TSM Outfit post: A Heston Dinner Date in Printed Silk Trousers

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I’m inclined to think this certainly is the case with my boyfriend. While I’d prefer to spend discretionary funds on clothes and jewellery, my boyfriend’s preference would be to spend it on trialling different restaurants and dining at Michelin starred restaurants so when our anniversary reared its head a few weeks ago, I knew that the usual photo collages, cufflinks and scrapbooks that worked in previous years wouldn’t really bring that sparkle to his eyes the way that a surprise dining experience at Heston’s second Michelin starred restaurant, Dinner at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, would so I booked in date night a few months in advance.

We had the fortune of eating at Heston’s 3 Michelin starred restaurant ‘Fat Duck’ earlier in the year and were keen to compare it to ‘Dinner’ ever since it’s highly anticipated opening in 2011. Dinner’s menu is based on Heston’s ‘Feast’ series with each dish on the menu was referenced to a historic time period and was inspired by cooking methods and recipes found from the archives of the British Library.

While the mains missed the wow factor for me (we chose steak and the fish), we both agreed that meat fruit and the tipsy pineapple cake (that I kept incorrectly calling the Tipple cake) were the main stars of the ‘Dinner’ Show:

Looks like a real mandarin doesn’t it? The meat fruit (chicken parfait)’s resemblance to the fruit was extremely impressive and we were equally satisfied with the light, creamy feathery texture once we cut into it and I loved the slightly citric tang from the mandarin jelly exterior with the grilled sourdough toast.

I was advised by a work colleague to order the signature pineapple tipsy cake well in advance (it takes 40 mins to prepare) and to definitely share it with someone because of it’s rich texture. Sharing? Biggest mistake of my night. I loved loved loved the rich cream filled brioche that had be baked and basted in sugar syrup that I really could have easily finished it off by myself. It can only be described as heaven in your mouth sprinkled with just the right amount of sweetness. The side pineapple slice spit roasted to provide a fruity grilled contrast and was the perfect accompaniment to the cake. One of the best desserts I have ever tasted! Continue reading

T-Styled Me’s Weekly Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

Hi Everyone! How has your weekend panned out so far? For me, this has been the first weekend since I started my new job that I haven’t had to log on and work from home so I’m wildy estactic to have my weekend back but of course fate decided to hand me a cold on Thursday to greet the weekend with so I spent most of it sleeping and not crossing off any of the things I set out to do on my weekend list (am I the only who makes these?) and now that I’m starting to get better, I’ve passed on the cold to the bf! Oppsy – Sharing is Caring?

We did manage to go out for some fresh air on Saturday and on the way home from Portabello market, stopped by a Portuguese Patisserie for some hot coffee and Patel Del Nata (Portuguese tarts) which we’re both fans of ever since falling in love with the taste of them on one of our first trips to Porto (Portugal) and then indulging in the world famous ones from Belem, Lisbon for Easter this year. How do I describe it to those who haven’t tasted them before? It’s a mixture of crunchy, slightly savoury flaky pastry offset by sweet, light creamy custard filling which leaves a slight sugary burnt flavour that melts in your mouth and it can be hard to stop at one. The ones we found in West London were tasty and transported us back to those Spanish and Portuguese local crowded cafes where there were never enough tables/chairs to sit so you would stand by the bar scoffing the tarts down as as they rushed and poured the coffee at the bar before adding steaming milk at the very last minute.

Eating these tarts has really made me miss travelling. One of the main reasons we moved to London was to see Europe and while we traveled almost every fortnight to a new city in Europe, we have since slowed down in the last 6 months.

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