T-Styled Me’s Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I’m sorry for being MIA over the past week. After being on ‘holidays’ for the past two months, I started a new job last week which I guess is great because I can pay the bills and rent (you know, minor details!) but the downside of starting this new job is that I’ve received a very short handover so the job is now totes busting my chops hence the scarce blog entries but please bear with me over the next few weeks. I promise to answers all your questions and please do keep sending them through! I love reading them :)

My top 5 pics from my tumblr and Instagram (@tstyledme)

I love living in London, loved every minute of New York, always buy something special from Paris and LA is where my friend Chai lives and I can’t wait to go visit her one day!

Reblogged from Tumblr: Feels like I haven’t been shopping in AGES! Loving this top from Zara – gorgeous x

TSM instagram: Casual Fridays – Bike riding after work in my Chanel flats (which are a lil dirty eek!). London have these Barclay Bikes stationed all around the city and the costs £1 to hire and the first 1/2 hr ride is free so we’ve been taking advantage of the late Summer weather and riding around town.

Reblogged from tumblr

Can’t believe it’s SEPTEMBER! What the …! How did that happen?

Have a great week guys :)

Tien xo

TSM: Coloured Denim for Bicester Village day trip

For me, ‘Jeans’ and ‘Swimwear’ always fell in the same bucket. You know, the “hardest clothes to shop for” bucket because what could seriously be more fun then squeezing into a pair of jeans that fit your hips, gaped at the waist and had meters of leftover fabric at your feet making you look ridiculous in the change room and had you questioning why you HAD to be addicted to chips. Bikinis remain in that bucket for me, but these days most designers understand women don’t come in standard sizes so implementing ‘petite,’ ‘tall’ ‘average’ or ‘maternity’ sections at mainstream stores like Tophsop has been genius in my opinion when shopping for jeans.

Having built more confidence in jeans over the past few years, I recently delved into *gasp* coloured jeans! I know, what a rebel right?! I tend to stick to neutral hues and classic colours (i.e black!) but with 275 gloomy ‘Spring.Autumn.Whatever.It’s.All.Winter.to.me’ days of the London year, it’s crucial to inject colour into the wardrobe to psychologically lift my spirits and you know what? I LOVE the look of coloured jeans! On pretty much everyone, irrespective of age or size when styled appropriately. The only downfall I’ve found is that once you start with one pair, it’s addictive and hard to stop there!

This picture was taken on the 50 min train ride from London to Oxfordshire on our way to , 1 of the 8 chic shopping outlets across Europe where we took photos of my styling session with Gee (previous post) and introduced my friend, Sweet, visiting from Perth, to that were designed to appease her “I love a bargain” mentality and “I’m on holidays so I can buy absolutely everything without feeling guilty” appetite.

I find the electric blue denim colour the most flattering on everyone and a great colour if you’re plucking up the courage for coloured denim so when my friend Kylee got a pair, I took the opportunity to style her in a casual shopping outfit using pieces from her existing wardrobe which would also look perfect for a coffee date once some kitten heels are added.

I paired the electric blue against a neutral black underlay to direct the focus onto the colour of the jeans and added a shorter striped blazer to give it a classic twist and to finish off the look, simply added a colourful bag, for some visual ‘oomph.’

You could easily try this look with a white tee and black blazer / leather jacket combination with some bright read heels.

Kylee’s outfit

  • Witchery Black Sleeveless top (similar )
  • Old Striped blazer from Oliver Bonas (similar ) and if you’re from Aus I think I saw one in MARCs in David Jones the other day.
  • Blue Jeans from Peacocks (similar and )
  • Prada Bag (purchased from Biscester village!)
  • Zara Flats (similar )
  • Tiffany & Co ‘jug’ necklace (I call it the aubergine)

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