T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round Up: New Year Resolutions

New Years resolutions are often made with honest intentions; it’s a new year and a good a time as any to reflect on our achievements or transgressions over the past 12 months and appease our conscience with focused promises for the year ahead. Looking back at my new years’ resolutions for 2012 I probably only kept 1/4 of these yet remember feeling equally strong about all four of them in the beginning. This year, I’m keeping it simple and sticking to three main resolutions: 1) Spend less and save more 2) Continue pursing my love for personal styling and shopping and 3) I’ll keep that one a personal one :P I find it helpful to have these goals written and displayed somewhere (fridge, whiteboard or bathroom door – Whatever works for you) as a reminder throughout the year.

I gave into temptation a bit too much in 2012 by splurging (even though I did spend more on affordable high street brands) so this year’s focus is to not to completely stop shopping (what kind of blog would this be?!) but to continue to focus on affordable investment buys and to elimiate impulse shopping.

Step 1: I spent 45 mins (yes, sadly this is how long it took) unsubscribing to all my shopping emails. You know the story, browse, click click, type in memorised card number while bf is asleep, send pkg to work and add three new dresses to the wardrobe (whilst practicing in a high pitched voice ‘Oh, this old thing?!’). I swear I never signed up to half these emails but by golly, it felt empowering to get rid of them and I would highly recommend it to anyone going through a similar shopping detox! Will you lose your bargain/shopping edge I hear you ask? No. That’s what the retailers want you to think but trust me, you’ll be fine.

There have been 7 days in January and so far so good #nojudgementpleaseitssaletime. I’ve just come back from a quick week’s Christmas holiday to California and actually managed to keep shopping to minimum. I was spoilt for Christmas anyway and I focused on shopping for one of my clients which was a lot of fun and kept my shopping energies directed on her and doing what I love. Here are some instagram (@tstyledme) happy snaps of my trip …

1. Out at a bar in Hollywood with my fam fam. 2. On the set of War of the Worlds @ Universal Studios 3. Gorgeous Mugs from Anthropologie and 4. TSM on the job putting together an outfit for my client

1. Enternity friendship bracelet received from a friend for Xmas and the Michael Kors watch I’d been eyeing for a while (def cheaper in the USA!) 2. Trying on Manolo Blahniks in SAKS for fun 3. Cheap(er) MAC make up in the US and 3. Duty Free purchases/spoils for Christmas

1. Watching NBA in San Fran (they serve Rice Vermcelli at the game!) 2. Union Square in San Fran – View from the Cheesecake Factory 3. Vitamin D Fix outside the Farmers Market – Ferry Building in SF and 4. Being a tourist with the Powell St trams.

A few outfits and accessories I picked up for my client on the personal shopping trip in LA.

OOTD: Picked up this gorgeous Camilla & Marc Dress up in the USA and while it was too cold to wear it in London this weekend, I layered it under a chunky Topshop knit and All Saints Leather Jacket with my fav  to Yauatcha (Michelin Starred Dim Sum). Can’t wait do my Summer post on this dress!

What are your new years resolutions and do you have any additional tips or milestones you put in place to ensure you can look back in 365 days time and say you’ve achieved these goals? Here’s to 2013!

Thanks for reading, Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Insta Tumblr Round up: Shopping for Presents

You’d think being a shopaholic would make it easier to figure what Christmas presents to buy everyone but sadly this is not the case for me. I spend a ridiculous amount of time umm-ing and ahhh-ing over who to buy Christmas gifts for and more importantly what to get them. Will they like it? Will they think I didn’t spend enough money or time on them and do people truly remember that it’s the thought that counts? Honestly, my head is sometimes my worst enemy! Second guessing aside, I absolutely love GIVING presents to people; I don’t expect anything in return, except for, fingers crossed, joy in their faces to signify I’ve chosen a gift perfect for them. That is what I find most personally rewarding!

My bf’s birthday also happens to be very close to Christmas and as much as I wanted to post about buying his gift and getting your opinion, I couldn’t do that knowing that there was a chance he would read my blog and ruin the surprise trip to Barcelona I had planned months in advance. I bought him a Mulberry travel bag and was lucky enough to secure a booking at a famous Tapas Bar in Barcelona for his birthday, so I hid the travel details in the bag and the look on his face when I gave him the bag the night before left was priceless :) I love it when a good present is delivered. Yesss!

We had a fantastic time in Barcelona which I’ll post about this week but all I have to say is that I’m pleased that my Christmas shopping is officially complete. (Yay! No more wondering around for hours in the department stores leaving empty handed) and I can relax and look forward to all the Christmas festivities.

Other than that, I’ve just been eating my way into silly season. No joke, if it’s not a Christmas party or attempting to tick off another ‘Must try London Restaurant’ then I’m cooking up a storm at home to clear the fridge. I know this is a shopping and style blog but indulge me while I share another love of mine: Food, glorious food :)

@tstyledme Instagram: As the weather plummeted to sub zero temperatures last week, the only solution was to find hot hearty steaming bowls of soup or in this case, Japanese Ramen at ‘Bone Daddies’ in Soho. Perfect for the miserable weather …

@tstyledme Instagram: I love going out for breakfast with friends but lately, the Sunday ritual in our household has now become a big English breakfast or ‘Get rid of everything in the fridge omelettes’.

Dinner tonight at Duck & Waffles … Both the Duck and the Waffles were cooked to absolute perfection. Such an odd yet tasty combination. The views of London are in my opinion the best (think Empire State building views for London). We will definitely be back!

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend and got your Christmas shopping done as well. If you haven’t, no fear … most retailers are open super late leading up to Christmas :)

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Insta Tumblr Round up: Christmas Party Season starts!

What Christmas parties are you attending this year? My work is hosting quiet drinks and nibbles at the local pub while my friend’s workplace’s Christmas party (which took place this weekend) involved everyone turning up at the airport with their passports for a surprise weekend getaway to an undisclosed European city. The work Christmas party in a totally different country. Can you beat that?!

I’ve always secretly thought Christmas jumpers are awesome and have been trying to convince my bf to wear them for the past two years in London given that there’d be only zero chance he’d wear one in an Australian Summer Christmas. It’s daggy but I’ve loved them every since seeing Mr Darcy in that reindeer jumper in Bridget Jones (Love that movie!). Christmas jumper sales are definitely up this year, especially at Primark, given my friends hosted a Christmas house party with a ‘Christmas-y’ dress up theme on the weekend.

Reindeer Xmas Jumper from Primark – £12 that I couldn’t get my hands on so I dressed up as a reindeer / elf instead :)

My bf dressed up as Santa and my friends and I were the reindeers. Jumper, G’s Onsie and Reindeer ears all from Primark

Outfit of the day: Trying my very hardest not to succumb to the sea of Black that is Winter by brightening things up with vibrant colours – Skirt & Top from H&M

My two favourite dressed celebrities this week:

Photo reblogged from my tumblr: I am loving floral blazers at the moment even though the weather here resembles anything but Spring time.

Photo reblogged from my tumblr: Miranda Kerr always gets it right every time she steps out the door but I particularly love this look because she’s in an outfit that anyone can emulate using high end brands and it’s a sensible outfit that you can imagine yourself comfortably wearing (or at least I can!)

Have a great week guys and I hope you’re getting into the festive season in one way or another. Not long to go!

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Insta Tumblr Round up: Happy snaps from Paris

Why haven’t I posted on my weekend travels to Lyon and Paris last week I hear you ask? Well funny story that – You’ll find it amusing to know that I did bring my camera to France only to realise on the first day that I’d left the memory card at home (still plugged into the SD reader to my laptop, of course). Annoying as that were, I popped into Fmac to buy a new one and managed to take a few photos of dinner on our first night. Second morning, rocked up at the Le Halles de Lyon (Paul Bocuse Food market) only to discover I’d left the camera on the entire night and the battery had died! Massive.Fail. I was so annoyed at myself. You’re probably thinking ‘Well… at least you had your iphone to take photos right?!’ Nope, wrong again. I also managed to leave my phone at home; I only realised upon arrival at the airport. Fail.fail.fail. You’d think after travelling veteran by now and have this packing thing down pat but no, even I continue to surprise myself!

Here are a few pictures I managed to take with my bf’s phone:

Still at awe at how French women stay so slim when such rich and decadent food is always at their disposal …

Dessert at Paul Bocuse’s 3 Michelin starred Restaurant in Lyon

I loved the coloured walls and cobble stone pathways of old town Lyon

Dinner with friends in Paris – We had such a good time catching up and visiting the Parisian Flea markets together :)

I believe the Christmas tree at Galleries Lafayette gets bigger and brigher each year. This is the third consecutive year that I’ve taken this photo x

Last minute decision to go with the blue – Thanks for all your comments and helping me decide :) As my friends have noticed, this is a huge and heavy ring!

The highly coveted Celine Trapeze handbag – I couldn’t stand the ‘side flaps’ initially but I must say it has definitely grown on me (and the fact that you can adjust the bag so they fold inwards).

Dessert and wine were mandatory for each meal … Soooo.good.take.me.back.please!

I think I’ll definitely need to invest in a photo like this one for my future house to remind me of all the fabulous Parisian memories over the years ..

I hope you enjoyed my snaps from the good old iphone and have a great week!

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round Up!

It’s not often that I can say this but I think I had a near perfect weekend :) My bf planned a surprise weekend getaway for us to York (2 hrs train ride north of London) which turned out to be the perfect medicine for my niggling cold and the perfect way to unwind and de-stress from the crazy that is our lives at the moment. There’s nothing more I like than a good massage and spa day so I was very spoilt to be treated to a 2 hour session at the Cedar hotel & Spa. I can’t remember the last time I had a facial – It must have been two and a half years ago (hmm, is that bad?!) and it was my first time getting body wrap. Has anyone else ever had one of these? I’m sure it has softened and improved my skin but I can’t help but think the best part of the treatment was when I finally had the chance to wash off all the “magical algae” :P

Here are a few pictures from my weekend away and some of my favourite pics reblogged from my tumblr:

The beautiful town of Yorkshire where we enjoyed Sunday Roast with Yorkshire pudding in a local home styled cafe. While my bf prefers fine dining, I love home-styled casual family run restaurants that have hearty delicious food, comfortable settings and friendly service.

OOTD: Walking around in 1 degrees C in York: Tophsop Supersoft skinnies, Warehouse shirt, Topshop cardigan, Alexa Mulberry and Stuart Weitzman boots that are very warm!

Amen! I love this quote of the day – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I highly recommend taking time out of your hectic life to ensure that you have time to savour and enjoy it with those who you love! 

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

It started snowing across parts of Europe this weekend and it was FREEZING in London! Winter and Christmas is creeping up way too early for my liking. I’m in a state of denial though because despite Christmas decorations in full swing on Oxford Street and Regent St and daylights savings this weekend, I’m still hoping for an Indian Summer. Deluded much? Don’t worry, I definitely got my reality check shivering in very low temperatures over the past few days!

Here’s what I got up to on the weekend and my fave pics from Tumblr / Instagram / through my iphone:

 Reblogged from Tumblr: I’m taking note for Winter: Thermals, layering and thick coats and capes.

Reblogged from Tumblr: Loving the high top wedge sneakers and am considering getting a pair for Winter. What do you think?

TSM instagram (@tstyledme): You know when it’s cold, there’s only one thing to do right? Stay inside and eat eat eat! Goodman has the best truffle chips and steak in London I’ve decided – if you get a chance, definitely try the steak here!

TSM iPhone Snap: Love the idea of a warm knitted scarf with a pop of colour this Winter. Came across this one from Anthropolgie and am considering knitting (i.e asking a friend to knit) one of these and having fun with the colour combinations.

TSM iPhone Snap: This was my casual rugged up weekend look. I’m currently on the lookout for a hat and a beanie to keep my head nice and warm. I wore: Viparo Leather skirt, Topshop Chambray shirt, Zara Fur Parka, Warehouse necklace, Zara Messenger Bag and Stuart Weitzman boots.

How did you stay warm for Winter or for those in Europe, what are your Winter wardrobe inspirations this season? I hope wherever you’re reading this it’s nice and warm! Have a great week guys ;)

Tien xo 

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I was really looking forward to spending this weekend catching up with friends and browsing the shops and a vintage fashion market at Spittafields, especially after having a cold last weekend, but luck would have it, I caught a nasty stomach bug on Saturday morning which had me chained to the bed the entire weekend. Argh! Such bad luck lately!  I wish I looked this glamourous but this is basically ALL I did this weekend …

Because I couldn’t browse the shops this weekend and I’m on a shopping ban (sad face x 2) I created an online outfit for these gorgeous  I absolutely love … Enjoy!

/ / / / / Michael Korrs Watch / /

Dinner Date night @ St Johns

Outfit of the day (LHS): Warehouse Gathered Waist Dress & Camper Boots (RHS): Staring at the Stars Baby Doll Dress from Urban Outfitters and Felt hat (which I love but my bf hates! What do you think?)

Reblogged from Tumblr: Would love to know where this coat is from – I love the zip detailing at the back!

Have a great week guys! Tien xo



T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

Hi Everyone! How has your weekend panned out so far? For me, this has been the first weekend since I started my new job that I haven’t had to log on and work from home so I’m wildy estactic to have my weekend back but of course fate decided to hand me a cold on Thursday to greet the weekend with so I spent most of it sleeping and not crossing off any of the things I set out to do on my weekend list (am I the only who makes these?) and now that I’m starting to get better, I’ve passed on the cold to the bf! Oppsy – Sharing is Caring?

We did manage to go out for some fresh air on Saturday and on the way home from Portabello market, stopped by a Portuguese Patisserie for some hot coffee and Patel Del Nata (Portuguese tarts) which we’re both fans of ever since falling in love with the taste of them on one of our first trips to Porto (Portugal) and then indulging in the world famous ones from Belem, Lisbon for Easter this year. How do I describe it to those who haven’t tasted them before? It’s a mixture of crunchy, slightly savoury flaky pastry offset by sweet, light creamy custard filling which leaves a slight sugary burnt flavour that melts in your mouth and it can be hard to stop at one. The ones we found in West London were tasty and transported us back to those Spanish and Portuguese local crowded cafes where there were never enough tables/chairs to sit so you would stand by the bar scoffing the tarts down as as they rushed and poured the coffee at the bar before adding steaming milk at the very last minute.

Eating these tarts has really made me miss travelling. One of the main reasons we moved to London was to see Europe and while we traveled almost every fortnight to a new city in Europe, we have since slowed down in the last 6 months.

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T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I spent the ENTIRE weekend eating and drinking – I kid you not. It started off with burgers and fries on Friday night and it all went downhill from there. Brunch at Borough Market on Saturday (Fish wrap, roast pork roll and carrot cake demolished) was followed by a delicious and filling Turkish dinner at Mem and Laz and cocktails at Wax Jumba (in Angel). Somehow, a box of Cheezels also found its way into my stomach as a late night snack. So today being Sunday, there really was no point in being healthy right? So we stuffed ourselves at Dim Sum (a.ka. Yum Cha or as I like to call it ‘Chinese Tapas’) and just to top off the fact that I couldn’t be bothered cooking, we ordered pizza for Sunday night’s dinner and watched the X Factor UK. A detox is definitely on the cards this week!

Here are my 5 fave pics from and instagram (@tstyledme) this week

Reblogged from Tumblr: Love love love the Balenciaga Mules

On the way to Borough Market and dinner that night at Mem & Laz.

On the way to Dim Sum today. T-Styled her bf in Zara trousers, Ted Baker Shirt, Ted Baker knit, Zara Leather Jacket and Paul Smith sneakers :P

It wasn’t THAT cold today but I definitely felt a chill in the air so I started the Autumn layering process nice and early. Outfit: Topshop jeans and sweater, Saba Jacket, Office Suede Wedges, Mulberry Alexa, House of Harlow necklace and ring and Jago Scarf from the Netherlands.

Hugs from my friends have definitely helped me get through this working week. Work has been manic and it hasn’t been uncommon to eat lunch at 3pm at my desk and rely on coffee to get through the mornings. Take out dinners all week long have been also uncharacteristic for me. I’ve succumbed to the unhealthy stress cycle: Stress, eat badly, feel guilty and low about eating badly and stress some more. If you guys have any tips on how you deal with stress in your life I would love to hear it! My aim this week is try to get back into a eating healthy routine, drink more water and get more sleep.

I hope you all have a lovely and stress free week ahead of you!

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

Yet another insanely busy week has come and gone and I can’t believe that this week is effectively the last week of September! O-M-G … I went into Selfridges the other day and found myself in the Christmas shop. Yes, that’s right – I don’t know why I’m surprised at retailer tactics, but still, I like to pretend that it’s shocking to hear Christmas carols and see Christmas decorations early on at this time of the year.

I mentioned last week that I had some big events to look forward to this week and I am in the process of putting those posts together so definitely stay tuned. I had the pleasure of styling a client who flew in from Moscow to attend an English wedding on Friday and for me, it was a very rewarding experience and I can’t wait to continue styling and providing a personalised shopping experience going forward. Here are a few sneaky snaps from our shopping trip together and from the pictures below, it’s fair to say that we somewhat stimulated the UK economy in our 4 hr session.

 I also attended London Fashion weekend (London fashion week for ‘average’ people who aren’t VIPs, buyers, designers, celebrities that attend the actual London Fashion Week shows). We watched a trend catwalk show and browsed the pop-up stores for bargains and were exposed to up and coming British Designers. Can’t wait to show you the snaps in my next post!

My bf and I are attempting to try out more places to eat in London rather than just going to the “usual” place (i.e Four Season in Chinatown) and stumbled across a Ramen Bar in Soho called Tonkotsu. The service was soooo terrible (waiter mixed up our order, dropped the soya sauce on our jackets, forgot to get the bill after several reminders, dropped a bottle of wine down the stairs which shattered onto diners below and then had the nerve to request service charge on our bill …) Anyway, while my bf didn’t like the food, I quite enjoyed the ramen soup – I even asked for an extra shot of garlic! Continue reading