About Me

Hi Everyone!

I’m Tien, a fashion obsessed, non-recovering shopaholic from the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. I relocated to London two years ago and instantly fell in love with the city, its people (I even love the accents!), the endless shopping opportunities and the inspiring breadth of individual style I see on the street every day.

I happen to LOVE all things lace; I’m addicted to stripes; I always end up choosing patent leather and my bank account disapproves of my love affair with Chanel and … Jewellery! Don’t even get me started on my LOVE for jewellery.

I’d describe my own personal style as classic, clean and contemporary (you can be the judge!) and while this is my own personal dress preference, I love experimenting with current trends and alternative looks on those willing to provide me that challenge. Everyone’s style is unique and I believe successful styling and wardrobe compliation should revolve around understanding and enhancing your body shape and tailoring flattering fabrics, cuts and colours to achieve a look that you can feel confident in and can have fun with.

I worked at  for a number of years and the best part of the job for me involved working with clients – understanding their needs, budgets and concerns before simplifying the process and narrowing down pieces for them to consider. I love getting stuck into my friends’ wardrobes, especially of those who often complain that  they ‘have nothing to wear.’ They usually have the most clothes and I love helping them mix pieces of clothing they hadn’t considered wearing together and styling these in multiple ways to get the most of their wardrobe. Friends also ask me to help them look for particular pieces or ask my opinion on certain brands and as I spend every spare minute shopping online & offline and reviewing these products I get so excited to do the research for them and work with a given a budget to advise them on outfit options.

Please don’t be shy and send me any shopping/styling questions and any other general inquiries you may have.

Thanks for supporting my blog and I look forward to hearing from you soon

Tien xo