TSM Outift Post: Falling in love with London and Louboutins

I never really believed it, but it really is possible to fall in love with a city and I know this because I get a bit choked up inside thinking and admitting that after three and a half wonderful years in London, I’ll be leaving soon to head back home to Melbourne. I convinced myself that if I don’t admit it on my blog and continue not to discuss it with close friends here, it’s not really happening (classic case of denial!). Whilst I very much looking forward to spending more quality time with my loved ones and re-discovering Melbourne through new eyes, I’m also left with other peculiar feelings such as anxiety, sadness, excitement and fear which hopefully are normal emotions for someone in my situation?!

In preparation to leave, I have learnt three things over the past few months: 1) I need to check myself into ‘hoarders anonymous’ 2) the decision to move half-way across the world has provided me with some of the best experiences and memories of my life so far and 3) how lucky I am to be able to see walk by these historic and strikingly beautiful landmarks each and every day … Tower Bridge is one of my favourites and is only a 10 minute walk from my home.

Celine trio bag clutch in red christian Louboutin pigalle

Celine Trio Magenta red Christian Louboutin Heels PiagelleThese are my trusty comfortable distressed boyfriend jeans that I’ve mentioned work well on most body shapes and can easily be dressed up with a simple pair of heels. You’ll remember that these were a travelling staple of mine from my Tuscany trip¬†styled more casually and were inspired by a reader who wanted advice on how to wear boyfriend jeans.

zara distressed boyfriend jeans how to wear boyfriend jeans

Celine Trio Hermes Orange H Bracelet clac

It really does take time to find the right pair and I probably tried on at least 5 before I found these which were affordable and comfortable with just the right hint of ‘ventilation.’ You know you can always find an old pair and jeans and experiment with distressing it yourself (DIY) ūüėõ

Now let’s talk about another love affair. The one most women may or may not admit to having with Christian Louboutin heels. Maybe like me, you’ve always wondered whether these Christian Louboutins are really worth all the hype and more importantly the money (first post here).¬†To be honest, I find only a select few CL designs fit to my taste but if there is one thing that Christian Louboutins do and do very well, is make you feel like a million bucks. It’s not just about the signature red sole, but it’s a combination of the low cut sides, shape and heel design of this particular heel which makes your foot feel and look sexy. Christian Louboutins are known for being made to enhance and celebrate a woman’s femininity and walk. I’m really not explaining myself very well here but there is definitely a sense of confidence, however fake, I get from doning and strutting around in a pair of these Christian Louboutins. Whether I can last in them for more than an hour, that’s a different story #weak

BCBG Maxaria lace striped top celine trio christian louboutin black shoes

boyfriend jeans ripped distressed denim zara

This design is the¬† in patent black and is available in three heel heights: ¬†(better for everyday wear), and the very sexy . I’m wearing the 100s which is just at the height of my comfortability threshold. I’m at awe at those who can trot around in the 120s on and off camera!BCBGMAXARIA lace top

Tower Bridge London Fashion Christian louboutin celineThese are some of my favourite photos from my blog because I can see the stunning Tower Bridge in the background. If you ever do come to London, put it on your list to get to for a picture because it certainly is a lot more exciting that the actual famous London Bridge. St Paul’s Cathedral and West Minster Abbey are also other favourite landmarks of mine.

t-styled Me and melandelle 2

zara orange peach coat_

Outift Details

  • Lace top (long sleeve similar version )
  • Old¬†¬†(similar )
  • Old Zara Coat (alternative )
  • Celine Trio in Magenta (love this one )
  • Hermes Bracelets

Thanks for reading and thanks to Jon for taking these pictures for me :)

TSM Review: Newly launched ‘& other Stories’ boutique in London

& other stories is basically the middle sister¬†store¬†of H&M and COS; three years in the making and¬†much anticipated hype to live up to around the¬†collection that debuted on Regent Street, London last weekend. I wasn’t brave enough to¬†visit¬†on opening weekend; I didn’t want¬†claustrophobia¬†to taint my first experience of the¬†1200 sq feet boutique which would no doubt have been full overly ‘focused’ fashionistas and media¬†a rife¬†so I managed to¬†pop in this weekend to check it out.

And-Other-Stories London

& other stories HM

And-Other-Stories-store-london regent street

My initial verdict? I am a fan and my wallet has an unhappy feeling that I’m going to be a big fan. I’d personally describe & other stories¬†as the adoptive child of design led¬†COS (ok so it’s getting incestuous) – due to the clean lines and minimalist shapes and Topshop Boutique –¬†driven by the edgier fashion forward¬†shoes, accessories, patterns and feminine prints. Now¬†I say ‘adoptive’ child because the concept of & other stories is meant to be like no other: It is not inspired by the latest catwalk inspired trends but rather influenced by the notion of¬†personal style of everyday individuals (like us), bloggers and women who create their spontaneous ‘thrown together’ individual looks through multiple avenues (thrift stores, online shops, eBay, vintage stores etc). For three years, 70 designers were split between Stockholm and Paris (including designers from ACNE) to create ‘stories’ for the collections and the influence is highly visible in store by both the indoor merchandising and clothing designs.


What I loved about the concept of the store was that there seemed to be a subliminal stylist following you around everywhere. The pictures of coordinated outfits were surrounded by a series of subtly suggestive edits which encouraged you to compile a thrown together look, very much popularised by bloggers and street style you see today.

Styling is about expressing personality from head to toe so I love that the wide rimmed racks (spacious finger spacing) and suggestive accessories help customers to experience mixing and matching pieces with make up to create a look of their own.

& other stories 2013 london

& other stories London & other stories Regent street

& other stories 2013These are the items I picked up in store and tried on. I suspect due to the mad Saturday rush and the fact that it was only the second weekend since opening, there weren’t any small sizes available to try on so I left empty handed. The size ranges from 34-44 (UK6-UK16 equivalent) and the pricing is fairly reasonable but on the pricier side compared to what we high street shoppers are used to.

& other Stories London changing room

Pictures from there current collection& other stories London Regent street Summer Spring

& other stories London Regent street 2

& other stories London Regent street ss2013

other stories London

I personally loved the shoe and accessories in store more than clothes but that’s just me in general. It’s difficult to tell how comfortable the leather of the shoes are but I definitely like the metallic cut out sandals and heeled brogues. I can see the heels being a hit in London as well with the younger crowd however the prices are definitely premium compared to younger sister H&M.

Best buys &Other Stories

& other stories leather ballerinas

& other stories shoes

& other stories gold heel pumps

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city where one of these stores will open, I’d highly recommend you visit for a browse (There are stores opening in Paris and Copenhagen). The stores have a cool Scandavian feel to them and there’s an eclectic mix of vintage tones, clean silhouettes and retro styles that will strike a cord with everyone and especially if you, like me, love blogger fashion! Check out their and find yourself browsing for hours just like I did in the actual store on weekend.

Thanks for reading – Have a great week!

Tien xo

TSM Top 5 Picks: In Concert – Zimmermann RTW Collection (Autumn Winter 2013)

It happens every year … Take today for example: I threw on my gloves, beanie and a heavy duty coat en route to Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London and somehow found myself trying on Summer dresses (suitable only if it were at least 20 degrees warmer), bright neon sleeveless numbers (love, btw!) and floral short shorts. It was hard not to get swept up in the new season’s promise of sun and warmth but let’s not kid ourselves here people, we are still in the middle of Winter!! But you know what, secretly, I’m kind of bored of staring at the same old sales racks now. I can only withstand about three weeks worth of sales before I impatiently start drifting towards the quieter, neater and untouched by bargain hunters ‘new seasons’ section and my eyes now greedily await new season stock both in Europe and back home in Australia.

Zimmerann are one of my favourite Australian brands which I associate with home, Summer, beach and relaxed Summer holidays. Their prints and fabrics are always unique and their swimmwear collections are second to none. The new Autumn Winter range for 2013 is much more relateable to me as I can actually imagine wearing these here in the colder London weather or as it gradually warms up over the next couple of months. Zimmerann clothing leans towards the higher end (in terms of pricing) but their designs are uniquely Australian and their worldwide appeal and sold out collections attest to their popularity. Here are my favourite looks so far from their 2013 AW In Concert collection Lookbook …

The Rising Floral Panel Dress

Independent Knot Dress

Independent Knot dress in Citrine

Rising Gold Lace Dress

Silk Ray Dress

Aside from the Rising Floral and Sun dress, I love the fact that these dresses are transeasonal and can be layered with tights and long/ankle boots for Winter. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the new collection on but would love to hear your thoughts on the make, fit and reviews of any of their new pieces and which one your favourites are.

Zimmermann stores are spread throughout and is also  and ships internationally to certain .

T-Styled Me’s Insta-Tumblr Round-up!

I’m sorry for being MIA over the past week. After being on ‘holidays’ for the past two months, I started a new job last week which I guess is great because I can pay the bills and rent (you know, minor details!) but the downside of starting this new job is that I’ve received a very short handover so the job is now totes busting my chops hence the scarce blog entries but please bear with me over the next few weeks. I promise to answers all your questions and please do keep sending them through! I love reading them :)

My top 5 pics from my tumblr and Instagram (@tstyledme)

I love living in London, loved every minute of New York, always buy something special from Paris and LA is where my friend Chai lives and I can’t wait to go visit her one day!

Reblogged from Tumblr: Feels like I haven’t been shopping in AGES! Loving this top from Zara – gorgeous x

TSM instagram: Casual Fridays – Bike riding after work in my Chanel flats (which are a lil dirty eek!). London have these Barclay Bikes stationed all around the city and the costs ¬£1 to hire and the first 1/2 hr ride is free so we’ve been taking advantage of the late Summer weather and riding around town.

Reblogged from tumblr

Can’t believe it’s SEPTEMBER! What the …! How did that happen?

Have a great week guys :)

Tien xo

T-Styled Me’s Guide to shopping in London – London Pt 3

Bit of a blonde fact about me … When¬†I packed my life in the 23kg luggage limit two years ago for London, I had NO idea what I was doing. I packed some pretty useless space consuming items like my pencil case (including a calculator, stapler, a set of staples and liquid paper) AND I was¬†this¬†close to bringing over my pillow too. I don’t know why, I just didn’t trust that London would have decent shops like they did in Australia. I know, pretty stupid right? Two years on, I want to buy everything here – clothes, shoes, electrical goods, baby clothes (not sure WHY as I have no need for them) – Everything! There’s just so much more variety here and with globally competitive prices and quality, I can’t believe how clueless I was thinking there’d be nowhere to shop ¬†in London.

So in response to a request I’ve had for a ‘Shopping tips in London post,’ here’s a list of my personal favourite places to shop

T-Styled Me’s favourite High street Stores

  • Zara – The Oxford street store (near Bond street station) has the largest variety
  • H&M – If you can’t stand Oxford St crowds, try the H&M concession in Selfridges
  • Topshop¬†in Oxford St esp. the ‘Boutique’ and ‘Emerging designers collections’
  • COS – (Owned by same H&M co.) has great both classic & minimalistic designs
  • Whistles – One of my faves! I love all the dresses, knits and jackets from here
  • Reiss – You’ll find beautifully tailored dresses, classic male & female suiting here
  • Urban Outfitters¬†– Mixture of vintage and modern clothing and intl. brands
  • Anthropologie¬†on Regent street – Check out the jewellery & homeware sections
  • Hobbs – I love the NW3 range for fun pieces for work – reminds me of Gorman!
  • Warehouse / Dorothy Perkins / Next – Affordable work and casual wear
  • Uniqlo – Perfect for winter thermals and um, seamless underwear

Cute shorts I found in Anthropologie on Regent street

Shorts from Warehouse, Top from Portmans, Blazer from Zara and Necklace from H&M

My H&M Summer Bargains 

T-Styled Me’s favourite Department Stores

  • Selfridges: Best.Department.Store.Ever¬†‘Pinkberry’ frozen yoghurt = bonus
  • Harrods: Designer brands galore and an awesome foodhall I lose myself in
  • Libertys: I love this place – so iconic to London with the best silk scarf selection
  • John Lewis: Think DJs on a much larger scale – great for furniture & bedding
  • House of Fraser: Think Myer on steroids. P.s They also stock Mimco here !
  • Primark: This place is cheap and crazy but I battle the crowds because they ¬†have the best black opaque stockings for Winter

Matthew Williamson gowns (swoon!) in Harrods, Knightsbridge

Balenciaga Shoes in Libertys London – I love how they display their merchandise


¬†T-Styled Me’s favourite Markets & Vintage Stores

  • Borough Market: Food market – try Monmouth coffee & the Roast Roll (Yum!)
  • Old Spitafileds market: near Liverpool st – I love all the stalls & quirky designs
  • Portobello Market: Flea market meets antique stalls
  • Greenwich Market: Smaller scale Spitafields market

Picked up this dress from a stall in Old Spitafields / Brick Lane market for bargain at £20!

T-Styled Me’s favourite Areas to shop

  • Carnaby St: Off Regent street; A perfect alleyway of boutiques minus the crowd
  • New Bond st: I still love my designer brands & always pop by A&F for a perve!
  • Oxford & Regent St: Love it but avoid on weekends because I value my sanity
  • Long Acre Street in Covent Gardens: High street stores without the big crowds
  • Brick Lane: I love love love all the vintage stores down brick lane and Cheshire street and always manage to pick up a bargain

I found this beautiful antique ring at the vintage stores down Brick Lane for only £8 !

All these pics are from my Instagram (Follow me on @tstyledme)

I also recommend Bicester Village which I wrote about in a previous post if you have time while visiting London. I hope any potential visitors and Londoners found this post useful and feel free to add any other shopping gems you know about in London as well!

Have a great weekend guys! I’m off to Edinburgh to watch Olympic Football and to enjoy the Fringe Festival :)