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Dressing for your Shape

body shapes

1. Identify your primary and secondary body shape here

Examples of how I’ve styled rectangular Shape bodies include:

straight body shape

  • Gee in a casual leather jacket and coloured denim
  • Banana in funky dress, boots and fur
  • Wins in graphic tee and mini skirt

Examples of how I’ve styled pear shaped bodies include:

Pear Body Shape

  • Poosilla in business casual attire
  • Myself in formal wear for a wedding

Examples of how I’ve styled apple shaped bodies include:

apple shaped body

  • Coming soon

See the answers to my questions asked by readers about dressing for pear shapes:

Examples of how I’ve styled inverted triangle bodies include:

invertedtriangle body shape

  • Coming soon

Examples of how I’ve styled Hour glass shaped bodies include:

  • Coming soon

hourglass body shape

Do It Yourself Tips

1. Create your own belt holes

Check out  my post in creating your own holes to tailor your bags and belts here

Leather Belt hole Puncher Heavy Duty Punch Pliers

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