TSM: The Funky Bun Hair Tutorial

I’m unfortunately a bit uninspiring when it comes to my hair. I usually leave it straight or in a boring ponytail that resembles nothing of those sleek ponytails you see on the fashion runway. I’ve always blamed my thick stubborn Asian hair for my lack of creativity but I think the problem really lies with that fact that I don’t try or practice new styles; I just secretly admire others’ hairstyles from afar and fantasize about having hair (clothes & looks while I’m at it!) like the pictures on my .

I was secretly pleased when a reader of my blog (Michelle) asked if I had tips on how to achieve Wins’ hairstyle on my last T-Styled Me Styling Session post. I nicknamed it ‘The funky bun’ and it’s all about the crazy.sexy.cool. You definitely can’t be accused of having flat hair once you’ve tried this style!

The Funky Bun

This hairstyle is best performed on one-day old hair on medium-to-long hair with a long fringe/bangs (past the chin is ideal). The great thing is that this hairstyle can be done in 3 steps and under 3 minutes so there are absolutely no excuses!

What you’ll need …

Step 1:  Using your fingers and one hair tie, create a ponytail high up past your crown, looping your hair so that there are at least a good 4 inches of hair at the end.

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