7 BTS Concert Outfit Ideas: How To Look Good At A BTS Concert

7 BTS Concert Outfit Ideas: How To Look Good At A BTS Concert

BTS is an incredible group of talented men with a huge fan base, and if you’re one of those fans, then you know how excited everyone gets when there’s news of another concert.

Concerts are always a great time to dress up and show off your personality through clothing.

If you’re attending a BTS concert this summer or fall (or even winter), here are some outfits that will help you nail your look!

What to consider when choosing an outfit for a BTS concert?

  • Consider the weather.

You don’t want to be dressed in winter clothes when it’s hot outside, or vice versa.

Moreover, any concert (especially BTS concerts) gets warmer during the huge fan attendance, so make sure that you wear clothes that are not too thick (even if it is a winter concert).

  • Make sure you’re comfortable.

You’ll be dancing and singing with the boys all night, so ensure your outfit is comfortable with stretchy material.

  • Think about what accessories you can add to your outfit.

This is the best way to add some flare to your outfit, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll look tacky.

If you’re wearing a dress, try wearing a bracelet or necklace that matches the color of your dress.

Don’t forget to bring some light sticks to burn the stage with BTS.

And you know what? Each K-pop band has its stylized light sticks.

If you are a BTS fan, you must bring an Army Bomb to their concert.

7 best outfits for BTS concerts

Get dressed in one of the following outfits if you are going to attend a concert of your favorite K-pop boyband, BTS.

A t-shirt and jeans

A t-shirt and jeans make a classic look that can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood.

The outfit is casual but can be styled to look more polished.

If you’re going for the BTS concert look, try looking for a BTS-themed T-shirt because it is sold everywhere.

Sneakers will have to be worn for sure if you’re going to watch BTS.

They are great for protecting your feet from the crowd out there in the concert, and they match perfectly with T-shirts and jeans.

A crop top and high-waisted shorts

A crop top and high-waisted shorts are another great outfit idea.

There are many different styles of crop tops, so you can be as creative and unique as you want.

The best part about this outfit is that it’s very easy to match with different outfits or colors, so if your favorite band member is wearing something in similar color on stage, it will be amazing!

This outfit also makes you look active and comfortable during the concert.

An over-sized sweater and a skirt

The key to a great BTS concert outfit is to be comfortable.

You want to be able to dance and mosh without worrying about your clothes getting in the way or becoming uncomfortable.

That’s why we love this look: it’s comfy but cute.

The oversized sweater and skirt are both made from soft fabrics, making them easy to move in, but they still look stylish—like you put some thought into getting dressed!

Plus, they’re simple enough that they’ll match almost any other outfit in your closet.

You can wear either a short, knee-length skirt or something longer.

And the best part? This outfit works with any body type because it can hide your imperfections.

In case you want to embellish your body, opt for a similar outfit, but in a skinny type that can show your curves.

For example, a pencil skirt and a skinny sweater will make a great look for you.

A string top and mom jeans

For this look, you’ll want to choose a top that shows off your body and complements your pants.

A string top is ideal for this look because it’s easy to move around and will show off your figure nicely.

Choose a fabric that feels comfortable against your skin and looks flattering no matter what angle you’re looking at.

The jeans are perfect because they’re super comfortable, but they also give off an edgy vibe that matches their style.

You can wear them with boots or sneakers and still look cool, which is exactly what we want out of our concert outfits!

A sports bra and sweatpants

This is probably one of the easiest looks to put together.

This combination is not only for gyming, but it is also perfect for concerts.

You can wear a sports bra with pretty much anything, and sweatpants, in general, are super comfortable (and also sometimes stylish).

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on concert outfits because you know the ticket is not cheap either, this is a great choice.

Moreover, sweatpants are an iconic item in K-pop culture, so it is not a bad idea to wear them to a BTS concert without looking like you are home.

Oversized blazer dress and sneakers

This is a fun look that’s pretty easy to pull off.

You can wear almost any top with this outfit because the main point here is the blazer dress.

Just throw it on over a plain t-shirt or tank top inside, and you have an amazing outfit to see your favorite guys.

Try neon colors if you want something more casual than wearing all black!

It’s simple yet stylish enough to stand out from the crowd without being too loud or out of place at the BTS concert itself.

This outfit can even be suitable for offices and hanging out with friends.

A bottom-down white shirt and a black skirt with shoulder straps

A white shirt and a black skirt with shoulder straps are another great outfit idea for the BTS concert.

The white shirt is a classic choice that can be paired with anything, and the skirt is short enough to show off your legs without being too revealing.

And don’t forget about those shoulder straps—they’ll bring a K-pop concert vibe to the entire outfit.

It is best to finish the look with combat boots, high-top sneakers, or a low-top pair with high socks.


In this article, we’ve given you some ideas for outfits to wear to a BTS concert.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you choose, as it’s likely that other fans will be wearing similar things!

So if you like the idea of wearing a crop top and high-waisted shorts, go for it!

Just remember that there are many different styles of clothing available, so if one doesn’t work out for you, then try another.

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