TSM Shopping Review: Butterfly Twists – Folding Ballerina Flats

My hands are itching. The biannual sale season is almost upon us here in Europe. Yes, if there’s one thing no-one can deny it is the fact that sales are HUGE here and they are Awwwesome! (crazy shoppers, not so much). I wasn’t sure when the sales would start this “Summer” but after nosing around (chatting to sale assistants) it appears the preview sales start this weekend with the official start in a few weeks’ time. I’ve been itching to shop for a few months now but am holding back for the bargains. The beauty of shopping for clients is that you feel that temporary rush without having to feel guilty! I’m creating a focused list of sensible items to target when the time arrives so let the games begin! (I’m still convinced shopping is a sport).

Ever since I made the mistake of wearing heels on my birthday followed by a full day of shopping around London (birthday post here), I’ve been on the lookout for fold-up flats to throw in my handbag. If you live in Europe, unless you’re wearing a stacked heel or you’re superwoman, it is extremely difficult, to walk around efficiently in heels. There’s no boyfriend’s car to totter over to but instead, you’re greeted with steps upon steps leading to out of operation escalators to the train platforms and cobblestones oh cobblestones. So unless totally inebriated after a night out, my feet are always furious at me for putting them through a fashion instigated ordeal.

I finally stumbled upon the perfect pair of fold up ballerina flats while shopping for a client last weekend and wanted to share them with you all. Not sure if I’m the only one out there who can’t manage to walk around in heels in London but in the event that I’m not alone, there are these absolute God-sends by the name of Butterfly Twists that come in a surprisingly stylish range of colours and patterns.

Folding Ballerina flats butterfy TwistsButterfly Twist BallerinasOliva Palmero leopard flats Butterfly twists folding flats

The retail price varies depending on the design but I managed to pick mine up for £20 in the OFFICE concession store in Selfridges.

They’re designed in the UK but manufactured in China and I’m not too fussed about that because they are really just a back up for when my feet need relief from heels. I’ve worn them for a couple of hours (tested them out at dinner) which included walking to the tube and restaurant and my feet felt quite supported. Although I went half a size up for extra comfort, because my left foot is slightly larger than my right, the elastic band of heeled part of the shoe dug into my heel which irritated me a little towards the end of the night. I should have gone up a full size up in hindsight. Otherwise, I’d recommend them for your wallet/purse as they are really quite comfortable and compact.

Fold up flats Butterfly twists for your handbag

I’ve got the Cleo Ballerinas on here – snap taken while waiting for the tube to come.

 are available in and other outlets within the UK but also deliver . You can always check your local pharmacy/drugstore for similar alternatives.

Hope this post was helpful! I must admit, the fact that Oliva Palmero wears them may or may not have influenced me to purchase them. Damn those celebrity enablers!

T-Styled Me Answered: Advice for organizing one’s wardrobe

Anonymous Asked:

Could you do an entry/give advice on the best way to organise one’s

T-Styled me Answered:

See that picture above? That looks NOTHING like my wardrobe. I’d love that space and aspire to own a walk-in wardrobe in my future home one day but for now, I work with a single door closet. Yes, that’s right, not a double door, a single door closet that I’m forced to house my life in: Clothes, shoes, bags, ski apparel, travel luggage – EVERYTHING and for someone who *may* shop a bit, you can imagine that I too struggle!

Even those with huge wardrobe space can struggle so here are my tips for organising wardrobes of all sizes:


Step 1: Create Space 

  • Start by going through your wardrobe and creating 3 distinct piles:
  1. A “Keep” pile: Clothes that fit you and that you actually wear.
  2. A “Maybe” pile: Classic pieces that fit, won’t go out of fashion and you’ll wear and
  3. A “Good-Bye” pile: Ill fitting pieces, ones you haven’t worn in years or you’ve worn to death and be honest with yourself! Esp with clothes that still have the tags on them!
  • Next, sort the ‘Maybe‘ pile into either the ‘Keep‘ or ‘Good-bye‘ piles.

You know that Sex and the City Scene where Samantha and Charlotte help Carrie clear out her wardrobe? Well that’s what you need to do too: Get a girlfriend to help you and remember to choose someone who’s known for their honesty!

  • Tip: Once you’ve finished with the ‘Good-bye’ pile, place this pile into a garbage bag in another room so it’s out of sight and there’s no temptation to rescue it.

Step 2: Separate and Organise

  •  Separate by Season

If you’re especially pressed for space like me, neatly fold and store you Summer wardrobe into storage boxes, label the contents and store them in your wardrobe if you have space or the attic/garage. This way you can rotate for space when seasons change. I bought  these cardboard  in the UK purely for aesthetics but would advise you to opt for the heavy duty clear storage boxes () which have proven to be far more practical.

If you’re lucky enough to have space in your wardrobe for both seasons, simply separate your wardrobe into two seasons and continue with the next step …

  •  Separate by Type and then Colour

Trust me, this step really helps with coordinating outfits and finding your clothes a lot quicker.

Organise your clothes by type (Skirts, trousers, sleeveless tops, short leeve tops, long sleeved tops, cardigans, shirts, blazers, dresses, Outerwear (jackets and Coats) and colour. I personally organise my garments by ascending hemlines and from light to dark colours.

- If you have drawers, fold away your t-shirts, jeans and knits that don’t require hanging. I also buy insert boxes that fit inside my drawers for sleepwear and underwear. Here are some pictures from  I found that might help you get an idea of what colour and garment type coordination can look for both big and small wardrobes

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