TSM Review: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Anna Dello who ? I might hear you say… Don’t worry, that would have been me a few months ago asking the same question. I really only came across Anna a few months back when I first started getting into fashion blogs and coming across her pictures at fashion shows featured on other blogs. Secretly I found some of her outfits totally over the top (OTT) like those “outfits” on the catwalk where you think to yourself – AS IF you you could walk down the street in that! But I’ve come to appreciate that fashion is art and it’s all about personal expression and the world would be pretty boring if everyone dressed the same and didn’t dare to push the boundaries. I read an interview by Susie Lau on Anna Dello Russo and appreciated where she came from a lot more. She’s like the Lady Gaga of fashion: She lives and breathes fashion as art and she has her own unique style. So despite being dubbed a ‘fashionista maniac’ the woman might know a thing or two given she is the creative editor-at-large for Vogue Japan and was previously the fashion editor at Vogue Italia.

Images via vogue.com

To be honest I wasn’t one of those die hard fan who lined up on the 4th of October at 6am at H&M flagship stores for the release of her collection which comprised of very extravagant statement jewellery, shoes, sunglasses and luggage pieces. Her pieces were luxurious – flashy gold jewellery and accessories mixed with vintage undertones. My friend V picked up some enamel bracelets with animal motifs that were really fun and when I wondered into the store on Saturday I appreciated that the accessories were OTT and that was the whole point; the range wouldn’t suit everyone. Continue reading