These 7 Blazer Dresses With Sneakers Outfits Are Sure To Get You Noticed

These 7 Blazer Dresses With Sneakers Outfits Are Sure To Get You Noticed

Blazers are the ultimate in versatility.

You can wear them with jeans and a tee or a skirt and heels, but sometimes you want to mix things up a little bit.

We’ve put together some outfit ideas with blazers that use sneakers as an alternative to pumps or heels.

What to consider when matching a blazer dress with sneakers?

Although a blazer dress is so versatile and great for different occasions, you should choose the style and color that fit your preference and body type.

For example, solid color or patterned blazer dresses and low-top or high can be taken into consideration.

However, you should keep in mind that neutral sneakers like black and white can work with almost all blazer dress colors.

You can also consider wearing some accessories like a necklace, watch, bracelet, earrings, or clutch to make your outfit more special.

White blazer dress with white sneakers

White sneakers are a classic choice because they look great with any outfit.

They are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit, and they can be worn with anything from jeans to a dress.

This outfit is both simple and elegant.

The white blazer dress is a classic, and it’s perfect for spring.

The sneakers are a great way to keep the look casual, but this outfit would also be just as nice with heels if you wanted to go that route.

I love that this outfit is all about mixing and matching different pieces but still looking like you are dressed for the occasion!

Striped blazer dress and white sneakers

Want to wear a blazer dress with sneakers? You’re in luck! This style outfit is super versatile and can be worn for many occasions.

The striped blazer dress is perfect for work and play or anywhere in between.

And as already mentioned, white sneakers are classic to mix and match with any type of blazer dress, including this striped one.

The striped blazer dress makes this outfit a little more formal than just jeans and a t-shirt, but it still feels relaxed and casual.

The soft texture of the fabric feels like it was made for you, and we love the way it pairs with sneakers and a statement necklace.

This dress is so comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re wearing pajamas out in public, but when you pair it with a pair of sneakers, it looks like you’ve put in some serious effort to look cute!

Black blazer dress over a white tee and sneakers

This is an easy outfit to pull off.

Just grab a simple black blazer dress and match it with white sneakers to create a cool look.

This is especially ideal if you’re going out at night and want something that makes you look elegant but still comfortable enough for dancing or walking around town.

If it is a little chilling outside, you can wear a simple white tee underneath the blazer to keep you warm but still, look neat and fashionable.

It is best to choose a tee that fits your body well instead of an oversized one because it might make the whole outfit messy.

This outfit can be dressed up or down depending on how much makeup you wear or whether or not you have time for heels.

Dark blue blazer dress with a belt and white sneakers

A dark blue blazer dress with the same color belt is a perfect outfit for casual days or even a fancier event.

The color scheme of this outfit is simple, but it’s extremely stylish because of the blazer dress.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to wear a belt with your blazer dresses, but if you want to add some style points and make your waist look smaller and more defined, then a belt is definitely recommended.

White sneakers are a safe option in this case.

They will make you look more elegant without sacrificing style.

Open blazer dress over a white crop top with matching shorts and white sneakers

For those who want to wear a blazer dress without giving up on their strong and active personality, this is the way to dress up.

First, choose the blazer dress that comes with the shorts, so you will have a suit-like outfit.

Don’t forget to leave the buttons open to reveal the white crop top under it.

The blazer dress is a classic look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and the white crop top and shorts have a sporty aesthetic that adds a fun element to the look.

And nothing is more suitable than a pair of white sneakers to complete this look.

White bordered neck blazer dress and high-top white sneakers

If you want something more special than a solid plain blazer dress, this outfit will nail it.

With the strip pattern on the green base and the white-bordered neck, this blazer is a must-have for any girl who wants to look cute, elegant, and feminine at the same time.

The blazer gets a loose fit, so it makes the outfit feel light and airy.

The shoes are also complementary colors—white sneakers with a white collar.

Low-top sneakers can work, but isn’t the high-top pair make you look cooler?

Red sleeveless blazer dress with red and white sneakers

This outfit is a great example of how you can wear a red blazer dress in style.

The bold color can make you stand out from the crowd, and the sleeveless design makes it perfect for hot days.

What makes this outfit special is the way you mix and match the blazer dress and sneakers.

White sneakers are patterned with red lines running around the edges to complement the dress’s red color.

The key is to keep your accessories simple and let the shoes shine through.

This way, you’ll be able to add some color and flair without overdoing it or looking tacky.


We hope you enjoyed the list of outfit ideas we shared with you on how to wear a blazer dress with sneakers.

If you are looking for more fashion tips, we recommend checking out our other blog posts.

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