TSM Outfit Post: Summer in Regent’s Park – Reiss White Char Flare Skirt

The sole purpose of this post is to prove to you that Summer exists in London. As I bask in the sun’s warmth, it’s so easy to forget those wet and dreary months I cursed under my breath that eclipsed the city for the majority of the year. Any and every spare patch of green (we’re talking random leaves, fake lawns, gardens and parks) becomes immediately occupied by girls in bikinis, topless men, families and pets and everyone happily discusses the current heatwave (i.e anything above 20 degrees Celsius). The image strikes you as strange the first Summer you’re here in London but you think nothing of it when you find yourself joining in and forgetting that unlike Melbourne, the closest beach is hours away. I’m going to miss packing my kindle, towel and picnic for a snooze and leisurely read in the park.

ysl chyc wallet black missoni shoes prada sunglasses mulberry brynn

London has an abundance of beautiful parks with Regent’s park being one of my favourites. We watched an outdoor performance of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by sunset this Summer which was magical and when the Gardens are in full bloom, the view and vibe is breathtaking. What I love about a park the most is the people watching behind my sunglasses…

Water fountain Regents Park Prada Tortoise shell cat eye sunglassesWater fountain Regents Park Reiss white fit and flare skirt 3

Regents Park Zara peplum top Mulberry Brynn bagRegents Park Zara peplum top Mulberry Bryn bag

I realise reading back on a post in June, I didn’t get around to sharing with you my Summer bargains! I waited patiently for this Reiss skirt to go on sale and hunted every store until I found my size (trust me, in London, there are just as many crazy same sized shopaholics as me). The fit and flare of this structured Reiss skirt is flattering on all body shapes as it helps creates an hourglass shape on your bottom half no matter how large or petite you are. Even if you are conscious of your bottom half, the way the skirt is cut, it skims the largest part of your bottom. I bought this skirt in blue for one of my clients who is a couple of sizes larger than me and in my opinion it looks better on her than me! The skirt is an elegant and modest length but still maintains fun and flirty edge.

Regents Park Mulberry Brynn bag oak

Oh and my most proud Summer sale purchase? A Mulberry bag at 60% off!! (Yes, this is why sales are so much better in Europe and I don’t want to leave.) My latest squeeze is this Oak Mulberry Brynn bag that was available in black, musk and oak tan. It is actually a remake of the traditional mens’ Brynn briefcase which is why I love it and the best part is that the larger size Brynn (which I bought) was made in mind to house an ipad and kindle. Perfect bag for the park and travelling.
Regents Park summer London Reiss skirt missoni ballet flatsRegents Park casual summer London outfit

Regents Park Zara peplum top flowers summer in London Water fountain Regents Park Zara peplum topI hope that from wherever you’re reading this you are getting some sunshine in your life! Thank you for reading and PS sorry for the photo overloads this post! There were just too many to choose from! Photos by 

Outift Details

  • Old Zara Peplum Top tucked in (similar )
  • (similar and )
  • Old Sportsgirl belt (similar )
  • Old Missoni Flats (similar )
  • Mulberry Brynn Bag (love the and )

Shop my look!

TSM Outift Post: Falling in love with London and Louboutins

I never really believed it, but it really is possible to fall in love with a city and I know this because I get a bit choked up inside thinking and admitting that after three and a half wonderful years in London, I’ll be leaving soon to head back home to Melbourne. I convinced myself that if I don’t admit it on my blog and continue not to discuss it with close friends here, it’s not really happening (classic case of denial!). Whilst I very much looking forward to spending more quality time with my loved ones and re-discovering Melbourne through new eyes, I’m also left with other peculiar feelings such as anxiety, sadness, excitement and fear which hopefully are normal emotions for someone in my situation?!

In preparation to leave, I have learnt three things over the past few months: 1) I need to check myself into ‘hoarders anonymous’ 2) the decision to move half-way across the world has provided me with some of the best experiences and memories of my life so far and 3) how lucky I am to be able to see walk by these historic and strikingly beautiful landmarks each and every day … Tower Bridge is one of my favourites and is only a 10 minute walk from my home.

Celine trio bag clutch in red christian Louboutin pigalle

Celine Trio Magenta red Christian Louboutin Heels PiagelleThese are my trusty comfortable distressed boyfriend jeans that I’ve mentioned work well on most body shapes and can easily be dressed up with a simple pair of heels. You’ll remember that these were a travelling staple of mine from my Tuscany trip styled more casually and were inspired by a reader who wanted advice on how to wear boyfriend jeans.

zara distressed boyfriend jeans how to wear boyfriend jeans

Celine Trio Hermes Orange H Bracelet clac

It really does take time to find the right pair and I probably tried on at least 5 before I found these which were affordable and comfortable with just the right hint of ‘ventilation.’ You know you can always find an old pair and jeans and experiment with distressing it yourself (DIY) 😛

Now let’s talk about another love affair. The one most women may or may not admit to having with Christian Louboutin heels. Maybe like me, you’ve always wondered whether these Christian Louboutins are really worth all the hype and more importantly the money (first post here). To be honest, I find only a select few CL designs fit to my taste but if there is one thing that Christian Louboutins do and do very well, is make you feel like a million bucks. It’s not just about the signature red sole, but it’s a combination of the low cut sides, shape and heel design of this particular heel which makes your foot feel and look sexy. Christian Louboutins are known for being made to enhance and celebrate a woman’s femininity and walk. I’m really not explaining myself very well here but there is definitely a sense of confidence, however fake, I get from doning and strutting around in a pair of these Christian Louboutins. Whether I can last in them for more than an hour, that’s a different story #weak

BCBG Maxaria lace striped top celine trio christian louboutin black shoes

boyfriend jeans ripped distressed denim zara

This design is the  in patent black and is available in three heel heights:  (better for everyday wear), and the very sexy . I’m wearing the 100s which is just at the height of my comfortability threshold. I’m at awe at those who can trot around in the 120s on and off camera!BCBGMAXARIA lace top

Tower Bridge London Fashion Christian louboutin celineThese are some of my favourite photos from my blog because I can see the stunning Tower Bridge in the background. If you ever do come to London, put it on your list to get to for a picture because it certainly is a lot more exciting that the actual famous London Bridge. St Paul’s Cathedral and West Minster Abbey are also other favourite landmarks of mine.

t-styled Me and melandelle 2

zara orange peach coat_

Outift Details

  • Lace top (long sleeve similar version )
  • Old  (similar )
  • Old Zara Coat (alternative )
  • Celine Trio in Magenta (love this one )
  • Hermes Bracelets

Thanks for reading and thanks to Jon for taking these pictures for me :)

TSM Answered: How to style Dolce vita faven flat ankle boots

Anonymous Asked:

Hey! I’m totally in love with your blog!! I was wondering if you had any style ideas on what I could wear with the . I wanted something more than the basic skinny jeans. Anything you can suggest would be helpful! Thank you :)

DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots

DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots BlueDV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots Blue Grey Spotted

T-Styled Me Answered

Hi! Thank-you for your kind words. These boots are really cute! And more importantly, look really comfortable and practical. I’ve become a bit of a grandma when it comes to sensible shoes lately and obsessed with flats. What colour did you get?

Depending on the weather, there are a number of ways to wear these flat boots that don’t involve skinny jeans. Shorts, skirts, maxi skirts, boyfriend jeans … the sky’s really the limit! Try incorporating the colour of the boots into your outfit as a start.

Here are my visual suggestions for you:

How to wear flat boots DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots


How to wear flat boots DV by Dolce Vita Faven Boots in SummerI personally love wearing flat ankle boots. They were such a staple for me this Winter (i.e the last 10 months!) and continue to do so as Summer approaches. Hint: Pairing ankle boots with leather always brings a little edge to an outfit!

Black Mulberry Alexa Bag zara leather skirt

 Hope you found this helpful!

Tien xo

TSM Travel Diaries: Relaxing under the Tuscan sun in Boyfriend Jeans Pt. 2

I couldn’t blend in as a local in Europe even if I tried. A rustic doorway, snap, I have to take a picture. Food? click, click click, that stuff is definitely going on instagram…Oooh, a pebble, let me rearrange it so it looks extra special snap snap snap. Laugh as you may, I’m actually not as bad as some of my friends 😛 It’s definitely hard not to take so many photos in Europe when every turn of the corner looks like it belongs on a postcard or in a nostalgic foreign film. When I spend time filtering through these images, the embarrassment is long forgotten; I have these unique moments ingrained in my memory and captured on film to share with everyone for years to come.

Siena Tuscany coloured housesI was giddy with excitement over these beautiful and bright coloured residential homes in Siena. Something as mundane as locals hanging their washing out to dry just adds to authentic Tuscan look don’t you think?Siena Duomo

san gimignano tuscany

Sangiminano old town dusk

A dreamy Sangimiano by dusk …

san gimignano hills of tuscany

Antinori WineryWhile in Tuscany, we enrolled a cooking class for a day at  with Katia and Fulvio in San Gimignano which was such an enjoyable experiencing making pasta from scratch and then filling our bellies with the fruits of our labour. 
Tuscan cooking School picci pasta
how to wear boyfriend jeans

Psst … these are officially my favourite pair of casual jeans for travelling. Remember how I was on search of the perfect boyfriend jeans here? These Zara Boyfriend Jeans fit my budget (£40 from memory) and are the most comfy pair I own (perfect for over indulging in Tiramisu and wine). I’m yet to dress them up with heels but for now, am content with a more casual look. Hope you enjoyed both Pt 1 and Pt 2 of my Tuscany Travel diary xo

TSM Outfit Post: Relaxing under the Tuscan sun in Anthropologie Pt. 1

Tien in tuscanyAs I write this from my gloomy Edinburgh hotel room (I’m up here for work for a few days), I can’t believe that it was only a few weekends ago that I relaxed with friends in the magical Italian region of Tuscany. I can still taste the local Tuscan Bean bread soup (my fave), the rich Pici pasta (that we hand made ourselves at cooking school) and the deliciously smooth taste of Chianti wine. Tuscany has always been on my radar as a must see in Europe and the natural beauty and kind hospitality exceeded all my expectations. Memories of soaking up the bursts of sunshine through the picturesque rolling hills of untouched vineyards and olive trees are providing a temporary escape from this very busy day/week/month…

Under the Tuscan Sun tuscanyRinuccio 1180 restaurant winery architectureRinuccio 1180 restaurant winery Tuscany

Anthropology Filtering Dress Tuscany red wagonAnthropologie Summer Dresskurt geiger gold flat sandalsAnthropologie Filtering Dress Ombre sangimiagno Tuscany Villa

Every year I treat myself to a new Summer dress that allows me to look forward to travelling under the hot European sun. You might remember last year’s one here from my time in Bologna. This year, I wanted a dress that was more flow-y (read: more room for over indulging), still breathable and one with a casual vibe which could still be dressed up. For me, white sun dresses signify long happy Summer days so when I came across this dress by Second Female (a Cophenhagen designer) in Anthropoloigie, I was instantly drawn to the white ombre, slightly hippie tie-dye look. I’m always wary of dresses getting dirty so the darker bottom of the dress was perfect.  Continue reading

TSM Outfit Post: 1960s Inspired Modern Spring Work Wear from COS

Bridgette Bardot, Barbie and by way of a somewhat embarrassing admission, Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson. I wanted big blonde hair and blue eyes like these women and I would have easily traded in my ethnic features to look more like the kids did at school growing up. It’s funny to think about those thoughts now, having grown up to happily embrace my heritage and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of women of all nationalities.

When I picked up this shift dress from COS recently, it instantly resonated a 1960s vibe within me. Despite not having the trademark blonde Bardot-esque tresses and baby blues reminscent of this era, I wanted to create a fun fresh 1960s inspired look for Spring for the modern woman adaptable for today’s work hard play hard culture …

Celine red trio

modern 60s inspired looks cos work dress


I picked up this dress for £35 (50% off, woot!), ready for Spring (any day now London, any day now …) and it is my very first purchase from COS having previously been a bit daunted by the multitude of colour co-ordinated racks. While I’m used to more fitted clothing, COS’s minimalist concept and designs (think Scandinavian Country Road) means none of their pieces are overfly fitted, sometimes borderline shapeless, but always very comfortable.

Colour blocking is an easy way of introducing colour into your wardrobe for work if you’re inclined to go for black all the time. A nude coloured neckline like this dress elongates the upper torso and is really great for you if you have a full bust/figure. The dress was actually quite a bit longer so I had the hem and sleeves altered to fit my shorter frame but dresses like these will really suit you if you have an inverted triangle, hourglass and apple shape figure (body shape post here).


60s inspired modern fashion dress

COS Nude two tone Dressvintage inspired earings belle noel60S INSPIRED FASHION

modern 60s inspired looks

department of coffee and social affairs farringdon 60s shoot

 Outfit Details

  • COS Dress (in stores) (similar )
  • Celine Trio Bag (in Magenta, Similar )
  •  (flats )
  • Old Zara Cream Jacket (similar )
  • Old Belle Noel Earrings

Photos by Anna from  taken at Department of Coffee and Social Affairs (really decent coffee there Londoners!) Thank you for making me feel beautiful through your lens x

My New Squeeze from Paris: The Celine Trio Bag in Magenta Red

You know how some guys are into their cars, computer games or others are obsessed with collecting the latest tech gadget and once they get their hands on it, getting their attention is harder than prying a smackos out of a dog’s mouth? Well, I was kind of like that this weekend with the newest handbag in my collection: My very first Celine! I was spoilt courtesy of my girlfriends with this generous birthday gift that I picked up in Paris last weekend. Blog readers, may I introduce to you my newest perfect partner in life, I mean, handbag …

Celine Trio Bag Magenta Red regular small

We’re currently in the honeymoon phase; I’ll admit I’m definitely the more clingy one in the relationship. But this kind of happens when you’ve been dreaming about having someone like this in your life: vibrant, photogenic, sentimental, practical and most of all, doesn’t give me headaches from heavy baggage (It also doesn’t hurt if they’re romantically French either!) We’ve been inseparable all weekend long… This is just a sneak peek for now as my trio will be surely making more appearances soon xx

Celine Trio Bag Magenta Red regular smallCeline Trio Bag Magenta Red outfit post

Photos by Me and

Outfit Details

  • Old Topshop knit
  • Old Zara Slouchy Trouses (new season’s )
  • Celine Trio Bag (In Stores, Similar )
  • Old Dune Tan Flats (Similar )

Thanks to all my gfs for such a gorgeous Parisian keepsake for my birthday. I hope you guys have a great week ahead. Bring on the Bank Holiday already I say!

TSM Outfit Post: Horizontal Stripes in the Zara Striped Dress

Do you have those days where you really can’t be bothered thinking about what to wear? Sometimes I just want to throw something on without spending more than 10 seconds thinking about what to pair with what and there’s nothing easier than a dress to do that on days like these. I bought my recent go-to casual Winter/Spring dress from Barcelona last December and I’ve worn it over a dozen times now; it is perfect for running around town on the weekend and I can also get away with wearing it in the office on casual Fridays too. It’s also, might I add, the perfect dress for pigging out at dinner!

Zara Striped Dress

Zara dress

I love stripes. If there are stripes in a store, I’ll make a beeline for them and usually have to stop myself from buying too many of the same type of tops and dresses. Horizontal stripes can visually make you look wider than you are and if you are particularly conscious of a certain area of your body, avoid wearing tight fitting horizontal stripes in that area or add longer cardigans or necklaces to balance out the stripes. My striped pieces are usually looser fitting or overized/slouchy tops that remain comfortable to wear and in darker slimming hues. Continue reading

TSM Styling Session: Share your Alexander Wang Diego with your mum!

Um, can somebody please tell me how it’s Easter this weekend already? Because according to me, I just came back from a quick holiday home to Oz in Jan and Easter, well that was meant to be ages away! Now they say that time flies when you’re having fun and I agree to some degree but I believe the more realistic saying is: ‘Time flies when you’re busy’ and a busy bee I’ve been lately indeed! I’ve been holding a few styling and shopping sessions with clients on top of the usual 9-5 and am now in the midst of planning European travel adventures with friends for Summer (Note ‘Summer’ is a mythical concept at this stage as it’s still snowing right now, what the?!).

My good friend Kaz’s brother and his girlfriend have moved to London recently from Melbourne too so it has been lovely having company and helping them transition their lives to this crazy cosmopolitan city that is London like we did those years ago. Chatting with them actually prompted me to post photos from a day where I did a fun little shoot in the ‘burbs with Kaz’s family with the intention of showcasing the fact that styling doesn’t stop once you have kids and get older but stays with you for life and I love the fact that Kaz and her stylish mum share an interest in fashion and get away with sharing clothes, accessories and designer bags.

TSM Rag & Bone Newbury Boots

Kaz and I often text each other lamenting over our shared curse of shopaholicalism and that we have friends who are lucky to have been born sans the shop lusting gene (hmm, apparently they term it self restraint). Kaz and I met years ago working in fashion retail at Saba so it was inevitable that we bonded over clothes, sneaky back room coffees and venting about cray cray customers. Kaz has a fantastic eye for fashion and is a style inspiration herself so when we went shopping this day, we both immediately agreed that this top, albeit from a high street store we hadn’t shopped in for ages, would be the perfect little knit for Autumn. I’d also just picked up this bright fuchsia scarf on sale at Country Road so using her existing wardrobe, I put a little casual, walk your dog and meet friends for brunch outfit together for the post.

TSM Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Boots black booties

TSM Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag Rose Gold Kaz Seduce blue juice knit

Tobes was just so handsome after a recent haircut I just had to add this pic in too!
TSM Dog Tob

T-Styled Me tip: Sometimes the thought of wearing a cropped knit can be a little uncomfortable for fear or emphasising the stomach area but a neat idea to overcome this is to pop a longer collared shirt underneath or a loose, longer tee like I did here with Kaz to create length in the torso and to create a casual layered look that emphasised the split black detailing and to break up the monochrome look, always pop some colour via way of a scarf or statement necklace to draw attention to the face.

TSM Layered speckled top from Seduce

TSM Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag Rose Gold

I love dropping by Kaz’s place for dinner. Mama Kaz teaches me everything I need to know about Chinese cooking and we often have an after dinner tea, gossip session and discuss the next handbag we’ve got our eye on :) My Balenciaga from here was actually inspired by Mama Kaz’ vintage Balenciaga city that I have drooled over for years.

TSM Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag Kaz mum

Although Kaz’s mum is more petite framed compared to Kaz, they can often share tops, shoes and handbags which I think is a great way to expand your own wardrobe if you both have similar tastes. Love these picture below of these gorgeous gals! Thanks for letting me play dress ups with you both :)

TSM Mum and daughter

Outfit Details (Kaz)

  • White Saba Tee
  • (now on sale)
  • Seduce Bluejuice knit (similar )
  • Country Road Scarf (similar here)
  • Old Nicholas Heels

Outfit Details (Mama Kaz)

  • Ambercrombie Jeans
  • Saba Cropped Blazer
  • Coach Ballet Flats

And with Mama Kaz’s permission, I took a few snaps with the gorgeous vintage Balenciaga bag!

TSM H&M Balenciaga city bag house of harlow pyramid necklace Nicholas heels

TSM H&M Balenciaga city bag house of harlow pyramid necklace

TSM H&M Balenciaga city bag


TSM Black labrador puppyHope this may have inspired you Aussies for your upcoming Autumn and to also have a nosey around your mum’s closet for any goodies too!

Thanks for reading,

Tien xo

TSM Outfit Post: T- by Alexander Wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

Lately I’ve been obsessed with starting work early so that I can rush home to watch …well, I can only term it how it really is: trashy reality TV. For someone who already spends too much time watching TV, I can’t believe how I haven’t seen a single episode of any of the ‘Real housewives of Orange County’ series until now. *Cringe* I know, it’s so trashy but there’s something ashamedly fascinating about a life so far removed from my own I just can’t help but be hooked! I have now consumed an entire cake (by myself) catching up on the entire series but with the weather being consistently zero degrees every night this week, all I look forward to is to rushing home and plonking myself in front of the TV and getting lost in the world of Vicki, Tamra and Alexis (The ‘OC’ Real Housewives series).

I was very curious to see if the LA lifestyle was that portrayed on these TV shows. We spent Christmas visiting a friend who lives in Los Angeles and we had such an amazing time, shopping to our hearts content and eating like there was no tomorrow. On our first day there, we started the morning with a gorgeous breakfast at Chateau Marmont down Sunset Blvd (an establishment highly frequented by Hollywood stars with a super strict no photography policy) and then proceeded with the lifestyle of the rich and famous by spending the day shopping down Rodeo Drive (Every girl deserves to have a Pretty Woman moment :P). It felt surreal to be walking down the famous Rodeo drive. I can sort of understand the addiction to the lifestyle.

TSM kytography Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills 90210

TSM Rodeo Drive Ferrari Beverley Hills 90210

TSM Los Angeles T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt

TSM Rodeo Drive T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt JOSEPH PATCHWORK COLORBLOCK SWEATER

The skirt I’m wearing is my first purchase from T by Alexander Wang. The fabric can be likened to scuba suit material which was surprisingly soft and warm. The skirt was very short for my standards so I tried to dress it down by wearing comfortable flats and a long sleeved warm cashmere colourblock sweater with neon colours that I’m a little obsessed about at the moment (All pieces were on sale!) This skirt has a natural ability to hold you in due to the structure of the fabric but the sizing, in my opinion, is extremely small! I don’t know if it was breakfast at Chateau Marmont or not but it was very … shall we say form fitting around the waist line. Not a buffet day kind of skirt!
TSM Rodeo Drive T by Alexander wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Skirt balenciaga cumin

TSM Harry Winston Diamonds Rodeo Drive

My double take as we passed the diamonds at Harry Winston 😛

T by Alexander wang

TSM Balenciaga City bag in cumin tan_

TSM Shopping down Rodeo Drive_

TSM Rodeo Drive Beverley Hills 90210

Photos by , my bf and me :) Thanks to Chai for taking out in LA too !

Outfit Details

  • Old Joesph Colour Block Sweater (similar )
  • Old Zara Flats (New season )
  • Balenciaga City Bag in Cumin

Hope you enjoyed some of my holiday snaps and I look forward to featuring more neon pieces and picks in my next post. I’m off to watch a rerun of Keeping up with the Kardashians (I saw Kim and Kanye at a basketball game in LA incidently!) and also to watch ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ yet another one of my guilty tv show pleasures at the moment. Has anyone else watched this TV show?!