T Styled Me’s Best & Worst Styled Picks: Met Ball 2013

Aside from the Christmas themed party last year, I’m still yet to be invited to attend a full on, hard core, take-the-car-instead-of-the-train themed costume party (Hmm perhaps time to question my popularity?). Have you attended any fun themed parties recently? I love seeing the creativeness in everyone’s efforts and this year’s Met Ball photos felt like I was flicking through FB friends’ (ok, randoms’) dress up party photos seeing as this year’s Met ball was themed – PUNK: Chaos to Couture. I love commitment when it comes to a dress up theme. Go hard or go home …

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Best Styled goes to …

Cara Delevingne in Burberry

Cara Delevingne Burberry Punk chaos Met Ball 2013

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala - Outside Arrivals

Cara Delevingne Burberry Punk Met Ball 2013


Aside from the smizing gone wrong in these photos, I do love the way “The Brows” rocks this sleek studded Burberry gown. It’d be my personal choice as an interpretation of Chaos to Couture: Black, studs, Silver hardware you’d expect to find from Camden markets and dark, broody ‘piss off will ya!’ make up. I never understood the fuss around Cara Delevingne as a model (I still remember her from her ASOS days) but respect that she’s stayed true to her London roots wearing Burberry and what can I say, I’ve always been a sucker for long sleeved elegance over side boobage. The look is not overly Punk (I’d expect some leather) and is more on the couture side but I do love her interpretation.

  • Runner up: Anne Hathaway in Vintage Valentino

Anne Hathaway Met Ball Blonde Valentino couturejpg Met ball 2013: Anne HathawayI love that Anne Hathaway is not afraid to reinvent herself and take risks (no bra two times in a row now Anne!). I personally think the platinum cropped locks, inspired by Debbie Harry looks amazing on her

  • T-Styled Me’s Vote for Worst Styled goes to …

Kim Kardashian in Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

Kim Kardashian Met Ball 2013 Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy


It’s the glove. It freaks me out. I’ll probably get clubbered over the head for admitting this or at least get a couple of eye rolls but I’m actually a Kim Kardashian fan. I think she has a fantastic body and well, while I struggle to come up with more convincing reasons, I just do. She has a fabulous figure, even whilst pregnant but I’m sorry – I’m just not forward thinking enough to appreciate it because I think this gown looks horrendeous on her. It doesn’t ‘fit the brief‘ and when you are highly pregnant, with an extremely ample bust, a high neck, floral print is kind of the thing you AVOID wearing right?!. Thank goodness for that thigh high split from preventing her like looking like an 80s couch I hear you exclaim? Well … no, not when it reveals an overly tight strapped matching shoes. I think she could have redeemed herself with a different pair of shoes but *shudder,* it’s that creepy matching glove. I.just.don’t.get.it

Other fun looks of the night that I loved …

Jessica Alba in Tory Burch

Jessica Alba Tory Burch Met Ball 2013Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors

Jennifer Lopez Met Ball 2013 Michael KorsMiranda Kerr in Michael Kors

Miranda-Kerr-In-Michael-Kors-2013-Met-GalaRooney Mara in  Givenchy

rooney mara Met ball 2013

Photos from Getty Images, Socialite Life and Daily Mail

What was your favourite look for the night? What did you think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s and Madonna’s outfits?

TSM Outfit Post: Camilla & Marc ‘True Love’ Secret Garden Print Dress

St Kilda Beach holds a special place in my heart and for those of you who live in Melbourne you’ll know that there are plenty more picturesque, family friendly and safe beaches around the coastline and up North but for me, it was the place where the romance began for my boyfriend and I (wooOoo) :) I distinctly remember escaping the unbearable heat studying for our end of year exams at Melbourne Uni and rewarding ourselves after the sun went down with gelato from 7 Apples and more gelato from Trampoline as we chatted and joked by the sand down St Kilda beach. Geez, that seems like a life time ago!

On a 37 degree day back in Melbourne a few weeks ago, we found ourselves turning the aircon up on high and driving back down there for the only thing that I could think of eating on such a hot day: Ice-cream! I can never decide on what flavours to get; there’s way too much choice and the flavours all sound so delicious. In the end I tend to mix it up with a fruity sorbet and decadent chocolate based flavour. I gobbled down my Green Apple and Fererro Roche gelati before we even reached the beach and took a walk down memory lane …

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TSM Answered: Michael Kors Yellow vs. Rose Gold Watch – Please help!

Anonymous Asked:

Hi Tien! Love your blog and I noticed that you have a lovely rose gold watch. I can’t decide between the MK’s Rose or Yellow Gold watch. What do you think is more classic and easier to style? Thanks in advance :)

T-Styled Me Answered:

Great question! I’ve had my for almost a year now and I definitely think it’s worth the splurge. I knew from the beginning that I wanted this particular model given that the face was smaller than the Michael Kors one and I liked the simplicity of the watch’s face.

I recently helped my friend decide between the RG and YG Michael Kor’s watch and I know it can be a hard decision. Honestly, it boils down to your personal preference so go with your gut instinct because it’s a win-win situation in my eyes. Check how both look against your skin tone and what accessories you intend to pair with the watch. RG has a beautiful vintage feel to it which is on trend and tends to compliment most skin tones while the YG watch has a more classic feel and suits a tanned skin tone. Pair RG looks against neutrals (whites and blacks) and feel free to mix the YG watch with your all coloured accessories and clothes.

If you already have other YG watches, I would suggest opting for the RG just because it’s  nice to have ‘options darling’, ‘options’ for your different outfits. Wear the RG watch classically on it’s own or mix it with both RG and YG accessories as I have done in the picture above. With arm swag getting a lot of air time, I’d take advantage of the trend and experiment stacking some neutral coloured leather bracelets with the watch too.

Although I’m a Marc Jacobs lover, there is a beautiful that is accented with a 0.5 carat diamond out at the moment till stocks last!

I hope this has helped but I would definitely go with you gut instinct because they are both beautiful colours to choose from !