A Chanel Inspired Birthday Party at The Wolseley London with Colour & Twine


I’m anything if not predictable. I enthusiastically plan a birthday do with friends each year and without fail, as the date approaches, the worries associated with guests not having a good time and all that focused attention gets the better of the introvert in me and I curse myself for being too organised with save the dates (I mean really, were they even necessary for a birthday?!). I mentally note to never organise a party again and I, of course, have a fantastic¬†time celebrating with loved ones to then proceed to quickly forgetting these pre-party mental promises; the whole cycle thus repeats itself.

This year was no exception. Being one year older (and obstensibly wiser!) the plan was to downsize to a small celebration with close friends out for breakky (my favourite meal when dining out!) – somewhere picturesque with decent flat white coffees that would enable us to watch the slow and non-existent Summer sun rise over London … Slowly, somehow, like the fiancee that promises never become a bridezilla, that casual laid back breakfast morphed into a decadent Chanel Inspired Champagne Breakfast at the Wolseley, a beautiful and rather classy restaurant in Green Park next to the Ritz in London. Perhaps it was my plan all along and who was I kidding, getting guests to come at 6am to watch the sun rise on a Saturday OR a perfect flat white in London? Wasn’t going to happen and doesn’t really exist ūüėõ

Breakfast at the Wolseley London

With help from (remember, here), a talented and aspiring event stylist, we worked on a simple, classy and fun theme for the Champagne breakfast that incorporated my love for shopping and slight obsession weakness for Chanel. ¬†Gone was the simple laid back image of rockin’ up in jeans and a tee and in its place was a sharp black and white dress code and table setting (I really must stop watching those reruns of the KimHumpries Kardashian wedding) combined with creatively styled happy yellow tulips and vibrant fuscia gerberas.

TSM Private Dining Room Wolseley chanel themed partyChanel cupcakes chanel inspired theme party table setting Wolseley

Chanel inspired table setting party_

Chanel party

These gorgeous custom hand made decorative bottles/vases below were created especially for my Chanel themed Champagne breakfast by Vanessa, creator and owner of (from Melbourne), who uses twine to lovingly hand craft these vases. Colour & Twine have a range of different sized bottles in an array of simple traditional twine colours with pops of neon pink and yellow (the signature look) to an assortment of soft sherbet hues in various shapes and sizes. It’s truly amazing how they instantly brighten up a room, a tableside or desk on their own as well as functionally house blooms for wedding table arrangements or add that unique touch like they did for me at a lunch or dinner party. Check out Colour&Twine’s gorgeous range of photos via .

Colour&twine small flower jar vasesColour&twine

Colour&twine vases

¬†I was really pleased with the service at the Wolseley. The staff were courteous and¬†accommodating¬†and the quality of the breakfast speaks for itself from the photos. It’s a slightly posh place to have breakfast in comparison to the usual casual cafes we’re used back in Melbourne but for a special¬†occasion, it doesn’t disappoint. The specialty coffees were surprisingly decent and my favourite dish was a proper fruit salad which contained exotic fruits like Dragon fruit that I haven’t seen in the past 3 years since coming to London. Continue reading

TSM Outfit Post: Camilla & Marc ‘True Love’ Secret Garden Print Dress

St Kilda Beach holds a special place in my heart and for those of you who live in Melbourne you’ll know that there are plenty more picturesque, family friendly and safe beaches around the coastline and up North but for me, it was the place where the romance began for my boyfriend and I (wooOoo) :) I distinctly remember escaping the unbearable heat studying for our end of year exams at Melbourne Uni and rewarding ourselves after the sun went down with gelato from 7 Apples and more gelato from Trampoline as we chatted and joked by the sand down St Kilda beach. Geez, that seems like a life time ago!

On a 37 degree day back in Melbourne a few weeks ago, we found ourselves turning the aircon up on high and driving back down there for the only thing that I could think of eating on such a hot day: Ice-cream! I can never decide on what flavours to get; there’s way too much choice and the flavours all sound so delicious. In the end I tend to mix it up with a fruity sorbet and decadent chocolate based flavour. I gobbled down my Green Apple and Fererro Roche gelati before we even reached the beach and took a walk down memory lane …

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T-Styled Me’s Best and Worst Styled Picks: The Golden Globes 2013

Perhaps it’s because I was blown away by¬†the vocal strength of the performers¬†from the original¬†Les Miserables¬†musical (more than any other show I’ve watched in the West End) and that I had set such high expectations for the movie that I was pleasantly surprised by the¬†musical’s¬†successful translation into film and moreso the live vocal performace of all concerned¬†star characters (Hmm ok, Russell Crowe –¬†not so much) that¬†I now have greater respect for Anne Hathaway as an actress. She seldom puts a foot wrong on the red carpet (hard not to with Rachel Zoe as your stylist!)¬†and¬†this time was no exception.

T-Styled Me’s Vote for Best Styled goes to …

  • Anne Hathaway in Couture Chanel


With her slightly slimmer frame (after losing¬†12kgs to play the role of Fantine) and refreshing cropped locks, Anne oozed classic romantic elegance in this Couture Chanel ¬†White Peplum gown. The overall look had a both a timeless and feminine feel mixed with a subtle¬†modern and¬†edgey tone. The simple structure of her fishtail gown, with just the right hint of shimmer, juxtaposed against her stylish dark¬†pixie haircut and minimal accessories, drew the right amount of attention to beautiful¬†facial¬†features. The light make up (a perfect hint of pink on the lips) further emphasised her stylish hair¬†and kept the focus on her face and the stunning gown. Despite her flawless alabaster skin, Anne doesn’t looked washed out against the white fabric¬†and it’s really refreshing to see the disregard¬†for fake tan that so often accompanies¬†a white dress and red carpet.

I¬†love the timeless look she’s achieved by dressing in gown that clings to her curves modestly and sits well on her new frame and shape. Her overall style and look is elegant and modern and commands attention without being OTT and loud. In my opinion, perfection on the carpet!

T Styled Me’s Vote for Worst Styled goes to …

Sienna Miller in Erdem 


Sienna is usually one¬†you look to for¬†style inspiration, especially being renowned for her signature boho-chic¬†streetwear so it’s disappointing to see this new mum choose an unflattering,¬†slightly bizarre print of a gown at the Golden Globes this year. Erdem, a¬†British designer, has a multitude of faboulous gowns (I know, I wonder in a daze through this section at Selfridges to then steer myself into a more realistically affordable level)¬†¬†so I’m curious about the thinking behind choosing this¬†particular¬†Erdem dress. The two piece sillouhette is modern but the fit around the waistline is unflattering¬†on¬†Sienna leaving her looking slightly¬†akward and¬†frumpy. The¬†fabric and print, I’m not going to lie, looks dated and tacky. If they had perhaps altered the neckline, changed the colour of the dress and removed the applique perhaps it could have been salvaged?! Sorry Sienna!

T-Styled me other stand outs on the night were:

  • Miranda Kerr in a Zuhair Murad Burgundy Gown


– #Mirandakerrenvy much? I’m in love with burgundy this season and this particular hue coupled with the silk¬†chiffon and daring plunges and splits looks like it was made for the supermodel’s enviable figure. I love the matching make up and the sky high¬†heels and her ultimate accessory: Orlando Bloom.

  • Naomi Watts in Zac Posen

–¬†What can I say? I’m¬† cearly partial to burgundy. I love the fit and flare of this Modern Zac Posen gown that¬†skims Naomi’s figure and the¬†subtle hint of back sexy against the modest and elegant long sleeves. Looking amazing in her mid forties!

  • Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

– Don’t love the hair but quite like the unique design of this Alexander McQueen creation. It’s elegant and edgy.

  • Jessica Alba in Oscar De¬†La Renta

– The colour of the dress is refreshing against the¬†pastel pinks and black on the red carpet and I like the complementary¬†make up.¬†Her hair, soft old school Hollywood waves perfectly match the overall starlet’s look. You had me at Harry Winston’s $5.8m diamond necklace…

  • Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan

– I absolutely love the colour, detailing and sleeves¬†on this dress but feel Nicole’s darker tan and icy blue make up don’t do the dress¬†justice. It’s important, when planning a look to get all elements¬†right: hair, make up¬†and gown.¬†I think if she had kept her signature fringe and bun with a lick of bright lippie a more standout¬†look would have been created.

  • Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors

 РSexy subtle and relatable

Photos: from fabsugar/dailymail/getty images

What was your favourite look of the night?

I hope you enjoyed my review of the gowns from this year’s Golden Globes and if you’re a fan of musicals and have say 3 hrs to spare, watch Les Miserables but I must warn you, it’s a long movie and they sing every song from the original score …

And just because I’m a bit of a nerd, here are my favourite Trivia Les Mis Movie facts¬†(from IMDB):

  • The soundtrack for a movie musical is usually recorded several months in advance, however in Les MIs, every single song was recorded live on set to capture the spontaneity of the performance.
  • Anne Hathaway’s ‘I dream a dream’ song took 8 hours to film.
  • Anne Hathaway’s mother, Kate McCauley Hathway, played the role of Fantine in 1987 in the US version of the musical.
  • Amanda Seyfried, who auditioned for Fantine but was cast as Cosette,¬†played the young Cosette as a 7y.0 in a concert.
  • Samantha Barks, who plays Eponine, played this role in the West End and¬†in the 25th Anniversary show.
  • Most of the cast of Les Mis in London played extras in the movie.
  • Hugh Jackman personally¬†lobbied for Anne Hathaway after the two performed together at the Academy Awards. She blew away everyone at her auditions, reducing everyone to tears.
  • Hugh Jackman went without water for close to 36 hrs to lose water weight around his cheeks and eye to achieve the prisoner look.
  • Anne Hathaway lived on two slices of oatmeal paste¬†a day ¬†to lose weight for her character role.

TSM Outfit post: A Heston Dinner Date in Printed Silk Trousers

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I’m inclined to think this certainly is the case with my boyfriend. While I’d prefer to spend discretionary funds on clothes and jewellery, my boyfriend’s preference would be to spend it on trialling different restaurants and dining at Michelin starred restaurants so when our anniversary reared its head a few weeks ago, I knew that the usual photo collages, cufflinks and scrapbooks that worked in previous years wouldn’t really bring that sparkle to his eyes the way that a surprise dining experience at Heston’s second Michelin starred restaurant, Dinner at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, would so I booked in date night a few months in advance.

We had the fortune of eating at Heston’s 3 Michelin starred restaurant ‘Fat Duck’ earlier in the year and were keen to compare it to ‘Dinner’ ever since it’s highly anticipated opening in 2011. Dinner’s menu is based on Heston’s ‘Feast’ series with each dish on the menu was referenced to a¬†historic time period and was inspired by cooking methods and recipes found from the archives of the British Library.

While the mains missed the wow factor for me (we chose steak and the fish), we both agreed that meat fruit and the tipsy pineapple cake (that I kept incorrectly calling the Tipple cake) were the main stars of the ‘Dinner’ Show:

Looks like a real mandarin doesn’t it? The meat fruit (chicken parfait)’s resemblance to the fruit was extremely impressive and we were equally satisfied with the light, creamy feathery texture once we cut into it and I loved the slightly citric tang from the mandarin jelly exterior with the grilled sourdough toast.

I was advised by a work colleague to order the signature pineapple tipsy cake well in advance (it takes 40 mins to prepare) and to definitely share it with someone because of it’s rich texture. Sharing? Biggest mistake of my night. I loved loved loved the rich cream filled brioche that had be baked and basted in sugar syrup that I really could have easily finished it off by myself. It can only be described as heaven in your mouth sprinkled with just the right amount of sweetness. The side pineapple slice spit roasted to provide a fruity grilled contrast and was the perfect¬†accompaniment to the cake. One of the best desserts I have ever tasted! Continue reading

T-Styled Me’s Best and Worst Styled Picks: The Emmys 2012

It has been a while since I’ve written one of these posts! I love the fact that I can comment on the Emmy Awards because anyone who knows me well knows that I am a complete and utter TV show addict and this is the perfect opportunity for me to share with you some of my favourite TV shows. Is it sad that I’m perfectly content to stay home (and prefer to do so) to watch my favourite TV with some Chinese take out on a Friday evening rather than go out for drinks and socialise in London?! Anyway, I digress so without further adieu …

  • T-Styled Me‚Äôs Vote for Best Styled goes to ‚Ķ

Okay I have to admit that I copped out and couldn’t decide on a best styled celebrity this time around due to lack of inspirational choice. While I was torn over too many choices in a previous post (Cannes Film Festival), I just honestly wasn’t blown away but one single gown so here are my choices for best dressed ladies:

Giuliana Rancic (From E!) in Romona Keveza

Why?¬†The well structured and tailored gown has the elegance of that classic Black dress that will be worn for years to come and you can imagine Audrey Hepburn giving the dress her nod of approval with the addition of a pair of silk gloves. The high split and angled bustier keeps the look contemporary as does Guiliana’s smokey eyes and boxed jewelled clutch. I just wished she would have put on some weight, I mean, bright red matte lipstick to stop her looking so … well, Victoria ‘pre-celebrity-turned-fashion-designer-&-I-wear-my-hair-loose-now-so-take-me-seriously-and-pay-¬£3000-for-my-bag Beckham’ like. I love G’s onscreen personality and loved watching her reality show with Bill Rancic when they got married in Italy and yes, I watched the Apprentice too! And in case you’re wondering she now has a baby boy, Edward Duke !¬†

Allison Williams (from ‘Girls) in Oscar De La Renta

Why ?¬†Because I’m in love with Fred Leighton Jewellery that she wore and I love the fact that she knows (or her stylist knows!) that with brunette/auburn locks like hers that an emerald green gown looks stunning against her porcelain skin. I loved watching the ‘Girls’ Series and watched the first season within a week, no sleeping styles. The series is about a group of 20-somethings who live in New York and struggle with relationships, their parents, paying rent, making the right life decisions and it is well, a bit raw, confronting and in some scenes, you just cringe, think “awkward” and hastily turn down the volume and go…¬†Whaaat? Did they have to include that scene?! But I love the fact that the characters are so diverse in backgrounds, aren’t overly¬†glamorous¬†and don’t have their *hit together – just like in real life and I admire the fact that the creator, director and writer, Lena Dunham also stars in the series and achieved all this by the age of 26. Girl power!

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T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

My Top five pics from this week’s & my instgram (@tstyledme)

I’m in Croatia at the moment – Loving the hot weather and the beautiful sunsets ! Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

Rebloggged from : This is a villa in Positano РIt brings me back to the memories of our huge Summer trip last year to Positano, Santorini, Kefalonia, Mykonos &  Cinque Terra with such dear friends from Oz. Take me back anyday!

TSM iPhone Snap: Brunch @Aubaine for a farewell on the weekend. The Squid from there was excellente!

TSM Instagram: Spent a relaxing Sunday in the the Kensington Palace gardens with beautiful white swans by the pond.

TSM Outfit Whistles Tee, Seduce Shorts, Chanel Pearls, Chloe Paraty Bag & Missoni Flats. Also ventured out to Oxford St in the London’s hot weather and fell in love with this YSL Chyc mini bag I saw in Selfridges …

Reblogged from : But then reminded myself that I’m basically broke atm and that the YSL Mini Chyc bag is just a bag and for now, I have plenty of those :)

It’s 35 degrees in Hvar today ! Have a great weekend everyone and for those in the UK, enjoy the last Bank Holiday of the 2012 xx¬†

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

A recap of my five favourite pictures from my instagram (@tstyledme) &  posted over the 7 days.

Reblogged on : Loving the outfit & the hair !

: Alexander Wang Marion bag / H&M faux leather panelled leggings, H&M Blush pink shirt, Zara Denim Jacket & Loafers and Vintage Chain Necklace

TSM iPhone Snap: I stayed away from Zara stores for two weeks but succumbed today. Didn’t buy anything (Yay willpower!) but LOVE the Winter 12′ accessories collection currently in store so took some snaps for you …¬†

H&M shirt, Saba Waxed leggings, Chloe Paraty Bag, Missoni Flats and Hermes Rivale Bracelet. Taken after a long over-due haircut (only cost me £30!). Wish my hair was always curly like this!

Reblogged from Studded Hearts: Rumi’s closet – I love that vintage Chanel Backpack x

It’s 31 degrees today in London ! Have a great weekend everyone :)