legs (your knees) and acts as a modest alternative to mini skirts. Fabric composition is key in these skirts: light and flowy fabrics that skim your legs will be much more flattering and easier to wear than clingy jersey cottons.

Isabel Marant boots all saints leather jacket

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots Taupe

all saints leather jacket

 Elle’s Outfit

  • Cos Striped Tee (love this )
  • Old Zara Asymmetrical Skirt (similar black one )
  • H&M Neon Necklace (cute style )

Thank you for letting me style you and keeping me company in London. It was so such fun and thanks to Jon for taking all the photos.

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