TSM Styling Session: How to style an Apple Shaped Figure

When I started this blog under a year ago, I wanted to differentiate it from other popular fashion blogs (by drop dead gorgeous model-esque bloggers) by featuring, well short legged non model-like me and other gorgeous everyday women who Tyra Banks would describe as ‘fiercely real’ with varying heights, body shapes, personalities and nationalities. What I’ve found along the way, however, is that most of my friends and clients either fall into the boyish straight body type or the pear shaped category (Recaps here) who are generally petite and super fun to style but not equally representative of the population or my vision.

I was therefore really excited to work with and style Zuzu who has a different body shape to mine and previous clients. What I loved about the sessions was that we started from the very beginning: In Zuzu’s wardrobe and worked our way up to the second shopping and styling session. Despite trying to find a suitable date for what seemed like forever (okay, just over 6 months), the timing could not have worked out better given Zuzu recently moved houses and de-cluttering to make room for more pieces to add to her existing wardrobe was a priority.

As with all my styling sessions, let’s get to know Zuzu a little better:

T-Styled Me Personal Stylist Azura client

Zuzu’s Profile Stats

  • Zuzu’s Height:  Approx 5 ft 3” (1.6m)
  • Skin tone: Fair
  • Build: Medium
  • Body shape: Apple. Refer to this post if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: Size M-L depending on cut, UK/AUS 10-12.
  • Lifestyle: Busy with work and furnishing her newly purchased home and this young lady has a BIG weakness for designer handbags!
  • Shopping preference: Wants basis
  • Shopping frequency: Regular, every few weeks
  • Style Preference: Casual, preppy, work orientated
  • Personality (in three words): Career driven, bubbly and & positive  (All in my opinion!)

Zuzu’s Styling criteria

  • For this wardrobe refresh and styling session, Zuzu wanted to discard items in her wardrobe that no longer fit her, having lost weight gradually over the past few years and identify items which required updating or that were missing altogether. For the shopping session, Zuzu wanted outfits that were different from her usual style and was open to a slightly edgier look.

T-Styled Me Personal Styling and Shopping Wardrobe Refresh London

And so the culling and list-making began …T-Styled Me Personal Styling and shopping London Melbourne

T-Styled Me Personal Styling and Shopping

Now, guys, I honestly thought I shopped a lot … but let me tell you something, this young lady could give Rebecca Bloomwood a run for her money!  😛 She had a lot of clothes and one of the recurring themes we discovered was that she had multiples of the same garment in several different colours and safe shades and items that only matched one or two pieces in the wardrobe. We talked this through and removed pieces which no longer fit Zuzu’s changing shape and lifestyle. One of the items we got rid of was her leather jacket.

T-Styled Me Personal Stylist

TSM London Styling Session AzuraLike most classic apple body shapes, Zuzu carries most of the weight in the middle region around her waistline and has enviously, slim legs, arms and hips and these were the areas we wanted to focus on and show off. The current leather jacket that Zuzu owned was both too large now and very boxy which didn’t suit her body shape and actually created extra weight around the mid-region. We decided that an updated leather jacket with simple detailing with a slimline silhouette, amongst other items, would make its way onto our shopping list to help create that definition around her waistline.

Azura Cos Green dress Apple shape

Tips for dressing for an Apple Shaped body

  • Wrap dresses which define your waistline and lower rounded and V necklines help create definition and highlight your bustline
  • A-line and full skirts will make your waist look smaller.
  • Show of your legs with skirts and dresses that are just above the knee
  • Opt for single breasted tailored jackets that create slimming torso

During our shopping and styling session, I chose a dress for Zuzu which cinched her waist (and added a thick belt to emphasise this) as well as a patterned v-neck dress with a full skirt which really gave the illusion of a hour glass shape. If you’re apple shaped, avoid cropped boxy jackets and gravitate towards the slimming single buttoned simple tailored jackets.

Tips on how to dress an apple shaped body

Great minds think alike and we both found the perfect leather jacket for Zuzu which was more current, suited her body shape and was both comfortable and within her budget. Here are few of shots post shopping session…

TSM Azura Reiss Kara Slim Cropped Biker Jacket Continue reading

TSM Outfit Post: Horizontal Stripes in the Zara Striped Dress

Do you have those days where you really can’t be bothered thinking about what to wear? Sometimes I just want to throw something on without spending more than 10 seconds thinking about what to pair with what and there’s nothing easier than a dress to do that on days like these. I bought my recent go-to casual Winter/Spring dress from Barcelona last December and I’ve worn it over a dozen times now; it is perfect for running around town on the weekend and I can also get away with wearing it in the office on casual Fridays too. It’s also, might I add, the perfect dress for pigging out at dinner!

Zara Striped Dress

Zara dress

I love stripes. If there are stripes in a store, I’ll make a beeline for them and usually have to stop myself from buying too many of the same type of tops and dresses. Horizontal stripes can visually make you look wider than you are and if you are particularly conscious of a certain area of your body, avoid wearing tight fitting horizontal stripes in that area or add longer cardigans or necklaces to balance out the stripes. My striped pieces are usually looser fitting or overized/slouchy tops that remain comfortable to wear and in darker slimming hues. Continue reading

T-Styled Me Answered: How to stop wearing the same thing over and over again …

Kim Asked:

Hi Tien! Love your blog! I need some help – I usually wear one simple outfit (blazer, trousers, sweater or A&F/RL shirt) and it can look really dowdy, old and boring. I have no idea how to accessorise or make my outfits look different or exciting! Please help!

T-Styled Me Answered:

Thanks for your question Kim! There’s nothing wrong with throwing on a safe outfit that works but if you find yourself reaching for that same outfit each time, you’ll naturally feel uninspired and it’s a sign to start trying new looks! If you feel most comfortable in a blazer and slacks, I’d suggest making this more exciting by mixing up different textures and colours as a start. Here are small changes I would make to freshen up your described outfit.

1. Alternate the RL shirt / A&F t-shirt with …

  • Silk shirts/blouses ( try striped, patterned, neutral and bright colours).
  • T-Styled me picks: , ,
  • Neutral coloured t-shirts (black, white, grey, blue)
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , , 
  • An on-trend dressy top
  • T-Styled Me Pick:  

  / I love a preppy RL crested shirt and a casual A&F tee but if you swap these for a fine silk or polyester shirt like Miranda Kerr’s above, you’ll instantly soften the look.

2. Replace / alternate your trousers with …

  • Coloured or patterned denim (Refer to my previous post)
  • T-Styled Me Picks:
  • Jeggings / Leggings
  • T-Styled Me Picks: ,  from Asos
  • A skirt with opaque stockings
  • T-Styled Me Picks:

Zara Denim: Instore at the moment … I’ve very tempted!

3. Swap your blazer once in a while for …

  • A cropped jacket / Textured Blazer
  • T-Styled Me Picks: ,
  • A leather jacket (Check out my previous styling post)
  • Chunky knits (plentiful in Zara)

 / A perfect example of how colour and accessories brighten up your outfit instantly

4. Ditch your sneakers for …

  • Colourful flats / brogues
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , ,
  • Ankle boots
  • T-Styled Me Picks:  (love!)
  • Heels
  • T-Styled Me Picks:

/ An alternative way to wearing ankle instead of always tucking them in

5. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise ! (This is most fun part!)

  • Add a bright patterned scarf
  • T-Styled Me Picks:,
  • Find some costume jewellery that’s larger than life
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , ,
  • Arm Candy: Play with different stones and textures
  • T-Styled Me Picks: , ,

: Try several pieces of jewellery that have a common colour theme

In my opinion, the accessories and shoes will make the most difference to your outfit so concentrate on taking some time to look through these at the stores. If you ever need a personal styling consultation and you’re in London – let me know and I can show you how!

Love, Tien xo