TSM Styling Session: Momo does smart casual

Does your workplace have ‘Casual Fridays’? My department does casual Fridays unofficially and I say unofficially because half the department still suits up while the other half (like me) takes full advantage of the situation by wearing jeans. The plan to continue to do so until we get told otherwise ūüėõ

My previous workplace in Melbourne used to hold training seminars and offsites with a ‘business’ or ‘smart casual’ dress code often with the cavent of “no ripped jeans.” I always giggled at such an obvious exclusion; the thought of the Partners of the firm whipping out their ripped gardening jeans and slashed t-shirts was ludicrous. My colleagues and I would always deliberate on what to wear (strength in numbers or something like that), conscious of coming across as ‘too casual’ and drawing attention for the wrong reasons. Secretly I thought it was all a conspiracy to scare us into wearing business attire to be honest but in retrospect there may have been a bit too much paranoia on my part back in those days but that doesn’t mean it’s still easy to decide what to wear on casual Fridays…

My friend Momo shared a similar gripe a few weeks back about not really knowing what or how to dress on ‘smart casual’ Fridays so I thought it the perfect opportunity to do a TSM styling session with her and put together an outfit she could wear on a casual Friday. As with all my styling session, let’s get in context and get to know Momo a little better:

Momo’s Profile Stats:

  • Momo‚Äô Height: ¬†5 ft 4‚ÄĚ (1.65m)
  • Skin tone: Medium (on the tanned side)
  • Build: Slim
  • Body shape: Rectangular. Refer to¬†this post¬†if you need a reminder
  • General Clothing size: Size Extra Small (XS) i.e UK/AUS 6
  • Lifestyle: Busy and active ‚Äď Momo is career oriented often working long hours, loves spontaneous travelling trips (NY in particular), drinking bubbly and running.
  • Shopping preference: Wants basis
  • Shopping frequency: Frequently with purchases on average fortnightly.
  • Style Preference: Classic and definitely loves her designer brands
  • Personality (in three words): Smart, professional and uniquely-Momo xx

Momo’s Criteria:

Momo felt she always wore the same routine outfit each Friday: black jeans, black flats and a knit top. While she claimed she didn’t have anything in her wardrobe to wear, I begged to differ because the day I had the opportunity to review Momo’s wardrobe, I felt the need to knock some sense in her. She has a¬†fantastic¬†wardrobe¬†that had ME drooling! It was filled with great basics, colourful accessories, bold statement jewellery (nod of approval) and shoes and handbags galore. Here’s the outfit I put together using Momo’s wardrobe:

Momo works in a very corporate environment; regularly consulting for external clients so keeping in mind the professional context, I put Momo in a pair of smart jeans to demonstrate that it’s ok to wear blue denim in the office on casual Fridays and how to dress them up to a chic and corporate level by adding a pair of heels and a smart fitted jacket/blazer. The striped top inside was a causual piece that Momo would usually only wear in Summer with shorts but by teaming it up with the fitted jacket and heels this instantly brought a bit of personality to the otherwise neutral outfit.

Depending on how casualness of your work environment, accessorise your outfit accordingly. For Momo’s professional enviornment, I added the ever classy YSL artsy cocktail ring to match her closed toe patent leather heels. I personally can never bring myself to wear open toe-d shoes in the office no matter how hot or relaxed a workplace is and I think it’s just a personal preference or that fact that I came from a relatively conservative work environment starting out. We added a chunky chain bracelet that I know Momo loves but doesn’t wear nearly enough to tie in the colours of her jacket and top and kept the rest of her jewellery minimal. Continue reading

TSM Outfit Post: Casual Chambray for a chilled out Weekend

I’ve been asked a lot lately about how to dress casually; most people seem to have their work and special occasion outfits down pat but struggle with inspiration for the weekend. I tend to be very casual on weekends; you’ll never find me in heels and my typical weekend (if not travelling) involves meeting friends for brunch, shopping or exploring London. I personally think a chambray shirt is a really great staple for weekend wear. I’ve had a really comfy blue shirt (not quite a chambray shirt) for over a year now that I use constantly; it works as an alternative to a cardigan, looks chic tucked into skinny jeans with boots and equally cool worn loose with a tee and leggings. It’s versatility extends beyond age barriers – particularly great for new mums to throw on when going for a walk and convenient while nursing as well.

I took a few snaps from a ‘no plans just chillin’ type weekend my bf. We spent it browsing the Whitechapel Gallery, ducking into a cafe, admiring Brick Lane Street Art and picking up an afternoon sugary snack from Old Spitafields markets in London …

I found a decent cup of coffee @ the Exmouth Coffee cafe on Whitechapel street London!

Continue reading

T Styled Me’s Debut Post

Can you still remember what your new year’s resolutions were for 2012? Or have they been filed away in the¬†‘Life’s too¬†busy at the moment so let’s not think about it right now’ part of you? That’s¬†usually where mine¬†end up¬†51/52 weeks of the year! For 2012, I¬†vowed to¬†stop saying ‘Yeah, I’ll get to that¬†later’ and¬†making excuses¬†for not¬†doing all the¬†things¬†I know I SHOULD and WANT to¬†do (Save for a house, volunteer and support a charity, move back to fashion and be more creative just to list a¬†few …)

I’ve been SO¬†inspired this year by the number of friends and acquaintances, especially females, who have¬†embarked on a journey to¬†explore their creative talents¬†and those who have persevered and¬†successfully started their own businesses.¬†I’ve always¬†been encouraged by friends and¬†colleagues to follow my passion for fashion and work as a stylist, so guys, I’m feeling¬†very shy about this but¬†for me, this a small¬†(BIG¬†to me)¬†yet exciting step away from that procrastinating voice in my head saying ‘Yeahhh maybe one day …’¬†and exploring¬†this apparent¬†‘talent’ for Shopping & Styling

And yes, I know I’m probably five years late jumping on the blogging bandwagon at this stage¬†in a market saturated with successful fashion and styling¬†bloggers, but a girl¬†has¬†gotta try right?! So while my vision¬†for¬†T-Styled Me is¬†to¬†showcase¬†my¬†own personal style, I want it to have more of a focus¬†on my ability to style others which I find more challenging because let’s face it,¬†we don’t all look the same. We have different body shapes, weights, sizes, skin tones,¬†preferences and lifestyles and don’t all look great in the same clothes.¬†Have you ever¬†bought something after seeing¬†it look amazing¬†on a friend, celebrity, magazine /manequin¬†or fellow blogger and then be disappointed¬†on how it appeared on you? I have … and I¬†would often¬†wonder why I¬†didn’t measure up to how great they looked and¬†I really disliked that dejected feeling about what I didn’t like about my body and that annoying voice that reminded me about how much money I had just wasted too! What I’ve learnt now is¬†that we should try to dress to flatter our individual body shapes and¬†stay within our budgets and importantly,¬†stop hating on our bodies!¬†So whether you’re a mum of three, a busy CEO, a university student¬†or¬†a fellow¬†fashion enthusiast, I’d love to help dress and customise looks that suit and complement YOU !

I’m super excited to¬†share with you my¬†travels,¬†styling sessions, food adventures and product reviews¬†and I really look forward to hearing your comments and feedback so please talk to me :)¬†Please contact me¬†if you’d like to be featured here too¬†as I¬†want to represent all real and different¬†body shapes and sizes in this blog irrespective of budget and walks of life so stay tuned for more posts to come!

Check out a sneak peek of¬†one of my styling sessions below with V that I’ll be posting at a later date…¬†

Can’t wait to¬†talk you through how much fun I had styling her in my Halston Heritage Faux fur gilet¬†… Keep an eye out for that post !

My outfit:

  • Saba white tee (available ¬†and similar )
  • Sass & Bide Rat Pants
  • Sandro Gaelle Cardigan in Blue ( or in Sandro Boutiques / Selfridges / Harrods)
  • Louis Vuitton Black Patent ballet flats
  • Hermes Rivale Bracelet

Photos taken by the talented Kylee Yee of Kytography