TSM Answered: What are the top 10 Must Have Handbags ?

Anonymous Asked:

Hi Tien, can you do a post on the top 10 (or more) ‘must-have’

T-Styled Me Answered:

“You have one bag, you put all your crap in it, why do you need more?” said my bf once, twice, 100 times to me … then he realised I was a closet handbag monster and kind of, not really, gave up on trying to understand. In answering your question, I truly believe there’s no such thing as a ‘must have’ handbag. Sure there are highly coveted, popularly blogarised and celebrity endorsed purses that we love, but it’s important to remember that bags don’t need to have a designer name to make or break an outfit and bags should be fun and fitting to an individual’s likes, lifestyle and budget.

Now, if you were to ask me another question like, say, ‘What are your top 10 favourite handbags on an unlimited budget without any associated feelings of spulrger’s guilt,’ then this is what my wishlist would look like 😛

1. A classic handbag e.g The Classic 

Why? It’s iconic, luxurious, timeless, appreciates in value, makes you feel oh so special and it’s classy (with the right outfit that is). I love that there are different sizes, styles and colours that can work to fit your own style and personality.

Red Chanel Boy BagRachel Bilson arrives at Mateo in downtown los angelesChanel mini bag chanel cupcakes chanel menu

2. A Good shoulder, cross body bag like the



3. A slightly oversized ‘Fit everything in your life’ type bag. E.g the Celine Phantom


Celine phantom navy


4. A multi-functional bag e.g Celine trio which separates into a clutch

celine trio blackceline trio nude creamCELINE TRIO MAGENTA RED PRADA SUNGLASSES

5. A casual yet stylish bag for travelling and everyday errands. I think make great travel bags personally!

balenciaga bag

Balenciaga City Regular Hardware Cumin Tan

6. Practical everyday work bag – Like my very overused

mulberry alexa tan oak

T-Styled Me Birdman Eating Melbourne Coffee (41 of 47)

7. A tote for travel, work, nappies or the beach E.g 


longchamp pink

8. A structured alternative bag for work E.g The  

miranda kerr givenchy antigona


givenchy antigona

9. A timeless clutch for those special evenings out E.g

YSL clutch bagysl clutch

T-Styled Me Zara Silk Patterned Pant trousers

10. A funky coloured fun bag like the

Pashli philip lim blue pashli red philip lim pashli satchel

Photos: Internet (Pinterest) and some are mine

Right, so back to reality … Designer bags are beautiful but they come with hefty price tags. I think if you have means to be spoilt with a couple then that’s wonderful but I also think reasonable priced handbags make just as stylish accessories that can sometimes look rarer than a coveted designer brand bag!

T-Styled Me tips for buying handbags

(a) Stick to your budget (b) Make sure the quality is reputable and it’s practical enough to use and (c) Have fun expressing yourself trough handbags! Try maintaining a variety of colours, styles and designers in your collection to get the maximum looks out of your outfits.

Tien xo

TSM Answered: Packing clothing essentials for College

Anonymous Asked

Hi T, I hope everything is well :) Your blog is such an inspiration for me! I was wondering if you had any tips for a college student who is packing for school. What are the essential clothing pieces? Something versatile would be the best!Thank you!!

T-Styled Me Answered

Hi! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go away for ‘college’ like they do in the movies and on Greek. Having gone to university in my own hometown of Melbourne, I commuted every day and didn’t need to live on campus. I envy the experience you’re about to have (Will you be joining a sorority, play beer pong and go to band camp? JK) but I for one am glad the days of study groups, tutorials, group assignments and cramming for exams are over!

I’m not familiar with how much you’d need to pack and for how long but I’d suggest the ratio be: 80% for casual 10% evening wear and 10% accessories and shoes. Dress comfortably and stay true to your style. My recommendations below are for items that can be mixed and matched in different categories to help you create multiple outfits.


  • Jeans/trousers: You’ll want at least two pairs of jeans with you: One for casual everyday wear for classes that you can alternate with say a darker pair that can be dressed up in the evenings.
  • Shorts: Whether denim or leather, wear them to class in the warmer months on their own and over tights and sneakers in the fall.
  • Flippy skirt: Have a fun floral skirt that can be layered in the cooler months with tights and boots but one which you can dress up for a night out with the girls.

T-Styled Me what to wear to college bottoms

 1.  2.  3.  4.  5. 


  • Tees: I’d suggest plenty of comfy t-shirts to wear at College. Take a few neutral coloured ones and add some with patterns and graphics to the mix as well. Long and short sleeve for layering is ideal.
  • Shirts: A couple of shirts in a variety of patterns would be useful to mix. A chambray shirt would be perfect for a college with your jeans if you’re more a girly girl then a floral or patterned chiffon shirt would also go well with shorts.
  • Wool long sleeved knits: Pack a few sweaters and cardigans that you can layer on top of your shirts and tees to keep you warm. I myself am addicted to cardigans!

T-Styled Me what to wear to college tops

1. T by Alexander Wang Muscle T-shirt in black 2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7. 


  • Parkas: A casual jacket or parkas with detachable hood is a great look to have on campus for any casual outfit. Parkas a removable warmer lining will prove to be versatile for the impending cooler conditions.
  • Leather Jacket: Whether it be faux or real, a leather jacket is a sure way of dressing up your outfit on or off campus. Choose one that would suit both!
  • Pea coat/Blazer: If the weather is set to be a lot cooler, I’d bring a wool coat that you can keep in your closet in the event of an unexpected cold weather.
T-Styled Me what to wear to college outerwear

1.  2.  3.  4.  5. 


  • Summer dress with sleeves that you can wear when it’s still warm and then layer with tights and your leather jacket for Fall.
  • A tunic or long sleeved easy to throw on dress that you can quickly pop on when there’s no time for coordinating an outfit.
  • A cocktail dress or two for any on-campus functions and special dates you might have 😛
T-Styled Me what to wear to college dresses
1.  2.  3.  4.   5.  6.  7. 
Shoes and Accessories
  • Shoes: Pack shoes that are comfortable enough to carry you across campus e.g sneakers, loafers/ballet flats, some ankle/long flat boots and a pair of heels to wear out.
  • Accessories: Scarves, hats, jewellery that you can mix and match with different outfits are essential. This is where your personality can really shine through so have some fun!
  • Bags: If I did college over again, I’d invest in a smart leather backpack to help lug around all those notes and books. Pack a neutral colour bag that can be worn in class with ample space and a handbag / purse for a more polished look for a night out.
T-Styled Me what to wear to college accessories

1.  2.  3.   4. Tory Burch 5. s 6.  7.  8.  9. 

I hope you found some inspiration from my hand-picked suggestions and good luck for this semester of college!

Tien xo

TSM Answered: How to style Dolce vita faven flat ankle boots

Anonymous Asked:

Hey! I’m totally in love with your blog!! I was wondering if you had any style ideas on what I could wear with the . I wanted something more than the basic skinny jeans. Anything you can suggest would be helpful! Thank you :)

DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots

DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots BlueDV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots Blue Grey Spotted

T-Styled Me Answered

Hi! Thank-you for your kind words. These boots are really cute! And more importantly, look really comfortable and practical. I’ve become a bit of a grandma when it comes to sensible shoes lately and obsessed with flats. What colour did you get?

Depending on the weather, there are a number of ways to wear these flat boots that don’t involve skinny jeans. Shorts, skirts, maxi skirts, boyfriend jeans … the sky’s really the limit! Try incorporating the colour of the boots into your outfit as a start.

Here are my visual suggestions for you:

How to wear flat boots DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots


How to wear flat boots DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots in SummerI personally love wearing flat ankle boots. They were such a staple for me this Winter (i.e the last 10 months!) and continue to do so as Summer approaches. Hint: Pairing ankle boots with leather always brings a little edge to an outfit!

Black Mulberry Alexa Bag zara leather skirt

 Hope you found this helpful!

Tien xo

TSM Answered: Tips for Packing Light on Holidays

One of my readers asked me a little while back for tips on how to best pack for a holiday trip and while I could sit here and google the best tips (only pack 50% of the clothing you put in your suitcase … hmmm really?!) and pretend that I always adhere to these rules, clearly I’d be lying as there has been many an occasion where I’ve grossly overpacked (hairdryer AND straightener in Greece, total waste of time. FYI, the sea water ruins your hair irrespective of any tools you man yourself with) and in some cases, BOY have I under-packed (forgot wallet, forgot toothbrush, forgot phone!). So after three years of constant mini European adventures, I now have the art of packing down to 25 minutes each time and refuse to spend any longer on such a mundane task!

Disclaimer: I haven’t had enough time to google best tips on how to pack at all so this is therefore purely a personal T-Styled Me post. If you find this post a little bit rubbish, I don’t blame you. It works for me and I’d more than welcome your tips to share with other readers as well!

T-Styled Me Packing Process (25 minutes)

1. Make a very quick list (or use the previous trip’s list) of standard ‘important’ items  that will go in your hand carry and pack them immediately in your hand carry (HC) or check in luggage (CIL). (5 minutes)

My list is always as follows:

  • Passport and tickets (HC)
  • House keys and Wallet (HC)
  • Adapter and iphone charger cord (HC)
  • Camera and Charger (HC)
  • Toiletries (including toothbrush) (HC or CIL)
  • Pyjamas, Socks & Underwear (HC or CIL)

(Tip: Invest in a universal adaptor with USB ports so you don’t actually need to bring the block that connects to the iphone USB cord)

2. Calculate the number of days you’ll be away and the corresponding weather forecast for each of these days and if you’re trip is short (e.g under 4 days) plan your outfits for each days by laying them out visually. (10 minutes)

Tips on packing light

I’m going on a 4 day, 4 night trip so I’ve put together these travel friendly, low maintenance looks that I can mix and match across outfits depending on the weather and for the plane as well. All in all, I have 3 bottoms and 3 tops and one dress which is actually overdoing it but I just like to have a bit of variety and the satisfaction of knowing what will go with what when I’m there. Note: no heels (honestly who travels in heels except for fashion bloggers? :P)

Then add a jacket /coat (depending on the weather) and a bag that will go with all your outfits that is both comfortable and practical.

3. Compile your liquids (under 100mls) in a clear ziplock bag (if you’re not checking that is which I rarely do) and your make up/ accessories bag (5 minutes)

Bring minimal make up (unless you’re planning or attending a soire of some sort!) and less is more. The items I usually bring are:

  • Small bottle of sunscreen / moisturiser with sunscreen
  • Mascara & Blush & tinted lip balm
  • Make up remover / Cleanser
  • Small bottle of shampoo
  • Hair ties & bobby pins

(Tip: If you’re out of space, invest in Olay dry face towels which take up minimal room and foam up under water.)

packing toiletries
















4. Fold your clothes neatly and for all knits and tees, roll them up to minimise creasing. For Blazers and jackets you can fold the arms inside out and place in your luggage (5 minutes)

As you can see below, my camera actually takes up 50% of my luggage space! So I’ve learnt very quickly how to prioritise when packing.

Overnight packing


Not bad right?! Considering that camera takes up half my bag, I’ve managed to fit and pack for four days in one hand carry luggage.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks on how to save luggage space ! Have a great weekend guys and you can follow me on instagram to see where I’m travelling to this weekend @tstyledme

T-Styled Me Answered: Which type of boots suit me if I have short legs ?

Anonymous Asked:

Can you do post a how to style a petite size 6 figure with short legs and broad shoulders please? In particular how to overcome the short leg problem! And, what ankle boots would you recommend to elongate short legs! Ta! x

T-Styled Me Answered:

Among friends, I’m notorious for proposing hypothetical situations and one for the girls is always ‘If you could have plastic surgery on one part of your body, what would it be?’ You’d be surprised how often the answer is ‘Umm… Can I get my legs done so they’re longer?!’ Unfortunately leg extensions aren’t common like lipo/botox and there’s a much more simple way to create the illusion of being taller. A styling session on the inverted triangle body shape (broad shoulder and slim hips and bottom half) is still on my to do list but here are my top tips on how to balance out that inverted triangle shape for a petite figure and how to best elongate your pins:

To balance out broad shoulders …

  • Lean towards dresses and skirts which are full or have an A-line shape. This will create a fuller bottom half to balance out your shoulders. Add a belt to create an illusion of an hourglass shape.
  • As you’re petite, the skirts and dresses should end at least above your knee. Simple advice but you’d be surprised at what a difference this makes!

skirt for short girls

  • For Trousers, try a boot-cut denim or wide leg trouser pant that is dark in colour (visually this will create length).
  • Stay away from strappy heels that can cut off at at your legs or at least pair them with a shorter than usual hemline.
  • Nude heels are really great way of visually elongating your legs.

nude coloured heelsShoes that elongate your legs

Boot recommendations 

Kim Kardashian elongate legs black boots

  • Any ankle boots which have a stacked heel will instantly make you look taller.
  • Keep the ankle boots the same colour as your jeans help elongate your legs.

These are my favourite stacked heel boots which I would recommend to help elongate your legs:


I have these (in black) and not only are they comfortable but they go with everything!

topshop might black zip boots are great for more affordable ankle boots so have a browse and look for a pair that has height (that you’re comfortable with), that’s classic and easy to wear.

I hope this short post helped!

Tien xo


T-Styled Me Answered: Black Jeans that don’t fade

Hey Guys! How was your weekend? I spent weekend braving the cold trying out the food at Broadway market in Hackney where I chose to give into my Vietnamese craving for some ‘Banh Mi Thit’ (a traditional Vietnamese crunchy bread roll filled with pickled veggies and grilled meat of your choice). If you’re Vietnamese like me or live in Melbourne, you’ve no doubt had one these from the Western or Eastern suburbs and if you’re as old as me, can probably reminisce about the days when we called the rolls ‘Two dollar bread.’ They’re about four dollars now (I gobbled down as many as I could when I was back in Melbourne) and in London, they’re a rip off at £5 and sadly, no where near as good.

Anyway, I seem to always digress … I’ve received a few questions through my blog/tumblr so wanted to share the answers with you guys:

Anonymous Asked:

Hi Tien… as a fellow Aussie gal, I really enjoy reading your posts and I love your sense of style. My question is actually really simple… Can you recommend a good brand for a pair of black skinny jeans that doesn’t fade! I am looking for something skinny (though not super skinny), comfy, doesn’t break the bank, is jet black and stays jet black! Thanks x

T-Styled Me Answered:

Hiya! Aww thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts :) I always imagine only a few of my friends reading my blog so it’s lovely to hear from readers! You know what, I actually don’t own a pair of ‘real’ black denim jeans – I have every other variation known to man (jeggings, supersoft skinny jeans etc) and I haven’t tried many jeans back in Australia for while to recommend to you however…

From personal experience, I’ve found Saba jeans the best quality for a reasonable price (approx $129) that fit my shape (I prefer high rise compared to mid rise) are comfortable and have kept their shape for years. I currently live in these  (termed jeggings but have enough structure to be considered jeans). I have heard that Saba have had bad batches of these jeans so as a warning just to be on the safe side, speak to the staff to see if there have been any issues (I bought mine 8 months ago and didn’t experience any but just in case they’ve changed dyes recently). These are the ones I’m wearing below:

Saba Black Coated Jeans

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TSM Answered: How to wear Boyfriend Jeans

Kallopi Asked

Hi Tien, I’m 32 years old and I’m from Greece and a teacher. I really like your work and style and was wondering if you could give some advice on how to wear boyfriend jeans. Looking forward to hearing from you!

T-Styled Me Answered

Hi Kallopi! Thanks for your message and can I just say, totally off topic, that I absolutely love holidaying in Greece, especially the Greek Islands and Kefalonia remains one of my top three destination highlights of my entire European experiences over the past few years!

Boyfriend jeans. Your question could not have come at a better time because I’ve been personally shopping around for a pair recently and I’m ready to start experimenting with them in preparation for Spring. I think that the great thing about Boyfriend jeans are that they are affordable and easily obtainable (consider your high street stores like Zara, H&M, local department stores but don’t forget your local thrift/vintage store, your bf’s or dare I say, your parents’ closet too!). Boyfriend jeans aren’t going out of fashion any time soon and effortly exude a cool, comfortable casual look that can be dressed up to suit your style and personality.

I’d say there are two main ways you can wear your boyfriend jeans :


This style is suitable for weekend wear, casual dates with friends and in my mind, perfect for early morning trips to the farmer’s market or short flights when travelling. It’s all about effortless comfort. Here are some suggestions of what I would try for this look:


SHOES: Oxfords, ballet flats, flat boots

OPTIONAL ACCESORIES: Long necklace, sunglasses and an oversized bag and scarf

T-Styled me Tips: (1) For a more feminine look, roll your boyfriend jeans just above your ankles but be cautious about entering the capri zone which can cut off your legs and (2) If you’re short, avoid dark flat shoes and opt for light and netural shades with the lighter coloured denim


SHOES: Sneakers (flat or wedged), and casual heel boots or Wedges

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : Hat, Statement Jewellery and Winter Coat


This style is perfect for going out while keeping it low-key. It’s an effortly chic look that can easily be put together. It’s all about the shoes and accessories dressing up the jeans.


SHOES: Heels (a must!) or heeled boots

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Trilby, Clutch and Sunglasses for Summer


SHOES: Heels with detailing / colour / texture

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Minimal Jewellery. Let the the shoes do the talking!

All photos sourced from

T-Styled Me Tips on Finding the right pair of Boyfriend Jeans

  • Always try the jeans on and bring a pair of heels to get a feel for how you’d dress up the jeans.
  • Contrary to popular belief, boyfriend jeans don’t make you look larger than you are. You really only need to go 1-2 (at most) sizes up on your usual size.
  • If your conscious of your bottom half, opt for a darker hue and emphasise the detailing of your belt or the shoes/shirt.

I hope this was helpful Kallopi. Good luck and when I find my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans I’ll be sure to do a styling post on them too!

TSM Answered: What to wear to the Christmas Party ?

Emma Asked:

Hi Tien! I have a company wide Christmas party coming up and am looking for a fun informal party outfit that won’t break the bank. Do you have any ideas you could share?Thank you!

T-Styled Me Answered:

Hi Emma – Thanks for your question :) Your Christmas party sounds super fun! My workplace only has a self funded drinks and nibbles night at the local pub planned so not much to get excited about in the dressing up department.

Given the festive season I would suggest something fun with a bit of sparkle and colour whether it be a sequins jacket, a sparkly top, dress, skirt or even a pair of sparkly pumps. Try Asos.com and your city’s high brands as well as vintage stores for more affordable options.

Here’s a little story board I created to give you an idea of what could be fun for a Christmas party. All items are available from Topshop, Zara and French Connection which are all very reasonably priced stores.

I think everyone should own something sparkly in their wardrobe for party season. Sequins, when kept at a minimum can be timeless and they always come back in and out of fashion over time. I have a dress I got from French Connection this year which I wore to my birthday dinner in Melbourne during Winter. It’s a joy to wear but it can be a little heavy so if you’re not up for a dress you can always have fun with a skirt or top for that special night out.

If you have access to All Saints, they always have beautiful sequin dresses and skirts.
Here are some photos I’ve found to inspire you for the Christmas season:

Have a great time at your Christmas party Emma!
Tien xo

TSM Answered: Michael Kors Yellow vs. Rose Gold Watch – Please help!

Anonymous Asked:

Hi Tien! Love your blog and I noticed that you have a lovely rose gold watch. I can’t decide between the MK’s Rose or Yellow Gold watch. What do you think is more classic and easier to style? Thanks in advance :)

T-Styled Me Answered:

Great question! I’ve had my for almost a year now and I definitely think it’s worth the splurge. I knew from the beginning that I wanted this particular model given that the face was smaller than the Michael Kors one and I liked the simplicity of the watch’s face.

I recently helped my friend decide between the RG and YG Michael Kor’s watch and I know it can be a hard decision. Honestly, it boils down to your personal preference so go with your gut instinct because it’s a win-win situation in my eyes. Check how both look against your skin tone and what accessories you intend to pair with the watch. RG has a beautiful vintage feel to it which is on trend and tends to compliment most skin tones while the YG watch has a more classic feel and suits a tanned skin tone. Pair RG looks against neutrals (whites and blacks) and feel free to mix the YG watch with your all coloured accessories and clothes.

If you already have other YG watches, I would suggest opting for the RG just because it’s  nice to have ‘options darling’, ‘options’ for your different outfits. Wear the RG watch classically on it’s own or mix it with both RG and YG accessories as I have done in the picture above. With arm swag getting a lot of air time, I’d take advantage of the trend and experiment stacking some neutral coloured leather bracelets with the watch too.

Although I’m a Marc Jacobs lover, there is a beautiful that is accented with a 0.5 carat diamond out at the moment till stocks last!

I hope this has helped but I would definitely go with you gut instinct because they are both beautiful colours to choose from !

TSM Answered: Where do I find the Perfect Blazer ?

Anonymous Asked: 

Hi Tien! I hope you can help me. I’m looking for ideas for blazers that I can wear casually. Do you have any suggestions where I should start looking and how I style it besides wearing it with jeans ?

T-Styled Me Answered:

I have to admit that I have a weakness for blazers and can never seem to say no to a well tailored one! It’s versatility grants it ‘investment wardrobe statement’ status in my books which means it’s okay to have multiples and the best part about having one is that you can smarten up almost any outfit instantly by popping on a blazer.

If this is your first time getting a blazer, think about the type of look you want. If it is a classic one, start with a neutral colour, preferably a black or a navy for Winter and white or grey for Summer with some detailing (e.g gold buttons, silk lining in the sleeves). When I was back in Melbourne, we went shopping for a blazer and found a really gorgeous and well cut blazer from Willow. I’d highly recommend starting with  thought if you’re looking for an affordable option  I own at least two from there and can vouch that they are of good quality, have a flattering cut on all sizes and come a range of colours and styles. If you have broad shoulders, I would suggest opting for the jersey blazer which has more elastane in it to provide more flexibility across the shoulders and avoid shoulder pads/ puffy shoulder detailing.

 Above: Blazer with shoulder detailing from Zara

 Above: Zara Jersey Blazer in Navy

 For a preppy look try Ralph Lauren and if you’re after varying lengths and colours, I’d giveTopshop and H&M a go but be wary that their cuts can be slightly big / loose so make sure you try it on for fit first.

As for styling a blazer, you can pop a blazer practically anything! They look great over a pretty floral dress, over with a silk top and bandage skirt, with denim cut-offs and booties or belted with printed trousers. I do think they look best with a simple tee, jeans and a nice pair of heels – With an item like this, the skies your limit and not much thought is required!

I recently bought another blazer (eep!) from Ted Baker after styling it on a client and decided to buy one for myself but had a lot of trouble deciding between colours! After asking my bf for the 100th time which colour to choose and presenting him with my arguments for both, to his relief, I made a decision and opted for a Summery Blush one with rose gold buttons to contrast the three other black blazers in my closet (I was this close to adding another one to the gang!). I wore it on the weekend to a friend’s birthday dinner and drinks paired with shorts and heels.

Elizabeth & James Shelly Silk Embroidered Hart of Dixie ted baker pale pink jacket

 My Outfit

  • Old  Shelly Embroidered Top
  • Seduce Faux Leather Shorts (Similar here)
  • (Similar )
  • YSL Patent Black Chyc Clutch

Where have you bought your blazers from and would recommend?